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Hello Earth! Most Curious Artifacts of Extraterrestrial Origin

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Wreckage of meteorites with remains of unknown life forms, metal details from unknown alloys, spheres of obscure function, that possess unique physical properties - how to explain the appearance of all these amazing artifacts on our planet? Many scientists are inclined to a completely logical explanation and believe that such finds are of extraterrestrial origin, and they landed on the ground during the next visit of aliens. Others find such explanations frivolous and consider them as an attempt to 'hide behind the backs of the aliens' from despair. Disputes about whether representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations visited our planet have been going on for hundreds of years. Amazing finds, which are discovered in various parts of the world by the most ordinary people, are increasingly made to think that we are not alone in the universe.

Guatemala Stone Head, Guatemala

The impenetrable jungle of Guatemala, inhabited by the Mayan tribes since ancient times, conceals one of the most mysterious artefacts on earth. Here, in the midst of the luxuriant thickets of the exotic trees, lies the huge sandstone statue discovered by the researchers in the 30s of the last century. At first sight, the head of the impressive size seems unspectacular and reminds of the part of the statue of some ancient goddess. However, it is not so.

It is that the facial features of the statue differ strikingly from the classical appearance of Maya. The statue is very different from the stone statues found in the nearby territories of Guatemala. The extensive research has proved that the terrain where the statue was discovered was never populated. Moreover, the statue is much older than in the nearby sculptures of Maya.

The researchers do not have a uniform version of the statue origin. Some of them think that the head can be the face of the extraterrestrial being. An alternative to this version is the presumption that the statue could have been created by the older peoples who inhabited the jungle of Guatemala before Mayan civilization. A few years after discovering the unique monument, its location became known to the general public. The troops used the stone head as target, so the unique monument was almost completely destroyed. Next - Williams Enigmalith

Williams Enigmalith, United States

Williams Enigmalith, United States The mysterious Williams Enigmalith has occupied the senses of modern researchers for more than 15 years. The find was named to honor his discoverer - the electrical engineer and the traveler John G. Williams. In 1998, he discovered the unusual stone with the built-in element of the incomprehensible purpose, whose appearance reminds a bit of the classic plug of the electrical device. The photos of the mysterious stone were published in UFO Magazine and Fortean Times magazines, and the find itself was carefully researched. Complete article

Betz Mystery Sphere, United States

Betz Mystery Sphere, United States One of the most remarkable puzzles of the 20th century is the metal sphere, which belongs to the Betz family. In March 1974, a great fire broke out on the earth, which belonged to the Betz family. The fire has destroyed more than 35 forest hectars. When the family decided on 26 March to look at the element of the farm destroyed by the element, she discovered a strange silver ball. The spherical diameter was about 20 cm. Their weight is quite impressive for such modest size and is 9.6 kg. Complete article

UFO Tooth Wheel, Russia

UFO Tooth Wheel, Russia One of the ordinary inhabitants of Vladivostok has made a curious scientific discovery. In the coal he was going to use for lighting, the man had noticed a strange metallic object, a little reminiscent of the gear wheel. The origin of the unusual metal element discovered in the coal is still the riddle. At first the man found his discovery of one of the ordinary components of the car, which is not uncommon in the earth. Complete article

Sri Lanka Meteorite, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Meteorite, Sri Lanka Every meteorite fallen to the earth has not only unique outlines, but also the unique composition. The latter is highly esteemed by the researchers because the elements contained in the meteorite can be the proof of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. A good confirmation of this theory is the meteorite found in Sri Lanka. The fossilized remains of the extraterrestrial aquatic plants have been discovered. Complete article

Salzburg Cube, Austria

Salzburg Cube, Austria In the 19th century the scientists around the world were astonished at the discovery of the famous physicist Friedrich Adolf Gurlt. In 1885 he discovered 'the strange metal meteorite' with the shape of the parallelepiped. The meteorite was distinguished by its very unusual form; On four sides of the parallelepiped were the deep sections. Complete article

Bull Island Balls, Azerbaijan

Bull Island Balls, Azerbaijan In Azerbaijan, not far from Baku is the tiny Bulla Island, which is known under the name Hyarya Zirya. On this island in the seventies of the last century the geologist Konstantin Mamedov discovered the mysterious spherical formations. In total, the researcher has found 21 bullets. All the formations had the same structure and were clearly divided on two halves with the deep gating. Complete article

Alien Cemetery of Rwanda, Rwanda

Alien Cemetery of Rwanda, Rwanda The impenetrable jungle of Rwanda conceals many secrets. Here the Swedish scientists discovered the so-called cemetery of the aliens. First, the archaeologists found their discovery of the ruins of the ancient settlement. Soon, however, they understood that they were wrong. The ancient cemetery has nothing in common with the cemeteries of the people. In its mass graves, the corpses of the strange creatures were discovered whose size 'at least during the lifetime' was at least two meters. Complete article

Mummy Alien Sarcophagus, Turkey

Mummy Alien Sarcophagus, Turkey The crystal carcass with the mummy of the extraterrestrial being was discovered by Turkish speleologists. It is a unique artifact that has attracted many quarrels among researchers and ordinary people. The opinion that the transparent sarcophagus is made from the crystal has turned out to be false. The scientists have not succeeded in determining the composition of the translucent high-strength material. According to the approximate calculations the age of the mummy is more than 10,000 years. The size of the being, whose body was preserved in the sarcophagus, formed about 120 centimeters during his lifetime. Complete article

Stellar Disks Bayan-Kara-Ula, China-Tibet

Stellar Disks Bayan-Kara-Ula, China-Tibet On the border between China and Tibet is the hardly accessible mountain district called Bayan-Kara-Ula, which began to attract the first researchers in the early 20th century. The work of the scientists was not in vain - in 1937 a complex of tiny caves in the mountain massif was discovered whose structure resembled the honeycomb of the beehive. The strange caves were not empty, they kept the skeletons of the modern science unknown beings. Complete article

Narada Findings, Russia

Narada Findings, Russia Narada river is located near the eastern border of the Ural Mountains. He has been attracting gold enthusiasts for several years. In 1991, a group of 'gold-rushing explorers' discovered the unique artifact - the tiny tungsten feather and other metal elements of incomprehensible origin and purpose. At first sight, the microscopic 'garbage' seems to be uninteresting if one does not consider his impressive age - more than 200,000 years. Complete article

Skull Rhodope, Bulgaria

Skull Rhodope, Bulgaria In 2001 the skull of the unknown being was discovered in Ostrhodopenes. The story of the discovery of this artifact is interwoven with the mystical legends. The skull was found by Roman Gentschev, the inhabitant of Plovdiv. The realistic dreams forced the 38 year old man to go to the search for the artifact. In dreams, Roman has seen five men in the unusual silver dresses that have shown the spot of the find exactly. Complete article

Vashkskaya Findings, Russia

Vashkskaya Findings, Russia 1976 was on the territory of today's Republic Komi, on the bank Vashki river was discovered the unusual object, which later was considered a component of the extraterrestrian space ship. On the river bank, the local fishermen have noticed the unusual metal piece on the sand. They thought it was the ordinary aluminum piece of the unknown construction. One of the men took the fragment into their hands. It was quite hard, although his size did not surpass the adult's fist. If one of the men has accidentally dropped the fragment on the stone, the strange component has begun to spark. Complete article

Meteorite Mask, Botswana

Meteorite Mask, Botswana The fact that the meteorites of the different shapes and sizes regularly fall on the earth has long been no longer astonishing. At the same time, not all meteorites are known worldwide. The meteorite of the unusual form, which reminds of the ancient mask, was found in the Kalahari desert by one of the locals. Complete article

Corrugated Sphere, South Africa

Corrugated Sphere, South Africa The unique wavy spheres were first discovered by the miners in the Republic of South Africa a few decades ago. Since then, they have been regularly found by the workers on the depths. The spheres have different structure. Some of them are uniform and consist of the modern science of unknown alloy. The other spheres are hollow. During the sawing, the porous white matter has been found in them. A single similar element is the small furrows, which are called the 'equator'. Complete article
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