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Hot sun, soft sand and the sound of waves... Millions of people spend annually their vacation on coasts. Many go to the most popular beach resorts, while others prefer exclusively secluded and wild beaches. Often, fabulously beautiful wild beaches that have preserved their pristine harmony are very close to the busy resort areas, and some beaches are unreachable if you walk. The remote location and inaccessibility make them even more attractive in the eyes of those tourists who prefer to rest in unusual places. If you are also attracted by uncharted places and the prospect of relaxing on a desert coast, then it won't be difficult to choose in the presented rating a suitable secluded beach.

Playa de Ballota, Spain

In the Asturias, in Spain is Playa de Ballota - the enchanting beach, one of the most united and most beautiful in the country. If you look at these coastal stretches surrounded by the inaccessible rocks, from the bird's perspective, their outlines recall the small shell. The high cliffs surrounding the beach are overgrown with lush scrubs and trees that contrast beautifully with the sand coast and the turquoise blue waters.

Playa de Ballota, Spain Playa de Ballota is quite large, the extent of the sand beach is 350 meters. One of the main attractions of this area is the rocky island of Castro, where the magnificent view from the coast opens. The tourists prefer to get to the beach by sea. Even in the high season you can see the holidaymakers on this beach extremely rare.

Since recently the territory has been protected by the state not far from the beach and is protected by the state. The tourists who want to spend a day at the Playa de Ballota should take into account that there is no infrastructure on the coast and the beach areas. The striking peculiarity of the beach is the almost constant strong waves, which are considerably lessened by the natural breakers - the rocks surrounding the coast. Next - Playa de Amor

Playa de Amor, Mexico

Playa de Amor, Mexico One of the most unified and unusual beaches in the world can be found on the Las Marietas Islands, in the picturesque bay of Banderas. This tiny beach has formed thousands of years ago, as a result of volcanic activity. In reality it is in the great cave and is surrounded by the high rocks from all sides. The latter form a large ring over the beach, which makes its structure unique. Complete article

Glossa Beach, Greece

Glossa Beach, Greece In the south-west of Peloponnese, in Messenia is the beautiful beach of Glossa Beach, protected from the wind and the strange glances of the high cliffs covered with lush brushwoods. The stretch of coast accessible to the rest has the regular triangular shape and is covered with the soft snowy sand. To the beach you can go to the sea. The high rocky wall surrounding the beach completely excludes access to the coast from the mainland. Complete article

Honopu Beach, USA

Honopu Beach, USA The Hawaiian Islands are rich in the fairy-tale beaches, among which you must mention Honopu Beach. It is located on the Kauai Island, on the territory of the picturesque Pali district. It is impossible to reach this cohesive stretch of coast by land. The beach is surrounded by the incredibly beautiful rocks, whose height reaches 365 meters. Complete article

Playa de Cuevas del Mar, Spain

Playa de Cuevas del Mar, Spain The charming Cuevas del Mar beach, located in the eastern part of Asturias, is one of the most picturesque and quiet beaches in Spain. The name of the beach is translated as 'the sea caves' of Spanish, which completely reflects the main particularity of this coast. The beach is framed by the beautiful rocks with a lot of arches and caves, which form a unique sight of natural origin. Through one of the arch, whose location the inexperienced tourists hardly find, one can reach the excellent beach. Complete article

Navagio Beach, Greece

Navagio Beach, Greece Located on Zakynthos Island, the Navagio Beach is popular with the followers of the peaceful rest. Literally one can translate the beach name as 'the shipbreak' from the Greek. In the ancient times these coastal stretches were considered one of the most dangerous among sailors. The reason for this are the underground currents, because of which the numerous ships were undersigned and a sandbank. Complete article

Furore Fjod, Italy

Furore Fjod, Italy Italy also has the magical beach. The wonderfully beautiful Furore Fjord is not like any other beach in the world. It has formed in the small rocky gorge and is surrounded by high rock walls on both sides. The hidden beach is located on the territory of the city of the same name, but you can not reach it as easy as it gets. Complete article

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Whitehaven Beach, Australia In Australia is the wonderfully beautiful unique beach with the romantic name of the White Paradise (Whitehaven Beach). The beach is located on the island of Whitsunday and is a huge lagoon that enters the island on 7 km. The water in the lagoon is turquoise, its coasts are covered with snow-white sand. The numerous shallow bays and shallow places lend the colors in the lagoon a beautiful contrast and make them simply peculiar. From the bird's eye view, this unique beach is reminiscent of the real work of art. Complete article

Loch Ard Gorge Beach, Australia

Loch Ard Gorge Beach, Australia In Australia, on the territory of the conservation area Port Campbell Victoria is the picturesque beach Loch Ard. Its location is the ravine of the same name, which is surrounded by the beautiful high cliffs. The sand and the rocks of the beach have the incredibly beautiful coral color, which makes the water on the coast emerald green. The cross-section of the rocky cliffs is of great scientific value and helps to research the planet's million-year history. Complete article

Butterfly Valley, Turkey

Butterfly Valley, Turkey In Turkey, there is also a picturesque and unified beach for lovers of recreation in the tranquil atmosphere. In the surroundings of Oludeniz is the valley of the butterflies - the incredibly beautiful sand bay surrounded by the 350 meter high Babadag rocks. The tourists, who want to get to the isolated beach by land, must be on the way for almost a day. It is much easier to get to the coasts by boat. Complete article

Plage Blanche, Morocco

Plage Blanche, Morocco In Morocco there is the unique dune beach Blanche - one of the most beautiful and most man-made beaches in the world. The desert coast is covered with the bright fine sand, which runs into the grandiose dunes and forms the incredibly beautiful desert landscape. Blanche is often referred to as the 'little son of Sahara'. The wilderness has the impressive size and is characterized by the harsh climate. Complete article

Pink Beach, Netherlands

Pink Beach, Netherlands In the south of Bonaire Island, which belongs to the Netherlands Antilles, is the wonderful Pink Beach. This stretch of coast with the extension of about 1.5 km is covered by the incredibly beautiful soft sand of the light pink color. The splendor and natural beauty of the beach is due to the nearby coral reef, whose tiny particles give the pink color of the coast. The water on the beach is also incredibly beautiful and looks bright blue in good weather. Complete article

Holbox Beach, Mexico

Holbox Beach, Mexico The holidaymakers who visit Mexico in search of the beaches of the island can be recommended to the charming Holbox Beach. It is located on the island of the same name, one of the most beautiful islands in the country. Literally one can translate the islands as 'the black hole' from the language of Maya. There is only a small settlement on the isle criterion, there are no cars and infrastructure. Complete article

Arcachon, France

Arcachon, France Arcachon Beach is considered one of the unified beaches of France. The beach is located in Aquitaine, on the territory of the spa of the same name. The stretch of this gentle beach covered with snow-white sand is about 5 km. Even in the high season you can find a single place for quiet rest on the Arcachon. Complete article

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Skeleton Coast, Namibia In the northern part of Namibia there is the unique beach with the frightening name - the Skeleton Coast. The sand coast runs gently into the boundless desert you have to cross to get to the beach. Because of the cold Atlantic flow that flows into coastal waters, it is almost always very foggy on the beach. The fog is the main danger for sailors. Complete article

Tai Long Wan, China

Tai Long Wan, China In China, there is also a beautiful beach, the way to becoming an unforgettable adventure. It is the beach Tai Long Wan. The fact that one of the most man-made beaches in the world is in Hong Kong seems just unbelievable. The beach is located in the bay of the same name, which remains empty even in the high season during the weekend. The distance from the bustling districts of Hong Kong is not the only reason why the beach is weakly visited all year round. Complete article
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