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Office centers, that look more like ultramodern shopping complexes, incredible asymmetric buildings in a futuristic style, abstract designs of unusual shapes and buildings with an originally decorated facade - modern cities are full of incredible buildings. Each such object invariably attracts the attention of tourists and bears the proud status of a modern architectural landmark. Designers and architects who have worked on projects of original buildings, became world celebrities, as well as their bold creations. So what is hidden in the most original and amazing buildings of the planet?

Torre Galatea, Spain

The strange building, with the romantic name of Torre Galatea, is one of the most striking sights of the Spanish city of Figeras and is a must for many excursion programs. The author of the project of the unusual tower building is the famous architect Emilio Peres Pinero. And one of the most important decorative elements has been given to Salvador Dali. He has found the huge eggs around the building that symbolize the life of the excellent painter.

The building was named to honor the talented painter Elena Diakonova, who is more known among the art lovers under the pseudonym Galatea. The original building served as a house for Salvador Dali. In 1974, he restored the half-destroyed building of the old theater from the ruins. The official opening of the House Museum of Salvador Dali took place in 1974. In this house, the painter presented his first masterpieces to the public. The purpose of the building was multifaceted. Not only did the paintings take place, but also the performances of the circus artists, the orchestras and the theater groups were performed.

In this beautiful building Salvador Dali has spent the last years of his life. Today, Torre Galatea is a museum dedicated to the work of the world famous painter. The most unusual 'exhibit' of the museum is in the central hall. Here was the tomb in which Salvador Dali rests. Hundreds of tourists from all over the world come to the museum every day to admire the artist's mortal cover and to see the unique works of art. The original 'Temple of Surrealism' is one of the most recognizable and unique art museums in the world. Next - The Basket Building

The Basket Building, United States

The Basket Building, United States In the American town of Newarc you can see the original building, whose outline and shape reminds one of the giant basket. Behind the 'wainscots' of this strange building is the large office center, which belongs to the Longaberger society. The author of the idea of ​​this unusual building is the owner of the above mentioned company, Dave Longaberger. The construction workers and the architects needed two years to realize the project. The construction of the new bureaux has cost about 30 million dollars. Today, the impressive building, whose surface is 18,000 square feet, is home to the comfortable and modern offices with first-class equipment. Complete article

Crazy House, Vietnam

Crazy House, Vietnam The guests of the Vietnamese city of Dalat have a chance to spend a few days in the 'crazy house'. This is one of the most original hotels in the world. The building, the location of the hotel, can be compared with no other modern building. It looks like the dark castle from the gruesome film. The colorful next-door giraffe figure was designed to alleviate the dark exterior of the building. The author of the original project is the young architect, who has returned home after a few years of training in Russia and has achieved the courageous and peculiar idea. Complete article

Dancing Building, Czech Republic

Dancing Building, Czech Republic The Prague Dancing House is the result of the successful collaboration of two outstanding modern architects - Wlado Milunitsch and Frank Owen Hary. From a distance the building really looks like a dancing couple. The locals have designed several original names for the building and often call it the 'drunken house' or 'Ginger and Fred' - in honor of one of the most famous dance couples. The original six-storey building is the office center and on the last floor of the building is the popular restaurant of the French cuisine La Perle de Prague. Complete article

National Library of Belarus, Belarus

National Library of Belarus, Belarus The building of the National Library in Minsk is not similar to any other library with long narrow corridors and dilapidated walls in the world. The neometric form of the building is complicated and untypical. This is a regular rhombus cube octahedron, the height of which is 73.6 meters. The 23-storey building of the library has the area of ​​about 113 700 square meters. More than half of the building area is allocated to the bookmagazine. Complete article

Guggenheim Museum, Spain

Guggenheim Museum, Spain In the Spanish city of Bilbao is one of the most remarkable buildings in the world, the site of the world famous Guggenheim Museum. The huge building of the abstract form was built on the banks of the Nervión River and preserves the valuable collection of the works of Solomon Guggenheim. Some of the museum rooms are used for the exhibitions on which the modern painters present their paintings. Complete article

House Attack, Austria

House Attack, Austria Misunderstandings and conflicts can sometimes occur between the houses. The confirmation is the building you can see in Vienna. The architectural complex 'House Attack' is the project by Erwin Wurm. This is a strict gray building, the main construction of which is the upper construction. In the roof of the large building is another smaller house, as if it had fallen on the large building from the sky. Complete article

Air Force Academy Chapel, United States

Air Force Academy Chapel, United States The unique structure that can be seen in the territory of the Academy of the Luftwaffe in the state of Colorado does not look like the building that has a religious purpose. The impressive art nouveau building, built in 1962, is the chapel. Since 2004 the building has been one of the most important national monuments. The chapel construction is incredibly complicated and harmonious. It contains 17 tips, each consisting of 100 regular tetrahedrons. Complete article

Fuji Television Building, Japan

Fuji Television Building, Japan Among the numerous unusual buildings of Tokyo, the building of Fuji-Tv society must be mentioned absolutely. It was built in 1997 on the artificial island of Odaiba, surrounded on all sides by the Bay of Tokyo. The height of the unusual building is 125 meters. The author of the project is the well-known Japanese architect Kenzo Tange. The most original element of the building construction, which excites the general public, is the huge sphere. Complete article

Ripley Believe It or Not, Canada

Ripley Believe It or Not, Canada There are 29 Ripley museums around the world. The museum, located in Orlando, is considered to be the most original. It is characterized by the unusual building construction. At first sight it seems that the building can collapse at any moment. The impressive building with the pink façade and the harmonious snow-white columns is torn and divided into two asymmetrical parts. In the other parts of the façade there are also the cracks, which makes the exterior of the building even more unreliable. Complete article

Banknote Office Center, Lithuania

Banknote Office Center, Lithuania During a walk through distant Kaunas district one can see the original building, whose facade reminiscent of the huge banknote 1 000 Lit. Such banknotes were circulated in Lithuania in the first half of the 20th century. This original 20-storey building, completed in 2008, is considered the best office in the city. Here are the offices of the largest and leading companies. The office in the center 'Banknotes' is an honor for many entrepreneurs. Complete article

Atomium, Belgium

Atomium, Belgium In Brussels is the unique building Atomium, which can hardly be called a typical building. The structure is a huge model of the iron atom and consists of the large metal spheres connected to the metal tubes. The original building in Brussels was built in 1958 on the occasion of the opening of the World Exhibition, symbolizing scientific progress. Nowadays, Atomium is used as the location of exhibitions and cultural events, most of which are devoted to technical progress. Complete article

Esplanade Theatre, Singapore

Esplanade Theatre, Singapore In Singapore there is a unique architectural attraction - the beautiful Esplanade Theater, located on the coast Marina-Bay. The theater is located next to the district of the same name and the old park, to whose honor it was named. The main feature of the modern building are two huge glass domes with thorns that are illuminated at the dawn with the incredibly beautiful artillumination. Complete article

Kansas City Library, United States

Kansas City Library, United States The tourists planning to visit Kansas City should not miss the building of the local public library. The façade of the building looks like the huge book shelf on which the impressively large volumes of the world-famous literary masterpieces are placed. 'Romeo and Juliet', 'The Lord of the Rings', 'The Invisible' - on the huge book shelf you can find the tapes of the world famous works. Complete article

Calakmul, Mexico

Calakmul, Mexico In Mexico on the territory of the colorful modern district of Santa Fe is the building, which the locals called 'the washing machine'. From the outside, Calakmul skyscraper really looks like a modern washing machine. It was named in honor of the ancient city of Maya. According to the idea of ​​the architect Avgustin Hernande Navarro, who designed the unusual building, it should really remind the washing machine and give more freshness to the busy Santa Fe district. Complete article
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