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Politics, constitution and administrative structure of France

Cherbourg France Submarine Museum France is a democratic social state with a Republican form of government. The administrative division of France is composed of more than 20 regions, about a hundred departments, and several tens of thousands of communes. The French legislation is based on the Constitution of 1958. It is worth noting that until 1995, almost every 10 years, the constitution was amended and corrected. The head of state is the President. He is elected through a voting process. If, however, after the election, both candidates obtain an equal number of votes, a second round of elections will be conducted in the country. The main function of the President is the strict observance and implementation of the rules and norms of the Constitution. He acts as a national arbitrator. Also, the President is the world guarantor of the security of the borders of his country.
French cuisine is the standard of elegant and refined cuisine. It is widely appreciated by gourmets all over the world. Famous frog legs, cream-brulee …
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He is accountable for the national and civil integrity of the state, and for the welfare of the entire local population. In addition, the President is also the supreme Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces of the country; he has the right to appoint officials to the highest positions in the military sphere. In addition, the President appoints the Prime Minister and together with him, forms the government on an equal basis. At each meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, the President acts as chairman. Every decision of the Cabinet must be approved by the President. It is worth noting that the President is elected, regardless of the opinion of the Parliament. The key aspect in this case is the opinion of the French citizens who have reached the age of 18. If the President’s policy is inconsistent with the policy of the parliament, or if he reveals deputies acting contrary to the constitutional norms and obligations, he has the right to dissolve the parliament and to declare fresh elections.
Also, take into account that the President has the right of veto, and can apply it to any decision of the Parliament. The French Constitution also grants the President the right to conduct any action in case of an extraordinary situation that threatens the activities of public authorities, the country’s integrity, or security of the local population. The Prime Minister appointed by the President, is accountable to the President and to the Parliament. His duties include managing the composition of parliament and enforcing laws. As a rule, the Prime Minister together with the President of France is responsible for developing a program on which the government should work. Copyright
The French have long been fashion legislators in a wide variety of industries. French culture was an example and a model for imitation. Around the …
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The Parliament in France has a bicameral structure. The first chamber is called the National Assembly, and the second, traditionally, the Senate. Deputies of the first chamber take to their posts by majority principle. The duration of each deputy’s stay in office is 5 years. As a rule, the National Assembly is responsible for carrying out the legislative activities, which is fixed in the Constitution. Also, the Deputies participate in the reviewing and approval of the budget. The Upper Chamber and the Senate has 317 deputies. The officials get to the positions by a two-step voting process, and are only eligible to serve in the Senate for 3 years. At the same time, the elections of new members of the Senate are organized in such a way that a third part of the members is updated annually.
Place de la Bourse by night It is worth noting that in France since the middle of the last century there is another non-standard governing body, called Constitutional Council. It is designed to consider acts that are issued by the authorities. Such a procedure is necessary to strictly control compliance with all legislative projects of the current Constitution. The Council comprises of 9 members, who are appointed personally by the President of the Country. The most important body of the judiciary is the Court of Cassation. This Court is headed by the President, as well as six judges who act as Chairmen. The Supreme Council nominates judges, and only the President has the right to approve them. There are several types of courts functioning in the country, among which you can find Appellate courts, regional courts, supreme courts and courts of first instance, as well as the military tribunal.
France is the most popular and visited country, and Paris the most toured city in the world. This is not surprising because the country has an …
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France’s Domestic Policy is aimed at combating crime, and strengthening the economic landscape of the Country. Deputies are engaged in trying to curb the growth of unemployment, especially among emigrants. Furthermore, various administrative reforms are annually carried out, which provide for the decentralization of power. The people of France encourage the desire of the State to give more power to Local Governments. The Country’s Foreign Policy is mainly directed towards the strengthening of the European Union and the development of common economic area. The policy of action, in general, reflects the specifics of the work of the European Union. It is worth noting that France had been a member of NATO since the beginning of its formation, but left the organization in 1966. To date, the French Armed Forces include the army, the navy, the air force, and the corps of gendarmes. The total number of Armed Forces is recorded at 400,000 personnel.
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Chateau de Chaumont-sur-Loire

From the series “The greatest France castles ”
The beautiful Chateau de Chaumont-sur-Loire is located on the banks of the Loire River. It attracts travelers with its well-preserved architecture and wonderful surrounding landscapes. The exterior of the building is an amazing combination of Renaissance and romantic style. An old English garden has been preserved on the grounds of the castle. You can see majestic trees nearby. They were planted in these places more than a hundred years ago. It is not surprising that such a beautiful place is used for the annual International Festival of Landscape Art.

The first wooden castle was built on the site of Chateau de Chaumont-sur-Loire in the 10th century. It was in the possession of the d'Amboise family for more than 400 years. This noble family fell out of favor with King Louis XI in the … Read all
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Paris is famous for its colorful celebrations and folk festivals. Various interesting events take place here on New Year's Eve and Christmas. June 21 is the day of a prominent music holiday - this event is heavily anticipated by music lovers from different countries of the world. All day long the squares of the city are turned into concert venues, on which are performed free concerts. During the festival you can hear the music of different styles, from classical to contemporary electronic music … Read more
The last day of carnival always coincided with the last Tuesday of February. The locals call this day Mardi Gras, which is literally translated as "Fat Tuesday". The most colorful festivals and tasting festive dishes take place exactly on this day. Many know this holiday by another name - "Pancake Day". Liquid streamers remain one of the main attributes of the carnival. The colorful cans with streamers are sold completely everywhere. Not only children, but also adults have fun and spray each … Read more
The first pyrotechnic festival took place in Cannes in 1967. Since then the event has become an annual tradition. The main task of participants of the festival is to make a perfect plan that combines a pyrotechnic program and music. Hundreds of missiles that soar up supported by the sounds of classical and modern music look simply mesmerizing. The shows take place every evening and start at 22:00. Each performance lasts at least 25 minutes. In the last decade of August the jury selects the … Read more
However, the locals are not vindictive at all. You may see the recent altercation participants, who almost got into a fight, talking peacefully over a glass of wine half an hour later in Lourdes. They didn't make peace or apologize to each other. They just forgot about the incident. Local people appreciate the ability to take all pleasures from life - savoir vivre. This is a very multifaceted concept. The French learn its meaning from childhood. The best food, the best clothes, good manners, … Read more
Surprises await guests of the festival at every step. For example, figures of exotic animals can be found strolling stately in one of city's malls; theaters and museums are transformed into huge gaming machines; all historical sights are changing their appearance completely. The beautiful and unique festival was first celebrated a century and a half ago; at that time the reason for the event was the end of plague. Naturally, first holidays were significantly different from modern ones. … Read more
The most interesting spring holiday for tourists are Days of Circus; the name of this festival speaks for itself. In summer Toulouse is always visited by many young travelers and fans of progressive music styles. In late June, the music festival called E- siesta starts; it lasts for several weeks. Traditionally, this large-scale music festival is visited by world-famous artists and DJs. The vast part of entertainment events takes place in the open air. After the youth festival another … Read more
During the festival the city witnesses various entertaining performances: exciting music shows and grand festive parades, amazing street artists’ performances and the brightest fairs, fantastic theatrical performances and interesting culinary battles. A major part of the folk festival is open air. Almost every street in the city offers concession stands and small open air cafes which are operating all through the festival. Contemporary art connoisseurs will love the Bazar Festival which is … Read more
The city's main musical festival takes place in early February, and in November, Nantes hosts the Festival des 3 Continents. It is one of the oldest film festivals in France that has been held annually since 1979. The event is dedicated to the national cinema of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Over the years of its existence, the program of this festival has also expanded significantly. Within its framework, they award honorary prizes to the best producers and actors and grants for the … Read more

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