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Extremely hot weather is invariably associated with a lifeless desert. However, not all desert areas of our planet can claim the title of the hottest regions. There are many cities, where people have being living for hundreds of years. Some regions with high temperature became attractions of global importance; those are very popular among tourists. It would be difficult to determine the hottest place on the planet exactly, because large-scale research in this area has begun quite recently. Many important discoveries in the field of climate anomalies are now possible thanks to modern technology. Those who aren’t afraid of sultry weather are sure to visit one of the hottest places on the planet, as each of them has its amazing features.

Lut desert, Iran

According to recent studies, the hottest point on the planet is on the Middle East. We are talking about Dasht-e Lut that is a large salt desert. Recently satellites have managed to place on its territory a new temperature record - the air warmed up to 70.72°C. Scientists quickly found a logical explanation of such a climatic phenomenon. One of the main distinguishing features of Lut desert is its dark landscape. In the daytime, it actively absorbs sunlight and therefore achieving temperature records for this area is a rule rather than the exception.

The desert differs with impressive scale, its length is about 550 kilometers, and the minimum width is about 100 kilometers. Exploring of such enormous deserted area is extremely difficult, so not all parts of Dasht-e Lut have ground meteorological stations. Watching data of satellite infrared sensors, which was conducted in the period from 2003 to 2009, allowed determining .the area with the hottest climate on the planet precisely.

Abnormally high temperature is not the only feature of the Lut desert. Its territory can boast one of the largest sand dunes in the world, whose height is 407 meters. Among other attractions, Sir Kuh, which is one of the few oases inhabited, is notable. The main phenomenon of Lut Desert is that solar radiation on its territory has healing effect. Next - El Azizia

El Azizia, Libya

El Azizia, Libya Abnormally high temperatures may be encountered not only in the vast desert, but in some cities. A good example is the Libyan city of El Aziziya situated on Dzheffar Sahel plateau, near the eponymous desert. Its temperature record has been placed a long time ago, on September 13, 1922. That day the temperature in the city warmed up to 57.7°C. Complete article

Dallol, Ethiopia

Dallol, Ethiopia One of the most interesting attractions of Ethiopia is the town of Dallol. Today it’s uninhabited, but 50 years ago there was a large settlement; its inhabitants have been developing ore deposits found nearby. Dallol also has an extremely hot and dry climate. Active monitoring of temperature changes were held there from 1960 to 1966. During this time, it was found that the average annual temperature in the town is 34.4°C. Complete article

Kebili, Tunisia

Kebili, Tunisia Oases are usually considered lifesaving beacons in the desert, as they save you from sweltering heat. Contrary to popular belief, Kebili Oasis in Tunisia is among the hottest places on the planet. Despite the presence of lush trees and relative shade, the temperature here often rises to 55°C, which is pretty impressive even by African standards. Complete article

Death Valley, USA

Death Valley, USA The legendary Death Valley is one of the outstanding natural attractions of the United States. It’s situated in the Mojave Desert. Local temperature record recorded here in 1913 was 56.7°C. Surprisingly, Death Valley features various inhabitants. Here you can find not only numerous types of insects and lizards, as the desert is home to foxes and bobcats, rodents and bugs. Many curious tourists are eager to get to the valley in the rainy season. Even a minimal amount of precipitation is able to breathe life into seeds sleeping in the desert soil for years. After the rain grass and flowers appear in some areas of the valley. Complete article

Flame Mountain, China

Flame Mountain, China China also has an area that is unique in terms of high temperature. Famous Flame Mountain is a part of Tien Shan; this place is distinguished by a number of unique features. Beautiful mountains of red sandstone cut by deep ravines really resemble flames. They are scorching in the truest sense of the word - in 2008, temperature record of 66.8°C was placed in mountains. Complete article

Timbuktu, Mali

Timbuktu, Mali Amazing city of Timbuktu is considered the center of origin of Islam in Africa. Since ancient times it has being at the crossroads of important trade routes. Surrounded by desert landscapes, Timbuktu is one of the hottest cities in the world, as the temperature here can reach up to 55°C. This fact doesn’t bother numerous tourists visiting the city in search of amazing sights and new experiences. Complete article

Badlands, Australia

Badlands, Australia Badlands is a desert region in Australia that didn’t differ with temperature records. As that’s uninhabitable wasteland, it hasn’t been studied for a long time. Extensive investigation of this area began only after 2000, and a new record of global significance didn’t keep waiting long. In 2003, the air temperature at Badlands warmed up to 69.3°C; data was provided by NASA satellite. Complete article

Tirat Zvi, Israel

Tirat Zvi, Israel Religious Kibbutz Tirat Zvi is situated in Israel, on the vast territory of the Beit She'an Valley. Temperature record was placed there in 1942; in the midst of hot summer air warmed up to 53.9°C. Despite these natural anomalies, people have been living in the settlement for hundreds of years and have learned to escape from a perilous heat. Their homes are equipped with tents, in the shade of which it’s always possible to shelter from the hot sun. Ponds situated around the settlement also help local residents. Complete article

Rub al-Khali, Saudi Arabia

Rub al-Khali, Saudi Arabia Almost a third of the Arabian Peninsula is occupied by Rub al-Khali Desert, and its hottest area is situated in Saudi Arabia. Temperature record, which was placed in the desert, was 56°C. Taking into account that no more than 35 mm of rainfall fall in the desert yearly, this fact doesn’t seem surprising. Rub al-Khali Desert is considered one of the most inclement on the planet; foot researchers succeeded to overcome it for the first time only in 2013. Desert area of 650,000 km² is situated in four different states: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE and Oman. Complete article

Odnadatta, Australia

Odnadatta, Australia Australian town of Odnadatta is situated to the south of the continent, near the Simpson Desert. According to the last census, about 300 people live in the territory of this miniature town, more than 30% of whom are local aborigines. First traveler, who visited the deserted city, was a Scot, John McDouall Stuart; that significant event happened in 1859. Complete article
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