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Almost everyone dreams of looking at the house that belongs to a celebrity even for a minute. What is hidden behind its walls? A luxurious environment that amazes at first sight, or more than modest interiors? Who has not dreamed of ever seeing the room in which a favourite actor or musician spent his childhood, where his or her favourite novel was written or where a world famous politician created his works? Many celebrities, during their lifetime, turned their houses into museums, accessible to general public, and some museum houses of outstanding people became accessible only after the death of the owners. The houses and apartments where once famous people lived, today are a special category of attractions, which are incredibly popular and unique.

Graceland, USA

One of the most famous 'celebrity houses' is the residence 'Graceland', located in the state of Tennessee. The last owner of the magnificent villa was the Elvis Presley family. Hundreds of fans of his work have been visiting this old house for several decades. The splendid colonial style villa was built in 1936. The first owner named her in honor of his daughter Grace. In 1957 Elvis Presley bought the residence for his family. The luxurious house has cost 100,000 dollars.

Graceland, USA Although the age of the old villa is almost 100 years, it does not look like traditional houses furnished with antique furniture. Elvis always took fashion with him and changed the room design of his house several times a year. Therefore, the establishment of the colonial villa was always very select. Villa 'Grace' was opened to visitors in 1982. Priscilla Presley completely changed the interior of the house and converted it into the museum.

The visitors come mainly to see Elvis's personal belongings, which are kept in the rooms. The numerous music awards, the colorful suits for shows and vintage records - thousands of fans of Elvis Presley from all over the world strive to see these valuable things with their own eyes. The adjacent territory of the residence is equally interesting. In the rear small courtyard is the family cemetery on which 'the King Rock-n-Rolls' and his parents are buried. In 1985 the exciting film about 'Grace', directed by Priscilla Presley, was filmed, which can serve as a kind of video excursion for those people who can not visit the residence in person. Next - Mozarthaus Vienna

Mozarthaus Vienna, Austria

Mozarthaus Vienna, Austria The Mozarthaus, located in Vienna, is one of the most visited urban sights. During several years of life in the Austrian capital, the outstanding composer has changed dozens of apartments. The original furniture was only available until our days only in the apartments under the address Domgasse 5. Mozart has been living here since 1784 to 1787, working on his greatest work - 'Figaro's wedding' - in these magnificent six-room apartments. Complete article

Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum, Austria

Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum, Austria In the tiny Austrian town of Tal is the house, where the famous Hollywood actor, sportsman and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger spent the first 18 years of his life. For relatively little money, about 6 euros, all interested can walk through the old farmhouse and look at the collection of the personal belongings, which once belonged to 'Mister Olympia'. The old dumbbells, the prop of shooting locations and even the legendary motorbike, went with the Terminator - in the museum you can see many interesting things connected with the life and work of Schwarznegger. Complete article

Villa Stargrov, Antilles

Villa Stargrov, Antilles Many of the celebrities' houses are only accessible to their fans during the excursions. The supporters of Mick Jagger, on the other hand, have a chance to spend a few days in his house. On the picturesque Mustique island is one of the most magnificent houses of the musician - the 'Stargov' villa. It is located on the coast and is surrounded by the incredibly beautiful exotic garden. The villa has a quiet and romantic atmosphere. Complete article

Chartwell-house, UK

Chartwell-house, UK The old homestead of Winston Churchill, which is located in the small British town of Chartwell, is now accessible to all visitors. The farm is of great architectural value, besides, the farmhouse preserves many unique historical artefacts and personal belongings of the great politician. The unchanging form has been preserved in the painting studio, in which Churchill loved to spend time. In the magnificent court, the politician spent the last 40 years of his life and personally cares for the good condition of the establishment and the adjacent territory. Complete article

John Lennon House, UK

John Lennon House, UK The house where John Lennon spent his childhood is today the destination for thousands of tourists and is considered a place of world interest. The frontman of the famous rock band has grown up on the street Menlove Avenue, in the house 251. Into this house, the musician's family has been moved when the boy was 5 years old. John Lennon left the parental home on his 23rd birthday. Complete article

Chateau de Clermont, France

Chateau de Clermont, France The followers of Louis de Funès have a chance to visit his house - the magnificent Clermont Castle, located in the west of France, in the commune of Le Cellier. The magnificent castle was built in the middle of the 17th century and belonged before the famous actor of the Maupassant family. Louis de Funès was the last owner of the farm. He has moved to the castle with his wife Jeanne Barthélémy in 1967. Before, the castle was empty for six years and was uninhabited. The actor invested a lot of money in the reconstruction and personally furnished the castle surrounding garden. Complete article

Maison de Victor Hugo, France

Maison de Victor Hugo, France The house under the address Place des Vosges, 6, know many followers of the work of Victor Hugo. In this house lived the excellent writer 16 years with his mistress Adèle Foucher. In this magnificent apartment he wrote a series of his most famous works, including 'The Miseries', 'Ruy Blas' and 'Maria Tudor'. The museum was opened in 1902, on the occasion of the centennial of the birthday of the writer. Today it is one of the oldest museums in France. Complete article

Freud Museum in London, UK

Freud Museum in London, UK One of the most visited sights in London is the Haus-Museum Siegmund Freud, where the famous psychoanalyst lived with his family after moving from Austria in 1938. Freud's friends and acquaintances knew about his interest in ancient artifacts, which he collected for life. When moving, the collection of antiques was the most important thing he had taken first. Today, visitors to the remarkable House Museum can enjoy the valuable historical exhibits. Complete article

Teatro-Museo Dali, Spain

Teatro-Museo Dali, Spain At first glance at the House Museum of Salvador Dali, one can say that the house of the outstanding surrealist painter should look exactly like this. The unique house is located in Figeras and forms a uniform architectural group with reconstructed walls surrounding the city in the early Middle Ages. The history of the museum is incredibly interesting. In the first half of the 20th century, this building served as the location of the theater in which the young painter presented his first works. Complete article

Sherlock Holmes Museum, UK

Sherlock Holmes Museum, UK Not only the houses of real, but also of fictitious persons, can be very attractive for the tourists. A good example of this is the memorial room of Sherlock Holmes. The unique museum is located in London, at 221b, Baker Street. Right here, according to the works of Arthurs Conan Doyle, lived the outstanding detective and his friend, Dr. Watson from 1881 to 1904. Complete article

Shakespeare Birthplace, UK

Shakespeare Birthplace, UK In the picturesque British town of Stratford-upon-Avon is one of the most visited and most valuable literary monuments of the state - William Shakespeare's House Museum. In this house is born the excellent writer. Today, the beautiful old house, designed from the outside and from the inside with solid oak, is just a part of the large museum complex dedicated to the world famous writer. Complete article

Museo Casa Ernest Hemingway, United States

Museo Casa Ernest Hemingway, United States In the state of Florida, in the small town of Key West, is the home of the well-known writer Ernest Hemingway. The writer bought this charming villa surrounded by lush trees in 1920. In this paradise he has spent the last years of his life. While visiting the old house you can see the old furniture and household appliances, as well as a rich collection of the old photos, which belonged to the Hemingway. The beautiful villa with its large veranda does not look like a typical museum. It seems that this house has the owner who will be equal. Complete article

Bulgakov House-Museum, Russia

Bulgakov House-Museum, Russia In Moscow, in House № 10 on Bolshaya Sadovaya street, there is a 'monstrous apartment' - the apartment, where the well-known writer MABulgakov lived since 1921. Apartment № 50 is considered a 'monstrous', because it served as a prototype of the apartment mentioned in the 'Master and Margarita' novel. The apartment was also mentioned in the 'Hausbranntweinsee'. For his contemporaries, this apartment is known as the 'Bulgakov House' museum, where theatrical performances, literary and cultural events are regularly held. Complete article

Apartments Coco Chanel, France

Apartments Coco Chanel, France During a trip to Paris, you have to visit the legendary Coco Chanel apartments. This is probably one of the most unique and mostly select celebrity houses, which are accessible today for a free visit. Coco use the magnificent apartments as a work studio. Here she organized the fashion shows in one of the large rooms and watched them sitting on the stairs. Complete article
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