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Fragments of meteorites, turbulent lava, thick age-old forests and fabulously beautiful lakes - what else can you see in the most majestic craters of the planet? Serious geological catastrophes such as volcanic eruptions and meteorite falls led to their formation. Volcanic and meteorite craters can now be found literally on all continents and even in miniature archipelagoes, among sky-blue waters of oceans, but not all of them have unique features. Some craters hide wonderful lakes behind their high slopes, others keep unique botanical gardens and tropical forests. In some craters, you can find fragments of ancient buildings, and in others - ruins of once secret military bases. Travel on the way to one of the amazing craters, one can never foresee what amazing discoveries await on the way.

Kelimutu, Indonesia

In Indonesia, on Flores Island is the strange natural sight - the Kelimutu volcano. It was famous all over the world for the lakes formed in the crater. Each of three lakes is unique and has the unique color. Tivu-Ata-Mbupu is considered to be the most impressive lake, whose water is usually rich blue. It is remarkable that the color of the crater lake changes constantly due to the ascent of the deep water.

Kelimutu, Indonesia Excursions to the summit of the Kelimutu volcano are very popular with the followers of active recreation. Before a hike you can never foresee what color the lake will have on that day. After the long and strenuous ascent, always a surprise awaits the tourists. The crater Kelimutu is located at the height of 1 639 meters. Even the untrained travelers can go on the volcano.

Around the crater lakes were the comfortable stairs and the viewing platforms, from which one can graze on the beauty of the lakes maximum comfortably. The tiny village of Moni is within easy reach of the volcano. Many tourists prefer to stay in this village to climb up to the crater early in the morning and watch the dawn on the volcano peak. The travelers who plan to visit the volcano in the afternoon should take into account that the lakes are often hidden by the dense fog at this time of the day. The locals consider Kelimutu crater lakes as mystical places and believe that the souls of the deceased live in it. Next - Xico

Xico, Mexico

Xico, Mexico The volcanic crater Xico has named one of the most distant and picturesque districts of Mexico. The history of 'the formation' of this crater is very interesting. It formed several thousand years ago, after the strong eruption of a volcano, and remained hidden for centuries under the waters of the calm Chalko Lake. At the beginning of the 14th century, the lake began to dry out because of the climate change. As early as the nineteenth century, the government had decided to dry the lake completely and to set up the farms in its place. Complete article

Seongsan Ilchulbong, South Korea

Seongsan Ilchulbong, South Korea One of the most striking sights of South Korea is Seongsan Ilchulbong Crater, formed after the eruption of the Hydrovulkanes. Many travelers know the huge tuffy funnel, which has formed on the sea floor more than 4,000 years ago, under the unofficial name 'the mountain of sunrise'. The funnel is located in the eastern part of Jeju Island. The height of the crater above sea level is 182 meters. Complete article

Koko, USA

Koko, USA On the Hawaiian island of Oahu is the majestic Koko crater, which is surrounded by the huge tuffy funnel. The height of the funnel is about 196 meters. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the coast and looks fantastic. The scientists suspect that the crater has formed more than 10,000 years ago. A few years ago the nature reserve was founded around him. Complete article

Diamond Head, USA

Diamond Head, USA On the Oahu Island is still a world famous, one of the most visited on the Earth crater - Diamond Head. The crater of British seafarers, who have disembarked on the coast near the crater in the 19th century, has received the 'more brilliant' name. In researching the crater, they have found the numerous calcite crystals, which they first thought of as diamonds. Today, the majestic crater is a landmark of the Vaikiki district and is one of the most striking natural attractions in the world. Complete article

Rocas Bainbridge, Galapagos

Rocas Bainbridge, Galapagos Galapagos Islands are rich in unique natural sights. Not far from Santiago Island is the strange crater Rocas Bainbridge. This is an incredibly beautiful tiny funnel island that is bathed from all sides by the sea. In the center of the island is the fabulous blue lake. Complete article

Nabiyotum, Kenya

Nabiyotum, Kenya Nabiyotum is the most famous and beautiful crater in Kenya. It is located next to another prominent landmark, the largest alkaline lake in the world of Turkana. One of the main characteristics of the crater is the incomparable view. It looks like a huge funnel with very steep and high slopes. The crater is almost surrounded on all sides by the strange alkaline lake. This landscape is simply peculiar. Complete article

Santa Margarida, Spain

Santa Margarida, Spain Santa Margarida is probably one of the most beautiful and most visible volcanic crater in the world. The crater is located in the picturesque district of La Garrocha. This majestic crater enchants with its impressive size. The height of its slopes reaches 682 meters, and the length of the perimeter is about 2,000 meters. In the middle of the crater, whose slopes are covered with lush brushwood, is the unique sight - St. Margaret Church. Complete article

Bosumtwi, Ghana

Bosumtwi, Ghana Not only the volcanic, but also the strange meteorite craters are incredibly popular among tourists. One of the most popular among them is located in Ghana, in the Ashanti district. It is the Bosumtwi crater, in whose tower the incredibly beautiful lake has formed. This natural sight is located not far from the Kumasi town. The wonderful crater lake is characterized by the impressive size. Its diameter is about 8 000 meters, and the maximum depth of the lake reaches 80 meters. The crater diameter is even larger and forms about 10 500 meters. Complete article

Lonar, India

Lonar, India In India there is the meteorite crater Lonar, in whose tower the beautiful salt lake has formed. This hotel is located close to the city of Aurangabada. From time immemorial, the locals connect many interesting legends and mythical stories with the majestic crater. As one of the most beautiful sayings, the subterranean refuge of the Lonusar demon was on the crater several thousand years ago. The god Vishnu has defeated Lonusar. The locals believe the blood of the defeated demon has turned into the salty sea water. Complete article

Barringer, USA

Barringer, USA Among the most famous and most visited meteorite craters in the world you have to mention the Barring crater. For several years now, he has been attracting the attention of scientists from all over the world. Interesting documentary films were shot over the crater. The age of the crater is more than 50,000 years, after the fall of a meteorite with a diameter of about 50 meters. The basic material of the meteorite was iron, which is why, despite its relatively modest size, it weighed a good deal - about 300 thousands tons. Complete article

Henbury, Australia

Henbury, Australia In Australia there is a strange crater that is worth seeing for all curious tourists. It is about Henbury, which is actually composed of 12 meteorite craters, but is considered as a unified area. The craters formed after the fall of a huge meteorite, which was split into 12 parts in the earth's atmosphere. The diameter of the smallest crater is about 6 meters, and the largest - 182 meters. Complete article
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