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Culture of Bremen. Places to visit - old town, temples, theaters, museums and palaces

Bremen by night Bremen Musicians have become a permanent symbol of the city. The monument devoted to them can be seen on one of the main squares of the city. Bremen is full of various tour routes, each of which is interesting in its own special way. The building of the town hall is a remarkable architectural monument, which is located on Marktplatts Square. It was built in the beginning of the 15th century. This sight remains the most striking gothic monument of Bremen, so don’t miss your chance to visit it.
Discovering the architecture of Bremen from bird's eye view! Bremen City Hall, Ubersee Museum, Weser Tower, Dorint Park Hotel, Fallturm Bremen, all those monuments are defining the image of Bremen … Open
St. Peter Cathedral is a wonderful example of Romanesque style. The construction of the cathedral began in the 11th century and lasted for more than two hundred years. During its long history the cathedral has been reconstructed several times. Nowadays one of the towers of the cathedral is equipped with a large observation deck, from which locals and guests of the city can clearly see stunning panoramic looks of the city. In order to climb to the highest tower, you will have to overcome the 265 step long ladder. However, the reward for such endurance is definitely worth it - the panoramic views here are really unforgettable.
Focke Museum is one of the best ways of getting acquainted with the history of the city. Some of the museum’s expositions are located in a beautiful historical building. Several additional wings have been added recently to the main building. In addition to the usual display of historical artifacts and antiques, this museum features works of modern artists. Fans of art worth will be glad to see priceless masterpieces, which can be found in the Picture Gallery. Opened in 1849, the gallery presents a collection of paintings which is considered one of the largest collections in the country. Copyright
Bremen Cathedral, Kunsthalle Bremen, Weserstadion, Universum Science Museum, as well as many others, they all become the world's cultural heritage objects and remain as iconic monuments for Bremen … Open
If walks are among the activities you like, you should not forget to visit Schnoor quarter. This is also one of the oldest districts of Bremen. During the walk you will see beautiful old buildings, some of which have been built more than one hundred years. You can also visit local souvenir shops and pubs. The city’s main park named Bürgerpark is another popular place among people who enjoy outdoor activities. This park is located near the railway station. Here you will find special areas for picnics, playgrounds, and even a small zoo, visiting which will be very interesting for young travelers. This zoological park is home to domestic animals only - pigs, alpacas, ducks and even guinea pigs.
BREMEN - Weser Another interesting street is Böttcherstraße. It is definitely worth a stroll along it in order to unfold the very Bremen, which comes to mind at the mention of the name of the city. Here you will find unique buildings, including art galleries, shops, restaurants, as well as several interesting sculptures. You certainly will be absorbed in the medieval atmosphere. If the trip across Bremen starts from the railway station, then you will have to go through Friedenstunnel, which in the evening is beautifully illuminated by a rainbow. You cannot miss it – in spite of the fact that this is seemingly a simple tunnel, the place really shakes.
Bremen is a seaport with the population of 550 000 people. The city is located on the west bank of the Weser. The historical center of Bremen is surrounded by a green zone, which is made … Open
One of the symbols of the city of free musicians is the picturesque Mühle am Wall. In front of the mill there is a bridge across a small stream. It is from this exact place that the most beautiful views of magnificent building opens up. The surprising thing is that there is a mill in the center of the city that adds some color to it. Inside of the mill, you can find a wonderful restaurant. But the seemingly nondescript Glockenspiel House will amaze you even more with its remarkable bell ringing. As a result, this place has a special charm – you will wish to visit it again and again.
Watjens Schloss Bremen-Blumenthal Also worth mentioning are the buildings that are associated primarily with the tragic times in the history of the city and Germany as a whole. One such building is the U-Boot Bunker Valentin (which also provides entry free of charge). This huge bunker will impress even those who think that no one or nothing can surprise them. During the excursion, you will be told the story about the structure’s construction, and it is as impressive as its size. The building is situated on Rekumer Siel. Another huge bomb shelter called Bunker B31 can be found on the outskirts of Brugerpark.
Bremen is a city of unparalleled, fairy-tale like atmosphere, so there’s no wonder why many travellers with kids choose it as their vacation destination. Children will find many … Open
Fans of sacred sites should find time to visit Martini Kirche – even if the first impression is far from excellent (the church seems unremarkable from the outside), the interior is filled with gorgeous decoration and beautiful stained-glass windows. Having enjoyed the atmosphere of peace and tranquility reigning here, you can continue exploring the Bremen with a sense of accomplishment. For example, a visit to interesting museums, among them; Ubersee-Museum, where you can get acquainted with different cultures, the Hafenmuseum, telling the history of the Free Hanseatic city of Bremen, as well as the Schulschiff, an open-air museum where theme parties are often held (it is considered one of the most impressive places in the city). Also in the city there is a super-modern museum called Universum Bremen, where physics is presented in a very interesting manner.
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Bremen Cathedral, Bremen

» The functioning cathedral is located in the city center and belongs to the church that combines Lutheran and Reformist religious movements.
»  The chronicles say that St. Peter Cathedral started to be built in the 9th century. Finally, it was completed in 400 years. Such a long process is connected with the historic setting.
»  There is a 100-meter tower on the south side of the building.
»  265 steps lead to the top of the observation platform. It has a panoramic view of the city.
»  There are mummified bodies of bishops in the underground crypt.
»  The House of God also includes a museum. Its unique exhibits are dedicated to the long history of the temple. Some of them belonged to priests who were buried with their personal belongings.
»  There is also the sculpture of St. Peter with the keys Heaven.
»  Organ music is heard and worships are held here every day.
»  Plants are often mentioned in the Biblical stories. 120 representatives of flora are grown in the garden near the church.
»  The architect left his mark, a running mouse, on the facade. It is quite difficult to see an animal.

Church of Our Lady, Bremen

Location on the map:   Facts: » The small wooden church was built to propagate the Christian doctrine in the 8th century. It was replaced by a stone construction.
»  Over the centuries, it has been reconstructed and redecorated. It suffered from fires and was in disrepair. At one time, the building served as a warehouse. The cult construction gained its present appearance in the 19th century.
»  it was reconstructed at the expense of the rich merchant.
»  The 90-meter tower has a view of the surroundings.
»  The church has survived since the 11th century. One of such temples has been preserved since the construction. Over the years of its existence, the Church of Our Lady was not destroyed significantly.
»  Internal paintings were damaged by the fire caused by the bombing in 1944. The scorched outer medieval plaster was removed. Only brick walls were left. After the Second World War, the windows were replaced by stained glass in iron frames.
»  In the crypt, you can see medieval frescoes.
»  There was a flower market at the site of the old graveyard dismantled in the days of Napoleon.
»  Concerts are held at the weekends in summer.

Church of St. John, Bremen

Location on the map:   Facts: » Member of the Franciscan Order founded the monastery and built a small church in 1225. Later, the basilica could not accommodate all the worshipers. The new House of God was built in the 14th century.
»  Over the years of its existence, the building had served as a hospital and belonged to the Reform Movement.
»  In the first half of the 19th century, Bremen Catholics purchased and blessed it for their needs.
»  Not to let the groundwater flood the construction, it was raised by 3 meters. This is how the basement under the building appeared.
»  The outer walls are made of burned red brick. Upper beams are covered with a gable roof. This is why the completed facade has such an unusual shape. The building is decorated with three green towers.
»  There is a cross on the church roof. There is also the Star of David above it. These two items are Old Covenant symbols representing the unity of Christian and Jewish worshipers in the face of God the Father.
»  Church of St. John is visited by 10.5 Catholics from a hundred countries.
»  There is an altar and limestone preacher’s desk inside. Here, the outfits of the saint are kept as relics. Relief scenes from the Scriptures have preserved since the 14th century.

Kunsthalle Bremen, Bremen

» The museum was built in 1849 and restored in 50 years. But there had been not enough exhibitions halls. It was last reconstructed in 2011.
»  The fund of the cultural institution contains European canvasses from the 14th century to these days. You can also see sculptures of the 16th-21st centuries here. Paintings of eminent French and German artists are very popular with connoisseurs of art.
»  There is the sector of drawings and prints. Their collection includes over 220 000 pieces of art and is the biggest one in Europe. It consists of slate sketches, unfinished paintings, and graphics.
»  The idea of keeping items that have a cultural value appeared in 1823. 30 connoisseurs gathered together and created an art community.
»  Multiple exhibits have been collected for 10 years. It required a separate building.
»  At the entrance to the museum, there are 4 stone statues: Raphael, Michelangelo, Dürer, and Rubens.
»  During the Second World War, some halls and exhibits were damaged by the bomb. Precious masterpieces were saved by transporting the collection.
»  Exhibits of cultural value do not belong to the state and are privately owned.

Universum Science Museum, Bremen

Location on the map:   Facts: » To see what is happening inside a person, on the planet and in the Universe, you should drop in Universum.
»  In the scientific center, there are 250 interactive exhibits of scientific interest. Visitors can not only see them, but also take part in experiments.
»  The new city museum was founded in 2000. Besides visiting exhibitions, you can also have an adventure.
»  One of the platforms presents tornadoes, earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters. In the other section, you can see the exhibits showing how human sensory organs work.
»  Guides will give you an opportunity to learn everything they tell about.
»  Some sector is dedicated to distant planets. You can acquaint with the space and its components. There is the Milky Way on the luminous exhibition platform.
»  The facade of the construction is as unusual, as its interior. The exterior makes it resemble a hide shimmering whale.
»  The 27-meter Universum Tower serves as an observation platform and an area for different researches.
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What to visit during two-day excursion in Bremen

Rathaus (Town Hall)
Where: Am Markt 21, Bremen; More info: Tram/bus to domsheide;
Schnoorviertel (Schnoor Quarter)
Where: Around the Schnoorstraße, Bremen; More info: Tram/bus to domsheide;
Überseemuseum Bremen
Where: Bahnhofsplatz 13, Bremen; Telephone: +49 (0)421 160 38 101; More info: Tram/bus to hauptbahnhof;
Theater am Goetheplatz
Where: Goetheplatz 1-3, Bremen; Telephone: +49 (0)4 21 36 53-0; More info: Tram to goetheplatz;
St. Petri Dom
Where: Sandstraße 10-12, Bremen; More info: Tram/bus to domsheide;
Guided City Tour
Where: Obernstrasse 1, Bremen; Telephone: +49 (0) 421 30 800-10; More info: Tram to obernstrasse;
Waterfront Promenade Schlachte
More info: Tram or bus to am brill and domsheide;
Der Bürgerpark
Telephone: +49 (0) 421 34 20 70; More info: Tram/ bus to stern, parkallee or munte;
Where: Böttcherstraße, Bremen; More info: Tram to domsheide;
Universum Bremen
Where: Wiener Strasse 2, Bremen; Telephone: +49 (0)421 3346-0; More info: Tram to naturwissenschaften 1;
Where: Delius Weg 40, Bremen; Telephone: +49 (0)421 427 066-15; More info: Tram to horner kirche;
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♥   Art museum 'Kunsthalle' Bremen, 0.4 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Art museum 'Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum' Bremen, 0.4 km from the center. On the map   Photo
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