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Enormous metal structures called 'roller coaster' are rather unusual rides. They are designed to be fun. They're considered the scariest and, at the same time, the most popular rides in the world. The opportunity to ride at high speed overcoming the force of gravity attracts millions of people; many of them come to distant countries in search of thrills. Not only world famous roller coasters, but also some carousels, Ferris wheels and swings are used to scare brave travelers. All those rides have also achieved worldwide popularity.

Kingda-Ka, USA

Kingda-Ka has to be mentioned among the most impressive high-speed roller coasters of the world. Until recently this attraction held the world championship in many ways. It is situated in Six Flags amusement park, in Jackson, USA. Opening of the roller coaster took place in 2005, 21 May. The maximum speed that can be reached by the trolley is 206 km/h. It needs only 3.5 seconds to accelerate to that speed.

Kingda-Ka, USA Huge speed allows the small train to climb on top of the tower of 139 meters height; after that it is rapidly slipping down under the influence of gravity. It's worth noting that the tower has a 90-degree rise, so thrill is guaranteed to fans of roller coasters. A few years after opening, Kingda-Ka remained the highest in the world, but recently it yielded to another unique ride. An opportunity to enjoy the great speed and feel the freshness of the air, being at a great height, attracts a huge number of people. In season Kingda-Ka rides about 1,400 people hourly. In 2009, the ride had to close, because a high metal tower was struck by lightning during a storm. However, it was quickly repaired. The ride has been tried by millions of people from all corners of the planet. Next - Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster, USA

Top Thrill Dragster, USA Thousands of travelers flock to the small American town of Sandusky in search of adrenalin. Here, at Cedar Point amusement park, there is one of the tallest roller coasters of the planet - Top Thrill Dragster, which was open in 2003. The height of 90-degree ride’s tower is 128 meters. The trip to its top in a miniature train is a real test of courage. Those who are able to overcome their fear are offered to take one of the 16 seats in a small train, consisting of five wagons. The trip is made alike authentic street racing, so it is unlikely to enjoy a breath of fresh air on the top of the tower. During the trip, passengers will be accompanied by sounds of car engines and the smell of exhaust fumes imitation - they make the ride even more unique and realistic. Complete article

Tower of Terror II, Australia

Tower of Terror II, Australia Thrilling roller coaster that can claim to be the most impressive can be found in Australia. It is situated in the popular Gold Coast beach resort, in the Dreamworld Gold Coast amusement park. Opening of the dramatic ride called 'Tower of Terror' was held in 1997. In 2010, the roller coaster was a bit modernized and became known as 'The Tower of Terror II.' Hill has an L-shape; the height of its 90-degree tower is 115 meters. To climb to such a height, a small cart with passengers has a top speed of 160 km/h; only 3 seconds are needed to reach such a speed. Such a lightning fast acceleration is due to the specially designed engine, whose power is 2.2 MW. Complete article

Mumbo Jumbo, UK

Mumbo Jumbo, UK The British town of Malton has the popular theme park. Flamingo Land Park features one of the most difficult and scary rollercoasters of the world, Mumbo Jumbo. This ride is literally considered the coolest in the world because of a huge amount of sharp and abrupt turns. Numerous steep turns attract thousands of tourists wishing to experience adrenaline rush due to high speed and rapid change of position with respect to the earth's surface; thrill seekers come there again and again. Complete article

T Express, South Korea

T Express, South Korea The roller coaster called T Express located in the territory of one of the most popular amusement parks in South Korea is well known to fans of extreme entertainment. Everland is situated in the picturesque town of Yongin. The main feature is that the construction is completely made of wood. This fact doesn't prevent the ride to be among the most exciting in the world; the angle of some of its slopes is 77 degrees. Complete article

Colossus, UK

Colossus, UK Not far from London, in Chertsey, there is the popular amusement park, Thorpe. Rollercoaster fans from around the world come here in search of new sensations. Colossus ride is among the most twisted in the world. The length of the track is 850 meters; it has 10 turns. One of the most dangerous sections of the track is a double helix and an area of free fall. Complete article

Formula Rossa, United Arab Emirates

Formula Rossa, United Arab Emirates Currently, the fastest roller coaster in the world can be found in Abu Dhabi, in the Ferrari World theme park. The pneumatic roller coaster Formula Rossa has a top speed of 240 km/h; it takes less than 5 seconds to reach a maximum speed. The length of the track is also very impressive; it is 2200 meters. Outlines of the track repeat the legendary race track located in Monza, Italy. It's noteworthy that Ferrari racers have tested the world famous ride and officially confirmed its highest class. Complete article

Stratosphere Thrill Rides, USA

Stratosphere Thrill Rides, USA The amusement complex called Stratosphere Thrill Rides is located on the top of the eponymous tower in Las Vegas. The complex includes three unique rides ideal for testing your courage. Before their description, it's worth noting that the Stratosphere Tower is the tallest building in the city; the height of rides is 350 meters. Those daredevils who are courageous enough to test Big Shot catapult can get even higher. The cart designed to ride 16 passengers at one time. It literally shoots at the height of 48 meters and, after reaching the top, the catapult falls down under the force of its own gravity. Big Shot ride is the highest in the world. The catapult is situated at the height of 329 meters. Complete article

Steel Dragon 2000, Japan

Steel Dragon 2000, Japan The longest roller coaster in the world - Steel Dragon 2000 - can be found in the Japanese city of Nagashima, within the leisure park Nagashima Spa Land. The exact length of the track of Steel Dragon is 2,478.99 meters and the maximum height of the structure is 97 meters. More than US$52 million were invested in the construction; a significant portion of these funds was spent on security of the ride. The fact is that the park is located in a seismic zone, so sponsors of this unique rollercoaster ride were trying to make it more resistant to earthquakes. Complete article

Praterturm, Austria

Praterturm, Austria One of the main attractions of Vienna is Prater Tower chairoplane; the height of its central column is 117 meters, which is comparable with a 33-storey building. The base has a 12-pointed star form, where 12 double seats are attached, so at the same time 24 people can ride this flip-flap. Every day hundreds of thrill-seekers choose this ride to immerse them in a pleasant atmosphere of the coast. The chairoplane starts to rotate at a speed of 60 km/h and gradually raises seats to a height of 95 meters. Complete article

Singapore Flyer, Singapore

Singapore Flyer, Singapore Among the scariest rides of the world there’re not only roller coasters and carousels, which can be compared to modern skyscrapers in terms of height, but also the largest Ferris wheel in the world, Singapore Flyer. Rise to great heights may cause dizziness even among the most courageous people. Fans of extreme activities will have a unique opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of Singapore. Despite the fact that the first launch of the Ferris wheel was held on 11 February 2008, the official opening took place a little later, on March 1. The diameter of the huge Ferris wheel is 150 meters and the total height is 165 meters. Complete article

Giant Canyon Swing, USA

Giant Canyon Swing, USA A sure way to get your adrenaline boost is a ride on Giant Canyon Swing located in Glenwood Springs, in the Glenwood Caverns Adventure amusement park. This event is sure to be remembered for a lifetime, because the huge metal swing is set on the slopes of the cliff; it is 396 meters over the canyon's bottom. Steve Buckley is the author of this unusual ride; he decided to test his creation only once, after which he prefers to watch people riding on a swing sidewise. Complete article
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