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A decent alternative to land and water transport is air transport. That’s not about airplanes, but cable cars and funiculars. Residents of Switzerland can be considered pioneers of this mode of transport, as the official opening of the first cable car has taken place in this country in 1866. Later, in the mid-20th century, active construction of lifts and cable cars started in different countries. Many of them can be found at ski resorts. The designation of this transport is very simple - it brings people to the most remote mountain areas. Today, popularity of cable cars is incredibly high. Many adventurers are fond of traveling high this way.

Zhangjiajie, China

One of the most exciting and world's longest cable cars is situated in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China. Its length is 7455 meters. The cable car brings travelers to one of the main attractions of the park, Tianmen Mountain. The unique cave called Heaven Gate can be found on the mountain’s top; it’s the highest natural cave on the planet.

Zhangjiajie, China The ropeway winding amidst the majestic rocks has a bright informal name, ‘The Road to Heaven,’ and that’s not an empty allegory. In some areas the angle of elevation of the funicular is 70 degrees. The closer to the top, the more you have to overcome the thick veil of clouds. It takes about 40 minutes to go up to the top of the mountain. Experienced travelers recommend taking warm clothes with you as the temperature decreases rapidly when lifting.

During lifting, passengers will have an opportunity to enjoy luxurious panoramic cliffs and lush tropical forests. Fog that is usual for these places doesn’t spoil a panoramic view of neighborhoods, but makes it even more mysterious. The cable car originates in the heart of the city of Zhangjiajie, near the train station, which makes it even more attractive to tourists. Next - Tatev ropeway

Tatev ropeway, Armenia

Tatev ropeway, Armenia Tatev ropeway is one of the most popular sights in Armenia. It was opened in October, 2010. This aerial tramway was built to connect the settlements Halidzor and Tatev separated by deep Vorotan Gorge. Near the settlement of Tatev there is an ancient monastery, which has long attracted curious tourists. Specifications of the tramway are very impressive. It’s 5,700 meters long; the passenger cabin can accommodate up to 25 people at the same time. Complete article

Grenoble Bastille, France

Grenoble Bastille, France Truly unique object is Grenoble Bastille cable car. That’s the first facility of its kind that was built in the city. Opening of the ropeway took place on 29 September 1934. It has greatly facilitated access of local residents and visitors to one of the major attractions, the Bastille. The very first cabins of cable car looked different to current ones, as they’ve been designed for 21 passengers. Complete article

Genting Skyway, Malaysia

Genting Skyway, Malaysia The amazing city of Genting in Malaysia is well known to fans of gambling, thrill rides, stylish bars and nightclubs. Genting is located in a mountainous area at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level. The easiest way to get to this unique entertainment complex is to use the fastest gondola lift in the world, Genting Skyway. Its lower station is located in the small village of Kuala Kubu Baru. Complete article

Gulmarg Gondola, India

Gulmarg Gondola, India The highest mountain gondola lift and one of the world's longest ropeways operates in India. Gulmarg Gondola helps passengers to get to the ski resort of the same name, which is the biggest in the Himalayas. Opening of the cable car took place in 2005. Its length is approximately 5,000 meters. Hourly it lifts to the mountains about 600 people. The cable car has made Gulmarg resort much more affordable and popular among tourists. Complete article

Masada, Israel

Masada, Israel Opening of the Masada cableway in Israel took place in 1971. It was built specifically to deliver tourists to the eponymous archaeological complex located on a mountain top. Masada cableway has been the lowest in the world for over forty years. Its starting point is at 257 meters below sea level. Experts of Swiss company, Carl Brandl, were engaged in designing the cableway. Cable length is 900 meters, and the boost level is 290 meters respectively. Complete article

Complexo do Alemao, Brazil

Complexo do Alemao, Brazil In search of exciting cable cars many travelers go to Rio de Janeiro. Its aerial tramway Complexo do Alemao became a landmark of national importance. The project was developed by POMA Company. Opening of the transport system took place in 2011. The cable car is 3456 meters long, it connects six suburban areas of Rio located in a remote mountainous area. Complete article

Sternensauser, Switzerland

Sternensauser, Switzerland Extreme sports fans who want to ride original zip-line have to go to Switzerland, to Hoch-Ibrig ski resort. This is where one of the most unusual ropeways on the planet, Sternensauser, operates. The device is very simple; it’s based on a high-strength cable stretched between the initial and intermediate stations. Sternensauser has no classic cabins with large panoramic windows, instead, there’s a special mounting system designed for one passenger. Complete article

Mishor AI Petri, Ukraine

Mishor AI Petri, Ukraine Mishor AI Petri certainly stands out among the most prominent attractions of Crimea; it was opened in 1988. It originates in the foothills of the picturesque village of Mishor and takes passengers to the top of Ai-Petri. The cable car is 2,980 meters long. The intermediate station is situated at an altitude of 391 meters, and the terminal station is found at an altitude of 1,153 meters. Complete article

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang, Vietnam Nha Trang cable way situated in Vietnamese town of the same name connects latter with the coastal territory of picturesque Hon Tre Island. Opening of the cable car took place in 2007. Its length is 3,300 meters; it’s situated at 70 meters above sea level. Immediately after the opening, Nha Trang cableway has become a world record for its length among cable cars passing over the sea. The cable cary is supported by 9 tall columns illuminated by spectacular lights in the nighttime. Complete article

Teleferico de Merida, Venezuela

Teleferico de Merida, Venezuela Currently the longest cableway in the world is located in Mérida. Teleferiko de Mérida is 12.5 kilometers long. The start station is located near Barinitas. The cable car consists of four sections and lifts passengers on top of Espejo Peak, at height of 4,765 meters above sea level. The ride on the longest cable car in the world lasts less than two hours, during which you can appreciate the beauty of mountain scenery and enjoy panoramic views of Merida in full. Complete article

Olympos Teleferik, Turkey

Olympos Teleferik, Turkey Turkey also can boast one of the most extensive and interesting cable cars in the world, Olympos Teleferik. The aerial tramway, which was opened in 2007, originates near Kemer, next to Camyuva and Tekirova villages; its terminal station is on top of Tahtalı mountain. The peak is equipped with circular panoramic area, so in clear weather visitors have an opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of Side and Finike. Complete article
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