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Find yourself on the shore of a quiet lake - this is what millions of people are dreaming of in the midst of the working day. To admire smooth water and surrounding landscapes, to stroll along the shore and breathe the cleanest air - that's an ideal rest from the city bustle. In search of this splendour, some hurry to the nearest lake in a city park, while others go on long voyages. Some lakes are reliably hidden from the people's eyes high in the mountains and are considered unique natural attractions. Some mountain lakes arose hundreds of thousands of years ago as a result of volcanic eruptions, others appeared relatively recently due to the melting of glaciers. The history of each mountain lake is unique, as well as its natural beauty. The fact, that only a few brave tourists who are not afraid to climb mountains to see this beauty, makes the perspective of seeing lakes even more attractive.

Ojos del Salado, Argentina - Chile

The highest volcano and the highest mountain lake in the world have the same names - Ojos-del-Salado. The highest point The water source is located at the altitude of 6 390 meters above sea level. The tiny lake has formed in one of the crater of Ojos-del-Salado volcano. The size of the lake is quite modest, its maximum diameter is about 100 meters, and the depth reaches only 10 meters. Since the volcano is regarded as more idle, the excursions are regularly carried out on its slopes. Only a few tourists dare to take a long hike to the Vulkankrater.

Ojos del Salado, Argentina - Chile The Polish mountaineers were the first to conquer the volcano in 1937. Today, only well-trained travelers can climb up to the crater. You can see not only the wonderful sight of the natural origin, but also the ancient sacrificial altars of the Incas found on the volcanic slopes. The volcano is located in Atakama desert, so its peak sets the white hood only in winter. In the summer, the lake does not freeze. Many tourists prefer to graze in these beautiful landscapes during a helicopter excursion. Next - Panch Pokhari

Panch Pokhari, Nepal

Panch Pokhari, Nepal Nepal is one of the world's top runners after the number of beautiful high mountain lakes. The system of five lakes, the Panch Pokhari, is located on the territory of the large Makalu-Barun nature reserve. Five crystal clear lakes, surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks, are at an altitude of 5,494 meters. The route to the lakes is relatively easy. Even the tourists without any physical preparation can walk in the company of the guide in the mountains. Complete article

Laguna Blanca and Verde, Bolivia

Laguna Blanca and Verde, Bolivia The beautiful Laguna-Blanca and Laguna Verde lakes, located in Bolivia on the territory of the national park Eduardo Avaroa, are regarded as a uniform sight. They are located at the height of 4 300 meters above sea level and are connected with a narrow. Despite the proximity to each other, the lakes are quite different. Each of them has the unique features. Complete article

Gurudongmar Lake, India

Gurudongmar Lake, India The lake with the complicated name 'Gurudongmar' was named to honor the well-known Buddhist preacher from the 8th century Guru Dongmar. The locals now consider him to be saints. The lake is located on the territory of Sikkim State, at the height of 5 210 meters above sea level. Each year thousands of pilgrims overcome a complicated way to visit the sanctuary. People believe in the miraculous power of the sea water and the fact that it can heal any disease. Complete article

Titicaca Lake, Peru-Bolivia

Titicaca Lake, Peru-Bolivia Lake Titicaca is probably the most famous high mountain lake in the world. The lake is located on the Altiplano high plateau, at the height of 3 812 meters above sea level. Lake Titicaca has formed as a result of active glacier melting. According to the approximate calculations at least 300 glacier flows flow into it. The maximum depth of the lake is 304 meters, Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake on the earth. The Indians of the Ketschua tribe have named the lake. Literally one can translate the name from the original language as 'Steinpuma'. Complete article

Chungara Lake, Chile

Chungara Lake, Chile In the wonderfully beautiful mountainous region, at the altitude of 4570 meters above sea level is located Chungara Lake. The size of the lake is relatively modest, its area is only 21.5q. Km, and the maximum depth is 33 meters. The lake is surrounded by snowy mountain peaks from all sides. For several years, this quiet area has been the home of many rare bird species. Here you can see the rare species of birds that are on the verge of extinction, as well as the graceful pink flamingos. Complete article

Tilicho Lake, Nepal

Tilicho Lake, Nepal In Nepal, among the inaccessible peaks of the Annapurna mountain massif is the picturesque Tilicho Lake. It is located at the height of 4 919 meters above sea level. The area of ​​the lake is not more than 5 q. Km The waters of the Tilicho glacier feed the lake. On its surface, one can often see ice blocks cut off from the glacier. For the sake of safety, the tourists can only walk on the north coast of the lake, as the avalanche danger is always on the southern shores. Complete article

Lac d'Allos, France

Lac d'Allos, France Europe is also rich in the unique Hochgebirgsseen. The largest of them is Lac d'Allos. It is located on the territory of the Mercantour Nature Reserve, on one of the slopes of the Pelat mountain massif. The height of the lake above sea level forms 2 220 meters, and the area is one of the largest in Europe and is 60 000 square meters. The glacier lake is rich in the various fish species. Here live the large populations of the char and trout, as well as the other rare fish species. Complete article

Sonkel, Kyrgyzstan

Sonkel, Kyrgyzstan Tian Shan mountains conceal many strange secrets. In one of their Talkessel is located Sonkel lake. Its height above sea level forms 3 016 meters. Despite the impressive size, the lake is quite flat, its maximum depth is only 14 meters. The lake is surrounded by the incredibly beautiful meadows that the locals use for pasturing. The wonderful Hochgebirgssee is rich in fish. There are rare species of fish, such as Tibetan char and carp fish. Complete article

Lake Sarez, Tajikistan

Lake Sarez, Tajikistan In the Pamir at the height of 3 263 meters above sea level is the Saressee. The surface of the basin forms 80 q. Km, and the maximum depth reaches 505 meters. The Sarassee is one of the few on earth, the date of its formation - February 5, 1911, known. On this day there was a strong landslide in the mountains, as a result of the Murgab river was flooded. Complete article

Yashilkul Lake, Tajikistan

Yashilkul Lake, Tajikistan Yashilkul Lake, located in Southern Pamir, is one of the most striking natural sights in Tajikistan. The height of the lake above sea level is 3 734 meters, and its mirror surface is 36 q. Km The depth of the lake is also quite impressive and reaches 50 meters. The ancient rock inscriptions were discovered during the research of the territory adjacent to the lake. They have a thrown on the history of sea formation. According to the main version, it was formed in the 13th century. Complete article

Tian Chi, China

Tian Chi, China On one of the slopes of the Bogda Shan Mountain Massif in China is located Tian Chi Lake, whose height above sea level is 2 189 meters. The surface of the sea level is relatively small and is 4.9 q. Km, although the depth is quite impressive and reaches 105 meters. By the year 1783 the lake had a different name - Yaochi, which can literally be translated as 'Nephritsee'. The modern name is more majestic and sublime and is translated as 'the heavenly lake'. Complete article

Morske Oko, Poland

Morske Oko, Poland The Morskoe Oko Lake, located in the Polish Tatra Mountains, is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The lake is located at the height of 1 395 meters above sea level, its maximum depth is more than 50 meters. The pine forests surrounding the lake are so wonderful that they approach the people of rank since ancient times. On the shores of the lake, Pope John Paul II liked to recover. Especially for him was an asphalt path to the lake with the length of more than 10 km. Complete article
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