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Strict stone walls, huge windows with bars, and large rooms with high ceilings and abandoned technical equipment – it seems that old industrial buildings can attract only stalkers. However, many of them are converted into luxury hotels of world importance today. They have long been famous landmarks. Their huge, uncomfortable rooms were converted into wonderful rooms. Spas and luxury restaurants are located in the old cellars today. One of the first loft hotels in the world appeared in the United States. Hotels of this category can be found in many different countries of the world today.

Andels Hotel, Poland

You can see the building of the Poznań Textile Manufacture in the Polish city of Lodz. It was the largest in Europe at the time of its foundation and during its operation. The majestic building of the manufacture has been preserved to this day. The historic building is built of red brick. The legendary Andel's Hotel is located in it today. The architects managed to preserve several original design elements during the reconstruction. High ceilings and huge windows, wrought-iron spiral staircases, and old brickwork are among them.

Andels Hotel, Poland A chic relaxation area with a swimming pool and terraces is equipped on the roof of the hotel. A magnificent view of the historic quarter opens from there. Old brickwork has been preserved in many rooms and public spaces. Its age is more than a hundred years. It is the most important element of the interior in the industrial style today. Colorful designer furniture perfectly harmonizes with the rough finish of the walls. A rich collection of paintings of industrial style are also available in the hotel.

Andel's Hotel is considered one of the best in Poland today. It has received many prestigious awards over the years. In addition to the unique interior, it has a lot of advantages. The famous skySPAce Spa is located in this hotel. There is also the famous Delight restaurant here. It specializes in fusion cuisine. The convenient location in the city center makes the hotel attractive for fans of excursions. The City Hall, the Balucka Gallery, the Music Academy, and other interesting sights are within walking distance. Next - Promenade Hotel

Promenade Hotel, Latvia

Promenade Hotel, Latvia Travelers have the opportunity to use the services of the fashionable Promenade Hotel in Liepaja. It was opened in the building of the old granary. It was built in the city in 1797. The luxurious building with perfectly preserved interior architecture is considered the most valuable historical monument today. The old wooden ceilings, as well as the brick arches and supports, are preserved in the granary. Food supplies for the winter period were stored in the huge rooms of this building for many years. The granary provided food for the whole city. Complete article

Soho House Hotel, USA

Soho House Hotel, USA The unique Soho House Hotel is located in Chicago. The industrial warehouse became the site of its location. The building was built in the early 20th century. Famous designer Vicki Charles worked on the interior design of this unique hotel. He managed to combine the features of a variety of stylistic trends in the decoration of premises. Things for the design of the hotel were collected all over the world. Antique jewelry and works of art from different countries are stored in it today. Complete article

Heritance Tea Factory Hotel, Sri Lanka

Heritance Tea Factory Hotel, Sri Lanka The charming village of Kandapola is known to many tourists because of its upscale Heritance Tea Factory Hotel. It occupies a building that was built in 1940. A factory for the production of Ceylon tea was located in it in the past. The hotel is located in an incredibly beautiful natural area. It is surrounded by spacious tea plantations on top of a green hill. The spacious guest rooms are set in a spectacular white building with large windows today. Huge windows almost completely replace the exterior wall in some rooms. Complete article

Nylo Hotel, USA

Nylo Hotel, USA Tourists can use the services of the Nylo Loft Hotel in the American city of Warwick. It is located in the building of a former industrial workshop. This building attracted designers with an impressive size. Its spacious rooms with high ceilings are converted into unique rooms and public spaces today. The designers managed to preserve the original concrete finish in many rooms. It makes the atmosphere of the hotel unique. Complete article

Hotel Krasnaya Zarya, Russia

Hotel Krasnaya Zarya, Russia There is an interesting hotel "Krasnaya Zarya" ("Red Dawn") in Moscow. It was also opened in an old industrial building of 1885. The “Red October” confectionery factory was located in this building in the past. The boutique hotel is located on Bersenevskaya Embankment. It occupied one of the two buildings of the former factory. The owners of the hotel tried to preserve the atmosphere of the former industrial premises as much as possible. You can see the old brick walls, stone stairs, and wood trim elements in the hotel. Complete article

B2 Boutique Hotel SPA, Switzerland

B2 Boutique Hotel SPA, Switzerland The unique B2 Boutique Hotel + SPA was opened in the old brewery building in Zurich. In addition to the wonderful rooms, the hotel is ready to offer its guests one of the best spas in the city. It was equipped in a spacious hall with a vaulted ceiling on the ground floor of the building. Barrels of beer were stored in this huge cellar in the past. Wonderful thermal pools are located here today. This amazing hotel in Zurich is truly proud of its industrial past. Not only the elements of the old decoration but also some industrial equipment managed to be preserved in the building. Complete article

Henry Jones Art Hotel, Australia

Henry Jones Art Hotel, Australia Henry Jones Art Hotel is located in Hobart, Australia. It was opened in a building built in 1861. The jam factory was located in this building in the past. Its setting is an amazing mix of historical elements and art installations today. Unusual designer jewelry is presented everywhere here. The hotel is decorated with bright designer furniture. Huge photo pictures and handmade decorative elements, fabrics of various textures, and accessories made of wood decorate it. Complete article

Wythe Hotel, USA

Wythe Hotel, USA New York's famous Wythe Hotel is housed in a former warehouse. It is one of the first loft hotels in the world. Brooklyn was a classic warehouse district in the middle of the last century. Many old industrial buildings have been preserved in it. This area is considered one of the most fashionable and prestigious in New York today. Many historical buildings have received the status of real architectural attractions. Complete article

Hotel Huttenpalast, Germany

Hotel Huttenpalast, Germany The unique Hüttenpalast Loft Hotel is located in Berlin. It has long acquired the status of a world landmark. It was opened in a building built in 1955. The factory for the production of vacuum cleaners was located in it in the past. This upscale hotel attracts travelers from all over the world with its unique design. Incredibly interesting rooms were equipped in it. Complete article

Riva Lofts Hotel, Italy

Riva Lofts Hotel, Italy The hotel Riva Lofts Florence is located in Florence. It is the owner of many honorary awards. It has been repeatedly called the best in the city for its unique atmosphere of comfort and unique interior. The hotel was set up in an old textile factory. It was built in 1834. Looms were located in the large rooms of this factory in the past. The premises were taken over by local artisans after the factory closed. They set up their workshops here. The rental of premises in a historic building was quite inexpensive. Complete article

Bratsera Hotel, Greece

Bratsera Hotel, Greece The famous Bratsera Hotel is located on the Greek island of Hydra. It was also opened in an old industrial building of 1860. A factory for processing sea sponges was located in it in the past. The factory brought the owners a good income in the second half of the 19th century. But their business declined over time. A large building near the coast was abandoned. It was decided to open the original hotel in it later. Complete article

La Purificadora Hotel, Mexico

La Purificadora Hotel, Mexico La Purificadora is located in Puebla, Mexico. The building in which it is located was built in 1822. It was a water treatment plant in the past. Food ice has been produced here for many decades. But the industrial enterprise lost its original significance over time. The unique themed hotel is located in a historic building today. Its owners tried to preserve the original industrial concept of the building. Complete article

Lute Suites Hotel, Netherlands

Lute Suites Hotel, Netherlands You can visit one of the most unusual loft hotels in Amsterdam. Lute Suites Hotel was opened in a renovated building of an old military factory. The history of the industrial building dates back a little less than a hundred years. It was built in 1922. It is difficult to even assume that the active production of military shells was carried out here in the middle of the 20th century, looking at this cozy and bright place today. The historic industrial building has almost completely preserved its original architecture. Seven cozy rooms are equipped in it. There are rooms with a panoramic view of the river. Complete article

Hacienda San Antonio del Puente Hotel, Mexico

Hacienda San Antonio del Puente Hotel, Mexico Hacienda San Antonio El Puente Hotel is a real historical landmark in the Mexican city Cuernavaca. It was opened in the old building of the sugar cane processing plant. The Spanish conquistadors were the founders of this plant. It was built more than 500 years ago. The beautifully preserved building is a unique monument of colonial architecture today. It impresses with its impressive scale. More than 200 people worked at this plant in the past. Many of them lived right on its territory. Complete article
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