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Sagging foundations, poor-quality construction materials, and worker errors are just a few of the reasons why some structures have become world-class attractions. Many buildings can seriously frighten with their appearance. The large leaning of buildings from the vertical axis remains one of the main frightening factors. Some falling structures were built in the early Middle Ages. They continue to amaze with their tilted fragments hundreds of years later. There are also modern skyscrapers among the sloping structures. They were built just a few years ago. The unusual leaning shape was created intentionally for some of them.

Millennium Tower, USA

The Millennium Tower is a modern skyscraper. The collapse threatens it at the present. It is located in San Francisco. The building has sunk significantly in recent years. It gradually tilts. According to experts, it can collapse at any time. Any natural anomaly, including earthquakes and heavy rains, can trigger a collapse. It is very difficult to assess the scale of the problem visually. This was the first time the tower's tilt was noticed when studying satellite images.

Millennium Tower, USA Construction of the skyscraper was completed in 2009. It has 58 floors. The skyscraper is directed up to 196.6 meters. One of the most expensive and prestigious apartments in the city and several restaurants are located in a high-rise building at the moment. The rate of subsidence of the building was about 40 centimeters from the moment of construction. This led to the fact that the skyscraper tilted at the base from the vertical by 5 centimeters. The leaning in the roof area is 15 centimeters.

According to experts, the main reason for the sinking of the building was a violation of construction technologies. The foundation of the tower was laid over mobile ground rocks. Its depth should be twice the existing one in this case. The skyscraper is sinking about 5 centimeters every year. The Sentinel-1 satellite system allows monitoring its condition. Famous businessmen, politicians, and actors are the owners of apartments in the Millennium Tower. The minimum cost of apartments is about $1.6 million. The world's most high-profile real estate trial could happen if a skyscraper collapses. Next - Leaning Temple of Huma

Leaning Temple of Huma, India

Leaning Temple of Huma, India You can see the ancient Huma Temple in India. It is located in the vicinity of the village of the same name. This miniature temple impresses travelers not so much with its architectural features as with its disastrous leaning. It seems that the temple is going to collapse right now. Its top remains perpendicular to the ground despite the huge leaning of the building. This ancient temple is dedicated to the God Shiva. The exact date of its construction is unknown. Complete article

Suurhusen Church Tower, Germany

Suurhusen Church Tower, Germany The German village Suurhusen also has its unusual character. This is the leaning tower of a medieval church. It ranks second in the world in terms of leaning. The tower is second only to the ancient gate located in Abu Dhabi. The level of inclination of the spire of this tower is 1.22 degrees higher than that of the leaning tower of Pisa, famous all over the world. The old church in Suurhusen is a typical architectural building in the Gothic style. It was built in the 14th century. Initially, the church had a rather impressive scale. The building was 32 meters long and about 9 meters wide. Complete article

Suyumbike Tower, Russia

Suyumbike Tower, Russia The amazing Söyembikä Tower is located in Kazan. Its tilt is also visually noticeable. The exact date of construction of this tower is unknown. Most historians believe that it was built at the turn of the 17th-18th centuries. Recent archaeological research has shown that the very first building was built in this place in the middle of the 16th century. The tower is located on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin. Initially, it served as a watchtower. Complete article

Two Towers of Bologna, Italy

Two Towers of Bologna, Italy The towers of Bologna have been considered one of the main attractions of the city for many years. There are a lot of tower buildings of different periods in the city. The very first of them began to be built in the 11th century. There were about 200 tower structures on the territory of the city in the Middle Ages. Only 20 of them have survived to this day. The Garisenda and Torre Degli Asinelli towers are the most interesting. They are located close to each other. The towers are notable for the fact that they have leaned heavily over the years. Complete article

Tower in Telyuk Intan, Malaysia

Tower in Telyuk Intan, Malaysia You can see an unusual inclined tower in the Malaysian city of Teluk Intan. It has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. The tower is 25.5 meters high. It was originally built as a water tower and a clock tower. It leaned heavily a few years after construction was completed. Therefore, it is not used for its intended purpose today. Many travelers note that the Teluk Intan tower looks very similar to the famous leaning tower of Pisa. Complete article

Oberkirche, Germany

Oberkirche, Germany The unique old Oberkirche Church is located in Bad Frankenhausen, Germany. The angle of its tower is a record for the country. The tower is 56 meters high. Its spire is deviated from the vertical by 4.6 meters. The Gothic church was built in 1382. It has remained the main city church for hundreds of years since its construction. Initially, many unique relics and valuables were kept in the church. It was luxuriously decorated. Complete article

Clonmacnoise Tower, Ireland

Clonmacnoise Tower, Ireland High round towers are one of the historical symbols of Ireland. You can see them in many areas. In total, about 120 such architectural monuments have been preserved in Ireland to this day. The tower located on the territory of the monastery of Clonmacnoise is considered one of the most interesting. Its height is 34.5 meters. The deviation of this tower from the vertical axis exceeds a meter. The construction of the monastery took place in the 13th century. All its buildings have been in ruins for a long time. Complete article

Tiger Hill Pagoda, China

Tiger Hill Pagoda, China An important landmark of national significance is located in the Suzhou region of China. This is Tiger Hill. The height of this hill is about 36 meters. It resembles a huge tiger that is preparing to jump, with its outline. The hill was a favorite vacation spot of the Imperial dynasty more than a thousand years ago. Magnificent gardens were laid out here. Palaces and pagodas were also built on the hill. Ordinary people were strictly forbidden to enter this territory. According to one of the legends, the tomb of Emperor Helü is located on the territory of the hill. But researchers have not been able to find it. Complete article

Curve Tower, Poland

Curve Tower, Poland The Polish town of Ząbkowice Śląskie also has a very interesting historical symbol. This is the Curve Tower. Its construction began in the 13th century. It lasted more than a century. It was completed only in 1413. The height of the old tower is 34 meters. As modern research has shown, it began to deviate from the vertical axis at the construction stage. The deviation rate is currently 2.14 meters. Complete article

Leaning Tower Of Nevyansk, Russia

Leaning Tower Of Nevyansk, Russia The old industrial town of Nevyansk is located in the Urals. There is a leaning tower among its unique architectural monuments. Construction of the Tower of Nevyansk began in 1721. It lasted a little more than three years. The famous Russian nobleman Akinfiy Demidov was the initiator of its construction. The tower has a beautiful exterior design. Its height is 57.5 meters. Its deviation from the vertical axis reached 1.85 meters today. Complete article

Tower Of The Milices, Italy

Tower Of The Milices, Italy Tower of The Milices is one of the most interesting medieval monuments in Rome. It was built in the 13th century. The tower has an impressive scale. The length of its sides is about 10 meters. The tower is 50 meters high. A strong earthquake occurred in Rome in 1348. The lower floor of the tower was damaged as a result. It was during this period that the deviation of the building from the vertical axis began. The tower was owned by many wealthy residents of the city after construction. Representatives of the Annibaldi Family were among its first owners. Complete article

Capital Gate, United Arab Emirates

Capital Gate, United Arab Emirates The legendary Capital Gate skyscraper is located in Abu Dhabi. It is a true world leader in terms of the level of tilt at present. The height of the skyscraper is 160 meters. Specialists of the famous architectural firm RMJM London worked on its project. About 2.2 billion US dollars were invested in the construction of the skyscraper. Capital Gate is a record holder of the Guinness World Records today. It is marked in it as the building with the highest angle of tilt in the world. Complete article

Oede Kerk in Delft, Netherlands

Oede Kerk in Delft, Netherlands The beautiful Old Church is located in Delft in the Netherlands. It is also famous for many travelers called Oude Kerk. The very first Church of St. Bartholomew was built on its site almost a thousand years ago. The current church was completed in 1246. The leaning bell tower is its main distinguishing feature today. It was built much later – in the middle of the 14th century. Its height is 75 meters. The vertical tilt of the bell tower is about 2 meters. Complete article

Church Of St Mary And All Saints, UK

Church Of St Mary And All Saints, UK There is a religious monument in Chesterfield. Destruction may threaten it shortly. This is the Church of St. Mary and All Saints. It was built in the 13th century. The church is one of the largest Gothic churches in the region at present. The church building itself is in excellent condition. But its 28-meter spire has a disastrous deflection angle. It is deviated from the vertical by 3 meters. Complete article
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