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Beautiful cities, great monuments and factories, spaceports striking in their scale, and industrial facilities – many unique objects were created in the era of communism. Some monuments and memorials continue to be admired today. But other objects have long been in disrepair and are not needed by anyone. Even some major cities founded during the communist period have become "ghosts" today. These places can frighten with their silence. Each of these memorials and objects has its symbolic meaning. Only one thing unites such monuments. They were created by people who firmly believed in the power and prosperity of the communist system.

Ilinden Memorial, Macedonia

The original Ilinden Memorial is located in the town of Kruševo in Macedonia. This futuristic-style monument was built in 1974. It was built to celebrate the next anniversary of the uprising against the Ottoman Empire. It happened in 1903. The total area of the memorial is 16 hectares. It is built in the form of a rounded dome. Oval windows are the distinctive feature of the monument. They are made of colored glass. The interior of the monument is filled with bright colors on a sunny day thanks to multi-colored stained glass windows.

Ilinden Memorial, Macedonia The tomb of Nikola Karev is located inside the memorial. He was a great Macedonian revolutionary. He became famous during the Ilinden uprising. In addition to the unusual monument, the memorial complex includes a large square. Sculptures and commemorative stone slabs with engravings are installed on it. Jordan Grabuloski is the author of the project of an unusual memorial complex. Unusual mosaic works were produced under the direction of the artist Borko Lazevski.

Ilinden is located in an extensive park today. Therefore, it is more interesting to visit it in the warm season. Paths for walking are laid among spreading trees and shrubs. It is very convenient to see the monument and the numerous monuments of the complex thanks to them. Even though the monument was built more than forty years ago, it continues to be the most important object for residents. Most people visit it on national holidays. Next - Kyiv Electric Transport Plant

Kyiv Electric Transport Plant, Ukraine

Kyiv Electric Transport Plant, Ukraine Kyiv Electric Transport Plant was founded in 1906. Trams were the main form of public transport for Kyiv in the early 20th century. Tram depots alone were not enough to carry out their repair. This was the impetus for the construction of a new large plant. The plant reached its peak during the communist period. It set a real-world record in the middle of the 20th century. The plant has produced about 2,000 trolleybuses under the brand name "Kyiv" for 13 years. Complete article

Monument to the Brave, Serbia

Monument to the Brave, Serbia An unusual Monument to the Brave is located in the Serbian village of Ostra. It is also a vivid reminder of the communist period. It was built in honor of Serbian soldiers. They were victims of the Second World War. The monument has become a symbol of life for residents. The unusual asymmetrical shape is considered its main feature. The monument is a bit like a huge crystal with a beautiful cut, rising from the bowels of the earth. It is very interesting to admire the monument. It looks very special from different angles. Complete article

Miners Village of Kadykchan, Russia

Miners Village of Kadykchan, Russia Not only many monuments but also entire villages were forgotten in the post-communist period. The mining settlement of Kadykchan is an excellent example. It is located in the Magadan region. This settlement is considered one of the most terrifying ghost towns in Russia today. A very depressing atmosphere reigns in an abandoned settlement. If you look around its deserted houses, it may seem that the locals left them in an incredible hurry. You can see forgotten calendars on the walls, pieces of furniture, and children's toys in some deserted apartments even today. Complete article

Abandoned Hangar near Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan

Abandoned Hangar near Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan There are abandoned objects on the territory of the majestic Baikonur cosmodrome. It is the largest in the world. These buildings were built during the time of communism. They turned out to be unnecessary after. Vitaly Raskalov presented to users on the Internet pictures of an abandoned hangar a few years ago. It is located next to the famous cosmodrome. These unique photos spread around the world in a matter of days. Complete article

Monument to Cosmaj Partisans, Serbia

Monument to Cosmaj Partisans, Serbia You can see a very unusual war memorial on the top of Kosmaj Mountain in Serbia. It is dedicated to the partisan detachment. Mount Kosmaj repeatedly became the site of serious battles during the Second World War. A partisan detachment was formed in this area. It was one of the largest in the country. The first mention of this unit dates back to July 1941. The detachment courageously defended the approaches to Belgrade from that moment until 1944. In total, more than 5,800 soldiers and partisans died in the Kosmaj region during the war. 16 fighters from their number subsequently received the title of National Heroes. Complete article

Skrunda Town, Latvia

Skrunda Town, Latvia The abandoned town of Skrunda is located in the historical region of Kurzeme in the western part of Latvia. It was founded in the communist era. The town was forgotten after its end. A small military town was founded in this place in 1969. The military had to live here permanently to maintain the new radar station. According to the agreement concluded between Russia and Latvia, this station had to operate until 1998. A major military town was emptied in a matter of months after its stop. Complete article

Monument to Battle of Kozar, Bostia and Herzegovina

Monument to Battle of Kozar, Bostia and Herzegovina The unusual monument became known to the world thanks to the unique work of the famous Belgian photographer Jan Kempenars. This monument was erected in memory of the Battle of Kozara. The Battle of Kozara was one of the bloodiest for Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Second World War. German troops managed to destroy about 1,700 partisans during this battle. Almost the same number of them were sent to concentration camps. The competition for the design of this monument, which is symbolic for the country, was announced in 1969. Architect Dusan Dzamonja became its winner. Complete article

Monument to Victims of Jasenovac Concentration Camp, Croatia

Monument to Victims of Jasenovac Concentration Camp, Croatia One of the world's largest death camps was founded in the village of Jasenovac in Croatia in 1941. About 700,000 people were killed during its existence only by rough estimates. Thousands of Jews, Roma, and Serbs lost their lives in this camp. The symbolic monument recalls the tragic past of these places today. It is called "Stone Flower". This beautiful memorial was abandoned for several years after the breakup of Yugoslavia. The historical museum located next to it was also closed. Complete article
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