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To sink or to smash? The Most Dangerous River Rapids for Rafting

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An exciting sense of danger, a united team spirit and refreshing splashes of icy water of mountain rivers are the main features of rafting, which every year increase the number of fans of extreme sports. People in adulthood are also involved in rafting, as well as children who go to conquer the elements along with their parents. And if some people are attracted to just beautiful mountain rivers, others, in search of extreme, travel to the most remote places of the planet. Some rivers are considered incredibly dangerous for alloys because of the changeable flow and abundance of complex rapids. They become the goal of experienced extremals. For competitions, athletes choose the most dangerous thresholds of rivers to get the opportunity to fully demonstrate their skills. If you have long felt like a whole with an inflatable boat, then it's time to go on a trip to one of the most dangerous places for rafting.

Franklin River, Australia

Franklin River, which flows in the western district of Tasmania, is a tributary of the Gordon River and has the length of about 129 km. At the moment the territory surrounding Tasmania's longest river is a nature reserve and attracts not only the fans of ecotourism but the rafting fans. Franklin River is one of the most dangerous and rushing rivers in the world. Not all experienced athletes dare to drive in their turbid and swirling waters.

Franklin River, Australia For the courageous travelers, the exciting expeditions are performed, which take 7 - 10 days. During these river walks you can enjoy not only the ride through the river, but also the peculiarities of local nature, as well as the rarest animal and bird species of the Tasmania nature reserve. The tourists, for whom the rafting is more important than hikes through the picturesque areas, will appreciate the variety of the complicated obstacles on 'the waterway'.

You have to overcome the numerous complicated streamers, ditches and rock formations, as well as many mossy rocks around. Franklin River offers the athletes everything you need for an exciting and breathtaking adventure. One of the main advantages of this area is low number of tourists. Even during the walk on the popular hiking trails of the nature reserve one sees the other tourists extremely rare. The shores of one of the most violent rivers in the world almost always remain man-made. Next - Katun River

Katun River, Russia

Katun River, Russia The river Katun is one of the best and most dangerous rafting resorts in Russia. The experienced athletes give this river five points of the complexity level of six possible. The river is characterized by the numerous dangerous currents and numerous water vertebras. Regardless of the river route, there is no kilometer of the river, which is obstacle-free. Complete article

Noce River, Italy

Noce River, Italy In search of the best rafting places in Europe, many athletes go to Italy, to the rushing alpine Noce river. It is located on the territory of the picturesque region of Val-de-Sole, not far from the numerous towns and villages. Despite the proximity to civilization, the tourists who visit this area can feel full harmony with nature thanks to the river's banks, which are lush with the lush forest. Complete article

Peace River, Canada

Peace River, Canada The best place for rafting can be found in Canada. Peace River is located in the incredibly beautiful and difficult terrain, until its source can be reached the fastest with the watercraft. The experienced athletes will be delighted by the variety of the complicated curves and the granite ravines of the mountain river, which by far can not overcome all the tourists. Complete article

Pacuare River, Costa Rica

Pacuare River, Costa Rica In the impenetrable tropical forests of Costa Rica, the Pacuare River is hidden, some of its routes are very complicated and ideally suited for rafting. On the way the athletes have to overcome several dangerous thresholds and waterfalls. The most experienced athletes are able to ride the rafting route during one day. The less experienced tourists and the nature lovers can enjoy the recreation in this magnificent area for 3 - 4 days. Complete article

Mzimta River, Russia

Mzimta River, Russia Mzimta river, which is located in the Krasnodar region, not far from Sochi, is one of the permanent places for rafting competitions in Russia. The uniqueness of this river is that it is ideal for beginners as well as for experienced athletes. The name of the river is translated by Uzbek as 'crazy water', which completely reflects the peculiarity of Mzimta. Complete article

Colorado River, USA

Colorado River, USA Colorado River is one of the most raging and rafting ravines of the northern hemisphere. The best route for rafting stretches through Grand Canyon. Every year, more than 22,000 athletes visit this area. The starting point of most rafting routes is Lees Ferry district. The exciting trip can be completed in the town of Diamond Creek and drive up to the Mead water basin on the river. Complete article

White Nile, Uganda

White Nile, Uganda In search of good rafting routes in Africa you can go to Uganda, the White Nile. The source of the rushing river is Lake Victoria. The river flows through a series of intricate sleepers and forms several wonderfully beautiful waterfalls. Each year, thousands of tourists come to hot Africa to drive past the White Nile, the rock faces, and practice their forces on the numerous sleepers. Complete article

Dobra River, Croatia

Dobra River, Croatia Croatia is rich in picturesque rivers, many of which are found for rafting. Dobra River is a right inflow of Kupa River and is very challenged among mid-level athletes. Its length is 104 km, the distinctive feature of the river is the diversity of the small sleepers. Although there are almost no high and extremely complicated river flows, this shortcoming is offset by the numerous obstacles. Complete article

Futaleufu River, Chile

Futaleufu River, Chile The Futaleufu river, located in Chile, fits the athletes of different levels of preparation. This river attracts the guests not only thanks to the various complicated routes, but also thanks to the splendid landscapes. The high concentration of minerals gives the river water the wonderful green color. On some stretches the water is turquoise blue. Complete article

Zambezi River, Zambia

Zambezi River, Zambia In Zambia there is also a suitable resort for rafting fans. Zambezi River has the numerous waterways and waterfalls, with the world famous waterfall Viktoria. The river is incredibly rushing and hides many dangers, including the huge stones and trenches hidden under the swirling waves. Rafting on the Zambezi River is considered one of the most extreme entertainments in the world. Every year, some 50,000 people travel along the river. Complete article

Ganges, India

Ganges, India Ganges River is one of the best places for rafting in Asia. It is the largest and most teeming river in India. The starting point of the most popular rafting route is Devaprayag City, along with two rushing rivers - Alaknanda and Bhagirati feeding the Ganges River. Some rafting routes begin before the confluence of the rivers, on the Alaknanda River. Complete article

Shuya River, Russia

Shuya River, Russia A large selection of rivers, which are excellent for rafting, are available in Karelia. The river Shuja is considered one of the best of them. Although this river is the most popular among beginners, Schuja is not so easy. The river flows through the incredibly beautiful areas and is the second longest river in Karelia. Its length is about 280 km. Complete article
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