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The longest and highest in the world, the oldest and most outstanding from the historical point of view - all these bridges and viaducts can safely be called 'majestic'. Some of them attract tourists with their amazing appearance, while others are connected with tragic and mystical stories. Do you think bridges are necessary for a convenient crossing over an obstacle only? You are mistaken. Modern bridges are actively used as trading platforms and even sports venues. Walking across magnificent bridges of the world or passing them with the car is what thousands of active travellers dream of. In this review, we will talk about bridges that deserve primary attention of curious tourists.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge, England

In Gateshead is the unique bridge Millenium, which is similar to any other bridge in the world. Millenium is the only reversing bridge in the world, which consists of two huge arches. The unusual bridge construction was not chosen by chance. Their maneuverability allows free traffic of large ships on the Tyne River luss. In order to let the ship go, the bridge turns round. Usually, many tourists and city dwellers gather on the shores to watch this process.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge, England The bridge itself is intended only for pedestrians and cyclists, so all interested can take a walk there. The general length of the unique bridge opened in September 2001 is 126 meters. The construction of the bridge lasted for more than two years and cost 40 million US dollars. 35 000 people participated in the ceremonial opening ceremonies. The steel arch of the bridge turns around an average of 200 times a year. The magic show takes about four minutes.

At night the bridge is illuminated with the incredibly impressive artillumination, so the unique architectural object is also worth seeing after dark. Recently, the unique Gateshead Bridge has been popular with motorcycle riders using the lower bridge deck as a training ground. Several times a year, the interesting motor shows take place in the city, on which the Pforis show the incredible tricks and ride on the upmarket Brückedeck. Next - Pearl Bridge

Pearl Bridge, Japan

Pearl Bridge, Japan The bridge with the romantic name is located in Japan and connects two big cities - Kobe and Awaji. The project of the pearl bridge was one of the most complicated for realization in recent decades. The workers had to build the bridge with incredibly complicated climatic conditions. The Akasi Seaweed, over which the bridge extends, is known among the seafarers by the harsh climate. Here there is storm and strong wind every week. With a view to the fact that about 1,500 ships daily drive through this important waterway, the construction process seems to be such a magnificent bridge unfulfillable. Complete article

Tower Bridge, England

Tower Bridge, England The beautiful Tower Bridge is not only the most famous bridge in Great Britain, but also one of the most famous bridges in the world. The bridge across the Thames is located in the center of London and is one of the most important landmarks of the British capital. Your bridge is incredibly beautiful from the architectural standpoint. The bridge is decorated with two high towers, between which two pedestrian streets are located at the height of 34 meters. From them, the unbelievably beautiful panorama of the Thames and the historic sights on its shores opens up. Complete article

Golden Gate Bridge, United States

Golden Gate Bridge, United States Among the 'historic' bridges you have to mention the Bridge Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. This Hängebrücke stretches over the same name Meerenge and was 1937 opened. The author of the bridge design was Joseph Strauss. The excellent mathematician Charles Alton Ellis helped him to calculate the mathematical model of the construction correctly. Since opening and until 1964 Golden Gate Bridge has remained the longest hanging bridge in the world. Its length is 1 970 meters. The bridge is located 67 meters of the water surface, and the full height of its props forms 230 meters. Complete article

Palace Bridge, Russia

Palace Bridge, Russia The St Petersburg Bridge is the popular historical site. This legendary bridge was laid over the Neva River as late as 1916. The aim of the bridge construction was quite simple - to connect two banks of the river, on which were the houses of the tsarist family and the most distinguished magnates. That is why the bridge was considered to be the main bridge at the time of opening. The bridge was named in honor of the Winter Palace, which is located in the immediate vicinity of it. Complete article

Brooklyn Bridge, USA

Brooklyn Bridge, USA The Brooklyn Bridge is considered to be the historic landmark of New York and is the oldest bridge in the city, opened in 1883. The bridge stretches over the Meerenge East River and connects two districts - Brooklyn and Manhattan. The history of the bridge construction is incredibly interesting. The author of the design was John Robling. For a number of reasons, the construction work took more than 13 years. Unfortunately, the architect died, and the project was finished by his wife. The son, Washington Robling, continued his son's life work, but he was unable to visit the construction site in person because of the health problems. He communicated all the evidence to the mother, and she, for her part, communicated the clues to the workers. Complete article

Bridge Bagration, Russia

Bridge Bagration, Russia In Moscow, one of the most remarkable modern bridges in the world - Bagration. It was built on the occasion of the Jubilee of the capital in 1997 and extends over the Moskva River, connecting Taras Schevchenko Uferstraße with Krasnopresnensky Uferstraße. The Bagration Bridge has a 'commercial bridge' status and is accessible exclusively to pedestrians. The first level of the bridge is completely glazed, and the second level is partially glazed and serves as a location of popular cafes, restaurants and shops. Complete article

Khaju Bridge, Iran

Khaju Bridge, Iran For more than 300 years, the beautiful Chadschu Bridge over the Zayandeh River has been one of the landmarks of Isfahan. The wonderful bridge has the status of outstanding architectural landmark and is one of the oldest and most beautiful bridges in the east. The Chadschu Bridge was built in 1650. At that time, the city of Isfahan flourished on the Great Silk Road. The first bridge over the Zayandeh River was built much earlier than the middle 17th century. The new bridge was built by order of Shah Abbas II. Complete article

Octavio Frias de Oliveira, Brazil

Octavio Frias de Oliveira, Brazil The bridge with the complicated name Octavio Frias de Oliveira is located in Sao Paulo and is a construction unique from the architectural point of view. This is the only bridge on the earth whose supporting structure is X-shaped. In many respects, this unique feature of the bridge makes it one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. The cruciform prop supports two crossing roads, the height one of which is 12 meters, and the second - 24 meters form. Complete article

Donghai Bridge, China

Donghai Bridge, China The most famous bridge in China is located in Shanghai. It is the Donghai Bridge, whose name can be literally translated as 'the Great Bridge East China Sea'. The bridge was opened in 2008, its extent is 32.5 km. At the opening, Donghai was the longest sea bridge on earth, and today is still the longest bridge on the territory of Asia. The bridge was built to connect Shanghai with the island port city of Yanshan, which is an important traffic hub and major trading hub of China. Complete article

Viaduc de Millau, France

Viaduc de Millau, France Viaduc de Millau, located in the surroundings of the homonymous city of France, is one of the highest bridges on earth. The height of one of their supports has the record value of 341 meters. The bridge is over the valley of the Tarn river. The design of the unique bridge was developed by the outstanding modern engineer Michel Virlogeux and the well-known British architect Norman Foster. The construction of the bridge in the mountain area has optimized the traffic between two large cities of France - Paris and Béziers. Complete article

Erasmusbrug, The Netherlands

Erasmusbrug, The Netherlands Many tourists know the Erasmus Bridge, located in Rotterdam under the unofficial name 'Swan Bridge'. The author of the design of the unique bridge on the Meuse river is the architect Ben van Berkel. Its talent and boundless imagination have created the unusual outline and the recognizable exterior shape of the bridge. The bridge, whose extension is 802 meters, was opened in 1996. For more than 15 years it has been the longest drawbridge in the world. Complete article

Ponte Vasco da Gama, Portugal

Ponte Vasco da Gama, Portugal The longest bridge in Europe is located in Lisbon and was named to honor the excellent navigator Vasco da Gama. The length of the bridge is 17.2 km. The bridge over the Tajo River was opened in 1998 and is characterized by the incredibly harmonious shape. The bridge was opened on 29th March on the occasion of the important historical event - the 500th anniversary of the discovery of a route from Europe to India. The bridge looks incredibly fine and impressive, especially at night when it is adorned with thousands of LED lights. The illumination system of the bridge is unique and has been developed according to modern ecological standards. So that the light did not disturb the inhabitants of the Tagus river at night, it is directed exclusively upwards. Complete article

Ponte di Rialto, Italy

Ponte di Rialto, Italy The real landmark Venice is the wonderful Rialto - the oldest and one of the most beautiful bridges of the city. The stone bridge connects the banks of the Great Channel and was built in 1591. Originally, the bridge was intended not only to cross the canal, but also to serve as a place for commercial tents. That is why great value was placed on their exterior design. The length of the old bridge is 28 meters. Rialto rises to 7.5 meters above the water surface. Complete article

Bosphorus bridge, Turkey

Bosphorus bridge, Turkey The Bosporus Bridge, located in Istanbul, is a unique architectural project. Originally, the bridge was intended not only for road traffic, but also for pedestrians. Later the citizens were closed. Too many people chose the Bosporus Bridge as a place for suicide. In order to prevent the accidents, it was decided to close the Bosporus Bridge for the pedestrians. Complete article
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