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The abundance of refined decorative elements, exquisite compositions and ornaments, special mythological motifs, and barely noticeable continuity of Baroque traditions – the Rococo style has many unique features. This style of architecture and art was originated in the first half of the 18th century. France is considered its homeland. Nevertheless, it achieved its maximum development and prosperity in Bavaria. This region of Germany is famous for its outstanding Rococo architectural monuments today. Light, playful, and friendly Rococo architecture has been embodied in various countries of the world for several centuries.

Amalienborg Palace, Denmark

Amalienborg is considered one of the most beautiful palaces in Denmark. It has remained the main Royal residence in the country for many years. The Rococo palace was built in the middle of the 17th century. The king of Denmark presented it as a gift to his wife Sofia Amalia. The original palace did not last long. An Opera performance was performed in it in 1689. A strong fire broke out in it during this performance. The fire almost destroyed the building. The construction of the new Royal residence began on the orders of King Frederick V later. According to official documents, more than 170 people died during this fire.

Amalienborg Palace, Denmark The palace is a beautiful complex at present. It consists of four Rococo mansions. These mansions are located around a small square. Amalienborg Palace is a very attractive tourist attraction. The ceremonial changing of the guard takes place here at noon every day. A lot of people always gather to watch it. The beautiful statue of King Frederick V is located in the center of the square of the palace complex. It was installed here in 1771.

The beautiful palace is accessible to tourists all year round. Interesting excursions are conducted through old mansions. You can admire their luxurious design during these excursions. A rich collection of old works of art, antique furniture, sculptures, and valuable interior decorations is kept in the Royal residence. The best masters of Europe worked on their creation. Next - Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace, Germany

Charlottenburg Palace, Germany The beautiful Charlottenburg Palace is located on the territory of the district of the same name in Berlin. It was built by the order of Queen Sophia Charlotte in 1699. The Queen was the wife of Frederick I. The palace was originally called Lietzenburg. It was renamed Charlottenburg by order of the king after the Queen died. The palace was supplemented with new buildings for many years after its foundation. It gradually turned into a fairly large-scale structure. It is one of Berlin's most recognizable landmarks today thanks to its 48-meter-high dome. Complete article

Asam Church, Germany

Asam Church, Germany St. John's Church is located in Munich. It is also known to many tourists by the unofficial name Asam. Its construction lasted 13 years. It was fully completed in 1746. The beautiful church is one of the most beautiful Rococo monuments in the city today. Initially, this church was built as a private one. It was built by talented local architects – the Azam brothers. They owned several houses near the church. They built a religious monument so that one of the brothers could admire its altar from the window of his house. Complete article

Branicki Palace, Poland

Branicki Palace, Poland Branicki Palace is the most important architectural monument in Poland. It is located in Warsaw. Local wealthy magnate Stefan Mikolaj Branicki purchased a plot of land in the early 18th century. This is where the palace was located. Construction of the new family residence began in 1740. It was completed in 1753. Initially, the building was distinguished by a luxurious facade design. The adjacent territory of the palace and its premises were decorated with unique sculptures. Unusual dormer windows were one of the main features of the palace. Complete article

Cuvillies Theatre, Germany

Cuvillies Theatre, Germany Fans of theatrical art will have the opportunity to visit the unique Cuvillies Theater in Munich. It is considered one of the most beautiful Rococo theaters in Europe. It is named after the chief court architect of the mid-18th century. The theater building was built according to his project. Its interior design was also designed by this architect. Rich ornaments with various natural and mythological motifs adorn the theater hall even today. The hall has an interesting distribution of seats. Complete article

Dolmabahce Palace, Turkey

Dolmabahce Palace, Turkey The beautiful Dolmabahce Palace is located in the Besiktas district of Istanbul. It is often called the most "non-Turkish" in the country. A chic Palace with elements in the Rococo style began to be built on the banks of the Bosporus in 1843. Its construction began by order of Sultan Abdulmejid I. The construction of the palace was completed in 1856. It has been the main residence of the sultans since its foundation. The palace complex impresses with its incredible scale. Its area is 250,000 square meters. Complete article

Winter Palace, Russia

Winter Palace, Russia The Winter Palace remains one of the most famous and visited attractions of the cultural capital of Russia. It was built in 1754. Construction was completed in 1762. The legendary architect Rastrelli worked on the design of the palace. It is noteworthy that the very first Winter Palace was built in its place in 1708. It has been completely rebuilt five times in less than 50 years. The palace was used for its intended purpose from its foundation until 1904, as the official winter residence of Russian emperors. Complete article

Linderhof Palace, Germany

Linderhof Palace, Germany Beautiful Linderhof Palace is very famous. It was the only castle of King Ludwig II that was completely completed during his lifetime. The palace is located in an incredibly beautiful natural area in the vicinity of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The palace is located on the territory of the Ammergebirge Nature Reserve at the present. Mesmerizing forest and mountain landscapes surround it. The construction of the castle was completed in 1874. But the finishing work continued for more than a decade after that. Complete article

Regent Theatre, Australia

Regent Theatre, Australia The famous Regent Theater is located on one of the central streets of Melbourne. It is not only a cultural center important for the city but also a unique architectural monument. The theater was opened in 1929. Its hall was designed for 3,250 spectators. The theater lost its popularity and was closed by 1960 despite its original significance. The building was in disrepair for several decades. It was reconstructed only in 1996. The theater regained its former glory. It is known as the setting for legendary musicals today. Complete article

Sheas Buffalo Theatre, United States

Sheas Buffalo Theatre, United States Travelers will also have the opportunity to visit the outstanding historical theater in Buffalo. It's called Shea's. It has the status of a major art center today. The theater was opened in 1926. One of its main features is considered to be an old theater pipe organ today. It has been in it since the day it was opened. It is used for its intended purpose until now. Complete article

Tsarskoye Selo, Russia

Tsarskoye Selo, Russia The unique palace-and-park ensemble of Tsarskoe Selo is also a striking architectural monument. It is designed in the Rococo style. The very first palace and other buildings were built in the 18th century. The formation of a large-scale architectural ensemble lasted for several decades. This luxurious palace was once a country Royal residence. It became state property after the 1917 revolution. It began to function as a museum at this time. Complete article

Ottobeuren Abbey, Germany

Ottobeuren Abbey, Germany Ottobeuren Abbey is of great interest to connoisseurs of ancient architecture. It is located in the Bavarian town of the same name. The history of the foundation of this Benedictine monastery dates back to the 8th century. According to historical data, the Blessed Toto was its founder. The Abbey has experienced more than one period of serious decline over hundreds of years of existence. It was repeatedly rebuilt. The Abbey building itself is also of great historical interest today. But many tourists visit these places for a different purpose. They want to see the magnificent Ottobeuren Basilica. Complete article

St. Martins Church, Poland

St. Martins Church, Poland St. Martin's Church is located in the heart of the Old Town in Warsaw. It was founded in the 18th century. The old church is a grand building with three chapels. The very first church was founded on this site in 1353. The first large-scale reconstruction of the church began in 1744. It was held under the direction of the famous Italian architect Giovanni Spinola. It was during this period that the church acquired its unique Rococo features. Complete article

St. James Theatre, New Zealand

St. James Theatre, New Zealand The St. James's Theatre is a symbolic landmark not only for Wellington but for New Zealand as a whole. It was opened in 1912. The beautiful historical theater can accommodate up to 3,000 spectators at a time today. The history of the foundation of this theater is incredibly interesting. The church was located on its site until the end of the 19th century. The famous artist John Fuller bought the land in 1899. It was he who decided to build a theater on the site of an old dilapidated church. Complete article

Wurzburg Residence, Germany

Wurzburg Residence, Germany The beautiful Würzburg Residence is a landmark of world significance today. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List several years ago. The beautiful palace was built for the Schönborn Family in the 18th century. The best specialists from Germany, France, and Italy took part in its construction and design. The palace is notable for the fact that many unique design elements have been preserved in it. The fresco by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo is considered the most valuable among them. Complete article
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