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Aiguille du Midi

From the series “The World's Highest Observation Decks”
Aiguille du Midi can be called the most popular observation deck of France. It is situated on the peak of the same name in the picturesque Mont Blanc region. This multilevel viewing platform features infrastructure, so the journey to it promises to be an unforgettable adventure. To reach the site you need to overcome an impressive way on the lift and then pass the remaining part of the way by Chamonix Aiguille du Midi cable car. The latter has being operating since 1955 and is still the highest in Europe.
A pleasant surprise will wait for visitors at the top; there you will see a multi-level observation deck with comfortable seating areas and cozy cafes. The open wooden platform acts as a viewing point; it features interconnected tunnels and passages carved directly into the rock. The uppermost area is at an altitude of 3842 meters; it is about 70 meters above the floor.
You can not only walk through the tunnels between levels, but also use a special lift that is much more convenient and faster. There is a special plate with the exact height of the platform and its number at each level. It's also worth to have a long and incredibly interesting tour to Aiguille du Midi that many tourists tend to visit in the summer. The fact is that it’s always very cold and very windy at the top, so it would be more comfortable to climb it in the summer, when it's not so chilly. ... Complete sights collection

Grenoble Bastille

From the series “The Longest Ski-Lifts and Cable Trams in the World”
Truly unique object is Grenoble Bastille cable car. That’s the first facility of its kind that was built in the city. Opening of the ropeway took place on 29 September 1934. It has greatly facilitated access of local residents and visitors to one of the major attractions, the Bastille. The very first cabins of cable car looked different to current ones, as they’ve been designed for 21 passengers.
In 1976, under guidance of engineer and architect Denis Creissels the cable car has significantly changed its appearance. Standard passenger cars were replaced with original spherical cabins, designed for six passengers. Transparent gondolas made of durable plexiglass allowed enjoying panorama of the city. Despite the fact that the opening of the cable car took a very long time, it features lots of technical advantages.
Cabin run is very smooth, so even those who are afraid of heights overcome 673 meters of way unnoticed. Despite the fact that in comparison with global giants, Grenoble cable car is relatively short, it remains one of the confident leaders among urban constructions. Locals treat cable car as one of the main symbols of the city and call its gondolas ‘bulles.’ The lower cableway station is situated at the waterfront of Grenoble. Surprisingly, there is never a queue out there. ... Complete sights collection

Chateau de Fontainebleau

From the series “The Most Mysterious Buildings (Houses, Palaces, Castles) in the World”
Stories about the mysterious Chateau de Fontainebleau are known worldwide. This unique historic building enveloped by many amazing legends never ceases to attract romantic natures and fans of ghost stories. Built in the 16th century, the castle is considered the most populous ghost object of France; even staunch skeptics are lucky enough to see spirits here. The most recognizable ghost is Red man who can often be found in a park near the palace. Catherine de Medici was one of the first who happened to see the ghost; he predicted the tragic death of her sons. The ghost of the Red man was also seen by Henry IV; that time the former has predicted a violent death too.
Ladies who expect to walk through the halls of the imperial palace and beautiful gardens have to be prepared for the attention of another ghost, Marquis Monaldeschi. During his lifetime, he was able to enamour the proudest beauties, including the Swedish Queen. Marquis has never concealed his amorous exploits and once paid for it with his life. Eyewitnesses say that the ghost doesn’t mind to pay attention to the beautiful ladies even these days. The picturesque palace of Fontainebleau is inhabited by very good ghosts living there for a long time. They have always helped governors and never disturbed people without a reason. ... Complete sights collection

Col de Turini

From the series “Most Spectacular Mountain Roads”
The French Alps is home to the most dangerous serpentine road Col de Turini. This road passes at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. The route starts among fantastically beautiful mountain sceneries and ends at a height of 1607 meters. The final segment of the route is considered to enter the gorge. This mountain serpentine road is well known to the fans of Monte Carlo Rally of WRC because it’s one of the most dangerous sections of the 32-kilometer stage.
The road is considered to be extremely dangerous because of the abundance of sharp turns and relatively small width, however, for many years it remains one of the most interesting ways in the world. During the trip, travellers have an opportunity to admire the most beautiful canyons and gorges, interesting bridges and mountain scenery. Experienced motorists recommend to use the road at a speed not exceeding 30 km / h. The most dangerous sections of the route are those with hairpin bends and up to 180 degrees.
Any fencing is almost completely absent. A small border whose height does not exceed 10 cm separates the steep cliffs from automobiles. Some sections of the road are so narrow that two oncoming cars are hardly able to pass each other. No less a danger to drivers are animals which often run out on the road. In the evening drivers should exercise special care and caution. ... Complete sights collection

Le Canal du Midi

From the series “Greatest Man-Made Waterways and Channels”
The history of the du Midi French Canal takes its origin in 1666. Many travellers know it as Languedoc or the South Canal. The canal was constructed in 15 years and has a length of about 240000 metres. It is the oldest functioning canal in Europe. The first vessels passed on the canal in 1681 and the canal’s traffic never stopped since. Even during the war the Canal du Midi has actively been used by trading and cargo ships.
Eventually, they were succeeded by tourist boats. Romantic natures and excursion amateurs will definitely appreciate walking along the Canal du Midi. The canal is a connecting link between two major French cities, Toulouse and Seth. The latter was founded in the second half of the 17th century as the eastern canal terminal.
Baron Paul Rica was a contributor to the ambitious project. He was the one who had helped finance the third part of construction work. Since 1996 the Canal du Midi has been a historical structure of world importance. It can surely apply for being the most beautiful canal of the planet. The surrounding scenery is simply breathtaking. These places get a lot of photographers’, painters’ and other artists’ attention. ... Complete sights collection

Gouffre Berger

From the series “Largest and Most Branched Caves on Earth”
The Gouffre Berger cave, located in France, was discovered in 1953 and was named in honor of the first researcher, Josef Berger. The general length of the high passages is about 32 km. This is the first cave in the world, whose mines were examined at depth of more than 1,000 meters. At present, the maximum depth of the excavated mine is 1 323 meters.
The cave structure is incredibly complicated from a technical point of view. To get up from their deepest pit to the surface of the earth, the researchers need at least 15 hours. The main danger for the scientists is the sudden flood, which has cost 5 researchers. This is why Gouffre Berger is often referred to as a killer cave. One can not predict when and where in the cave will be flooded. At present the researchers know 9 natural inputs into the cave, which look as a vertical column with the average depth of 300 meters.
With regard to this special feature, the entrance into the cave is only possible for experienced speleologists and only with the appropriate equipment. The tourists can wander in the picturesque area and look into the huge funnels whose rocky walls are lush with the lush plants. Most of the underground vaults are constantly flooded. Only a few passes can be thrown through, so the researchers always take inflatables always with. Some Höhletunnel are completely flooded and therefore attract the divers. In this cave, Peter Watkinson, who has immersed himself in the vast depth, set the world record in 1967. ... Complete sights collection

Lac d'Allos

From the series “The Highest Mountain Lakes of the Planet”
Europe is also rich in the unique Hochgebirgsseen. The largest of them is Lac d'Allos. It is located on the territory of the Mercantour Nature Reserve, on one of the slopes of the Pelat mountain massif. The height of the lake above sea level forms 2 220 meters, and the area is one of the largest in Europe and is 60 000 square meters. The glacier lake is rich in the various fish species. Here live the large populations of the char and trout, as well as the other rare fish species.
The route to Europe's largest high mountain lake is relatively easy. Most of the way you can go by car. On the end, you have to walk through the mountain village Villard, as well as the Cluite pine forest. In the midst of lush hundred-year-old pines, the lake has hidden itself with sky-blue water. On the shore of the lake is the important religious place of interest - the chapel of the Virgin Mary, so the hike along the lakeside is very interesting.
The mountain lake has formed as a result of the decline of the large glacier, so the water in the lake is not only crystal clear but also very cold. Not far from the lake are some excellent eco-farms and the tourist cottages located. Travelers always have the opportunity to spend a few days in this picturesque area. Those tourists who do not want to stay long in the mountains should not worry. You can see the lake and its surroundings during a day. It takes no more than an hour and a half to get around the lake. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “The Hidden and Hard-To-Reach Beautiful Beaches”
Arcachon Beach is considered one of the unified beaches of France. The beach is located in Aquitaine, on the territory of the spa of the same name. The stretch of this gentle beach covered with snow-white sand is about 5 km. Even in the high season you can find a single place for quiet rest on the Arcachon.
It is remarkable that Arcachon health resort is not only required by the followers of the restoration, but also by the gourmets. The oysters have been bred on the coast for several years and you can taste a lot of delicious seafood dishes in the nearby restaurants. The peaceful and quiet stretches of the beach alternate with the quite lively grounds. Many tourists prefer to explore this wonderful area by bicycle.
The unique beach is one of the largest in Europe. In the central part of the coast reaches its width 300 meters. The travelers who want to bring variety into the recreation through the hikes in the interesting places can visit the largest dune of Europe, whose height is 118 meters. In the evening most tourists go to the restaurants next to the coast and the beach is really quiet. ... Complete sights collection

Chateau de Chenonceau

From the series “Impressive Castles and Palaces Located on Water”
On the Cher River, not far from the picturesque Chenonceau village, is the castle of the same name, one of the most impressive and interesting castles of the Loire. The general public knows it under the unofficial name 'the ladies' lock'. Currently, the castle is the private property, which is open for free visit. The first guard tower on the site of the castle was still built in the 12th century. In the middle of the 13th century the estate was built around it, whose first owner was the family de Mark.
The offspring of the Hochadel have built the intrepid castle, surrounded by the deep moats, in the 15th century on the river Cher. The secret underground corridor connected Doe Castle with the river bank. The picturesque Renaissanceschloss, which you can see today, was built a little more by the new owner - Thomas Bohier. His wife, Katharina Bohier, dealt with the reconstruction of the castle. Thanks to their exquisite taste, the powerful construction became incredibly fine and chic.
Later, the castle of Diana de Poitiers - the famous mistress of Henry II, whom the king had given the castle. The distinguished lady was famous for her beauty and, despite her considerable age, looked incredibly young and attractive. Katharina Medici and Louise de Lorraine-Vaudémont, the wives of Henry III. Were the next owners of the old castle. The last noble owner was Madame Dupin, the wife of the rich banker. The wonderful 'Castle of the Ladies' has received the unique historical charm. In his rooms the equipment was restored. In one of the large halls is the museum of wax figures. ... Complete sights collection

Chateau de Chambord

From the series “Impressive Castles and Palaces Located on Water”
Among the beautiful castles of the Loire you must definitely mention Chambord Castle. In contrast to the other medieval castles, the history of its emergence is more romantic than strategic. The initiator of the palace was Franzisk I, who wanted to live closer to his beloved, Countess Touri. The construction of the castle on the Cosson river was completed in 1547. The castle is one of the most striking monuments of the Renaissance architecture of France.
It is remarkable that the author of the castle project remains unknown until the present. According to some data, Leonardo da Vinci participated in the development of the project. The magnificent palace surprises with the impressive size and the beauty of the interior. The length of its facade is 156 meters, and the width - 117 meters. In the huge castle there are 426 rooms and 77 stairs. The main particularity of the building are 800 beautiful capitals.
Among the other interesting architectural features, the original spiral staircase, which has two entrances, must be mentioned. According to one of the versions, this architectural element was created by Leonardo da Vinci. In 1930 Castle Chambord was declared a national cultural heritage. Today, all interested parties can look at the interior of the wonderful castle. The guests of the castle can visit the apartments of Francis I, as well as his study. In some rooms the interesting antique collections are presented, among them the collection of the tiny cannons collected by the Duke of Bordeaux. The castle also contains an interesting picture gallery. The room of Count de Chambord is considered to be the most magnificent in the whole palace. ... Complete sights collection
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