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Is any fountain in your city able to sing or dance? Fine fountains with symbolic sculptural compositions adorn thousands of cities, but not each of them has any unique features. Some fountains have gained worldwide fame. They all figure prominently for non-standard scales, original design or the presence of unique functions. To walk alongside one of these fountains and feel the freshness of its spray is a dream of millions of tourists who, for the sake of its fulfillment, are ready to go to the end of the world. Lucky for such brave travelers, grandiose fountains can be found in the most different countries of the world, and each of them is unique.

Unisphere, United States

One of the largest and symbolic fountains in the world is located in New York. It is the Unisphere Fountain, located in Meadows-Corona Park, opened on the occasion of the 1964-1965 World Exposition. The theme of the exhibition was quite interesting and was 'the world by understanding', so the huge model of the globe was chosen as the main ornament of the fountain. The earth globe symbolizes the global context and is the largest globe in the world.

Unisphere, United States Stainless steel was used for construction. The height of the monument is 50 meters, and the diameter of the largest globe in the world is 37 meters. The total weight of the construction is more than 400 tons. To make the extent of the grandiose construction more vivid, one can say that the globe can be compared to the 12-storey building. The huge globe was placed in the middle of the round water basin and surrounded by the fountains, with which he forms the peculiar composition. When the fountain is switched on, it appears that the huge 'earth ball' floats on the water. This magical show can be watched for hours.

The grandiose fountains decorated with the unusual sculpture composition can be seen in several modern films and even in the computer games. Thus, he has inspired the makers of Grand Theft Auto Game to create one of the most interesting missions under the name 'Monoglobe'. The followers of the film 'Men in Black' know the huge globe as well. The fountain has inspired the world-famous Jazzman Dave Brubeck. The musician has dedicated him the song 'Unisphere'. The last major reconstruction of Unisphere was completed in 1995. Since the opening, it is considered the main attraction of the popular park. Next - Fuente magica de Montjuic

Fuente magica de Montjuic, Spain

Fuente magica de Montjuic, Spain Fuente magica de Montjuic (the magical Montjuic fountain) itself the name of this grand fountain, located in Barcelona, ​​arouses the great rising. This light water organ is located on the Montjuic hill and was built during the World Exposition, which was held in Barcelona in 1929. Although the fountain is almost 100 years old, it surprises with the unique futuristic style. Complete article

Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, South Korea

Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, South Korea The tourists who visit Seoul can see one of the most beautiful and original fountains in the world - the fountain of the moon rainbow. It was built on the Banpo Bridge, whose length is 570 meters, and is the longest fountain on Earth. On both sides of the bridge were more than 10,000 dynamic nozzles, from which the water jets shot up. This construction is complemented by the beautiful illumination. Complete article

Fountain of Wealth, Singapore

Fountain of Wealth, Singapore The wonderful sights are in Singapore. In the Suntek City district is the world-famous fountain of wealth. Every day, hundreds of people come to the fountain to perform the symbolic ritual. They walk around the central part of the fountain, holding their hands in the water, and thinking of the longing desire. Thousands of people around the world claim that their dreams come true after this ritual. Complete article

Fountains in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Fountains in Dubai, United Arab Emirates In Dubai, on the artificial lake, next to the Burj Khalifa Tower, the incredibly beautiful light and music spring fountain, designed by the best specialists of the American company WET, was built. The fountain is one of the longest and tallest in the world. Its length forms 275 meters, and the height of the rays reaches 150 meters. For the illumination of the fountain, 6 600 directional lights were attached. At dusk, the water jet is dyed with 25 different shades. Complete article

Bellagio Fountains, USA

Bellagio Fountains, USA Still a distinctive masterpiece of the WET company's specialists are Bellagio fountains, located in Las Vegas, on the territory of the eponymous hotel of the same name. These fountains were built at the artificial Lake Como, whose area covers 3.2 hectares. Light and music show on Lake Como are just as unique and wonderful. Many tourists prefer to watch them exclusively in the evening. Complete article

Big Wild Goose Pagoda Fountain, China

Big Wild Goose Pagoda Fountain, China In Xi'an, next to the Great Pagoda of the Wild Geese, is the largest fountain in Asia, with an area of ​​16.8 hectares. The giant light and music spring fountain looks beautiful on the background of the striking historical sights. The music field of the fountains attracts tens of thousands of tourists annually. The Buddhists consider these places to be one of the holiest in the world. Complete article

King Fahd Fountain, Saudi Arabia

King Fahd Fountain, Saudi Arabia In Jeddah is the beautiful fountain, which was named in honor of King Fahd and opened in 1983. After opening, the unique fountain threw the water jet at the height of 120 meters and was recognized as the highest fountain in the world in 1983. Already two years later, the fountain was modernized and the height of the water jet reached 312 meters, thanks to the new mechanical constructions, which is still a world record. The grand fountain was built during the reign of King Fahd ibn Abd al-Aziz, whose honor he was named. Complete article

Fontana di Trevi, Italy

Fontana di Trevi, Italy The ancient Trevi Fountain is one of Rome's most important landmarks and is well known far from Italy. It is true that here the tradition has formed itself to throw a coin in the fountains. In recent years, the daily 'income' of the well-known fountain is about € 3,000 - so many tourists who want to return to Rome will visit Trevi every day. Trevi is probably one of the most beautiful fountains in the world, decorated with the incredibly interesting sculpture composition. Complete article

Buckingham Fountain, USA

Buckingham Fountain, USA The wonderful Buckingham Fountain, located in Chicago on the territory of the picturesque Grand Park, is one of the most beautiful and impressive fountains in the world. The picturesque fountain Latona, located in the Palace of Versailles, was the prototype of the fountain in Chicago. The outline of the beautiful rococo-fountain is reminiscent of the huge wedding cake and is decorated with the original sculpture compositions. Complete article

Archibald Fountain, Australia

Archibald Fountain, Australia The unique fountain is available in Australia. In Sydney is the famous Archibald Fountain. This fountain was opened in 1932 and is considered the most famous in Australia. Its main characteristic is the symbolic sculpture composition. In the middle of the composition are the statues of three ancient gods - Apollos, Theseus and Diana. The composition symbolizes the relationship between Australia and France, which were formed during the First World War. Complete article

Peterhof, Russia

Peterhof, Russia The most beautiful and interesting fountains of Russia can be found in Saint Petersburg. The palace complex Peterhof is rich in the beautiful and unique fountains. The most impressive of these are the Great Cascade and Samson Fountains. These fountains surprise the guests of the city not only by the impressive size, but also by the beautiful design. They are surrounded by wonderfully beautiful landscape compositions and the numerous gilded antique sculptures. Complete article

Boat Fountain, Spain

Boat Fountain, Spain Tourists visiting Valencia can see a very interesting fountain. Here the original boat fountain was built on the road, which consists of a harmonious construction of the metal and the water-jet braid. The main elements of the construction are the metal tube with small openings. From them flow the fine water jets, which form the boat body and the large fluttering sail. Complete article

Horace Dodge, United States

Horace Dodge, United States In Detroit is one of the most futuristic fountains in the world, named in honor of one of the founders of Dodge Society. Horace Dodge fountain is an impressively large metal construction consisting of the huge ring supported by two supports. In the lower part of the ring there is an opening with the built-in illumination, from the water falling to the lower level of the basin. Complete article

Mercury Fountain, Spain

Mercury Fountain, Spain By far not all well-known fountains of the world are characterized by the impressive size. A good example of this is mercury pringing caldera. This tiny fountain, erected in 1937, can be seen in the Juana Miro Museum. The fountain remained open for a couple of years. Later, when the harmfulness of the mercury vapor was proved, the fountain was closed in the special transparent sarcophagus. The author of the most poisonous fountain in the world was the American sculptor Alexander Calder. The opening of the well was dedicated to the workers who have perished on the local mines during the production of mercury. Complete article
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