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A strange design, unusual decor and purpose, a deep symbolic meaning and incredibly spectacular appearance hidden in the details - all these and other nuances make some bridges special. Each of the bridges claiming to be the most unusual in the world, has its own unique feature. Some bridges can be transformed and take unusual forms, while others are beautifully decorated and inspire romantic feelings. There are bridges in the world, that literally dissect the water surface or rise above the crowns of trees amazingly without a single support, or soar in the air on huge helium spheres. Do you want to know about the most incredible bridges of the planet and walk along one of them? Be sure to look into the submitted thematic review!

Moses Bridge, The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, in the town of Halsteren, the unusual bridge was built during the reconstruction of the old castle, which was later called 'Bridge Moses'. This beautiful wooden bridge does not extend across the river, but literally chipped its water. It is not surprising that the origin of the bridge was associated with the well-known biblical motif. It was decided to call the bridge to the honorary Prophet Moses, who once made the waters of the Red Sea sit before him.

Moses Bridge, The Netherlands The originality of the bridge, which is not far from Fort Fort de Roover, is that it was built deeper than water level. The designers of the project of the unusual bridge were the architects from known studios RO & AD. They have designed the design of the building so as to minimize the natural harmony in picturesque landscape. The strange 'bridge Moses' has so arranged itself into the natural landscape, that it is quite invisible from some angles of view.

With due regard for the specific peculiarity of the bridge, the building material was specially selected for this purpose. Accoya wood was preferred, the duration of use of the bridge in the water should be at least 50 years. The unusual bridge built in 2011 was awarded several prestigious architectural prizes and became very popular among tourists. The general area of ​​the bridge is relatively small and forms about 50 square meters. The bridge construction cost about 250,000 euros. Next - Pont de Sign

Pont de Sign, United Kingdom

Pont de Sign, United Kingdom The site still a strange bridge is the British Tatton Park, whose guests can enjoy the numerous picturesque ponds located in the park territorium. One of them is the wonderful bridge of the monkeys. This wooden hanging bridge is characterized by being suspended on three large balloons. Overall, this design looks very interesting and unusual. Certainly, it has no functional purpose. Complete article

Storseisundet Brug, Norway

Storseisundet Brug, Norway The unusual bridge, which is absolutely necessary for the fans of the nerve kitzel, is located in Norway. The unique Storseisundet Bridge is part of the road, which extends along the rocky coast. The main feature of the bridge is complicated bends and gradients. On some stretches of the road, the visible part of the bridge is reminiscent of a real diving board. From every angle of view Storseisundet Bridge looks peculiar. Complete article

Slauerhoff, The Netherlands

Slauerhoff, The Netherlands At first glance at the remarkable construction of Slauerhoff Bridge, one can hardly guess that it is a full and irreplaceable bridge. The unusual bridge is located in the city Leeuwarden and consists of a square platform 15 x 15 meters, which is equipped with the lifting mechanism. For the city dwellers, the unusual bridge is considered a true landmark. The lower part of the platform is colored yellow and blue. So are the colors of the flag and the coat of arms of the city. Complete article

Kikki Bridge, Japan

Kikki Bridge, Japan One of the most unusual and most interesting bridges of Japan is the bridge Kikki. It was built in 1991 on the territory of a chic golf club. The picturesque bridge in the national style is Y-shaped. The bridge stretches over the pond and creates the comfortable conditions for the game. Previously, the customers of the golf center had to bypass the pond from different sides. The triple bridge Kikki is unique in that it has no supports and is the only triple hanging bridge in the world. Complete article

Rolling Bridge, United Kingdom

Rolling Bridge, United Kingdom A famous pedestrian bridge can be found in London. Its special feature is that the bridge can be rolled up. In the rolled state, the construction has nothing in common with the ordinary bridge. The process of loading and unloading the bridge always attracts the many tourists who want to take the unusual photos. Complete article

Pythonbrug, The Netherlands

Pythonbrug, The Netherlands A lot of beautiful and unusual bridges can be seen in Amsterdam. Among them, the python bridge or the snake-shaped bridge must be mentioned above all. The distinctive name of the bridge perfectly reflects its primary particularity. The metal bridge is characterized by the unusual serpentine shape. The bridge is equipped with beautiful railings with a lot of scarlet threads, which makes the figure even more attractive. Complete article

Aiola Island, Austria

Aiola Island, Austria The unique sight of the world is located in the Austrian city of Graz. Here the only bridge restaurant extends across the Mur River 'Aiola Island' across the Mur River. The restaurant has long been a favorite place for the city dwellers and is considered an attractive attraction for the tourists. In the middle of this modern pedestrian bridge, which connects two banks of the river, is the beautiful glazed pavilion. Complete article

Ponte Vecchio, Italy

Ponte Vecchio, Italy In romantic Florence is the only residential bridge in the world Ponte Vecchi, which has long been regarded as a landmark for the world. Ponte Vecchi is the oldest bridge in the city, its construction was finished in 1345. After several centuries, the bridge has preserved its original shape and functional value. The main feature of the old bridge are the houses on both sides of the houses. In the middle of the bridge is the large open square from which the beautiful panorama opens onto the river Arno and the historical buildings. Complete article

Leonardo Da Vinci Bridge, Norway

Leonardo Da Vinci Bridge, Norway In the surroundings of Oslo, in the town Akershus is the strange bridge, which was named to honor Leonardo da Vinci. It is a unique architectural attraction and has not got the name of the outstanding Italian painter. The history of bridge building is very interesting. According to the historical data, the gifted painter still developed the bridge design for the Sultan Baiaet II in 1502. According to this design, the arch bridge should be built with the extension of 360 meters through the Bay Golden Horn. Such a bold project was considered unfulfillable in the Middle Ages. Complete article

Pont Gustave-Flaubert, France

Pont Gustave-Flaubert, France In Rouen, on the Seine river is the highest drawbridge in the world - Gustave-Flaubert bridge. Their general height is 91 meters, the bridge construction is quite unusual. This is a vertical drawbridge, which is why it got the unofficial name 'the elevator bridge'. The length of the pulling part of the bridge is 116 meters, and its general extent is much greater and reaches 670 meters. Complete article

Bridge of Peace, Georgia

Bridge of Peace, Georgia In Georgia there are also strange bridges, which are worth seeing for the curious tourists. The Peace Bridge in Tbilisi is one of the most popular urban sights. It stretches over the Kura River and connects the old town of Tbilisi with the new residential areas. The length of the pedestrian bridge, which is characterized by the exquisite design, forms 156 meters. Complete article

Henderson Waves, Singapore

Henderson Waves, Singapore Several strange bridges can be found in Singapore. One of them has the symbolic name 'Wave Herderson' and is part of the Henderson Road road. The footbridge, which is 274 meters in length, connects two unique parks - Telok Blanga Hill Park and Mount Faber Park. From a structural point of view, Henderson Bridge has no distinctive peculiarities. It has been known worldwide for its unique design. Complete article

Football Bridge, Germany

Football Bridge, Germany The football fans can be recommended to visit Munich, where one of the most symbolic bridges in the world, which is seen from the 'football standpoint', is located. The bridge imitates the huge figure of goalkeeper Oliver Kahn. An unusual bridge was opened on the occasion of the World Cup 2006 in Germany. The huge figure of the goalkeeper, who bends in the jump for the ball, is over one of the lively motorways of Munich. The unusual bridge was presented by the sports company Adidas and is intended only for pedestrians. Complete article

Helix Bridge, Singapore

Helix Bridge, Singapore Among the odd bridges of Singapore you have to mention the helix bridge, which was opened in 2010. The covered pedestrian bridge is characterized by the unusual design. From outside it looks like a DNA spiral structure. In the evening, when the LED lights turn on, the bridge looks just incredible. Complete article
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