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Best Worldwide Destinations

  New York

New-York is the biggest city of the USA; it's the city that aims to become the center of the world. The population of New-York is 8 million of people, but if we take into account New-York Metropolitan Area, the number will be 22 million. The most of the New-York sights are famous all over the world and became the decor of many Hollywood films. Your impression of the city would be incomplete,...

Travel guide to New York.


This city with rich history and traditions attracts lots of people for more than 2000 years and is still one of the most romantic and marvelous cities in the world. Rome is a concentrated dolce vita: posh shop stores of Italian designers, delicious ice-creams, foamy cappuccino and exclusive wines – all this turns Rome into a paradise, isn't it?...

Travel guide to Rome.


Florence is the capital of picturesque and very popular Italian province Tuscany, which is located at the bank of the Arno River. This city gave the birth to the Renaissance, as the cultural event and to such epoch-making people as Michelangelo and Machiavelli. Florence is full of monuments of art, culture and history. Most of the Florence palaces, churches, museums and historical buildings were...

Travel guide to Florence.

  San Francisco

San Francisco, a major city in California, is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. This city is famous for its mild Mediterranean climate, summer fogs, hilly terrain, mix of Victorian and modern architecture and well-recognized landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars and Chinatown.Originally, San Francisco was a small Spanish fishing village called Yerba...

Travel guide to San Francisco.


Berlin is one of the biggest cities in Europe (its population is 3,4 million of people) and along with it, it's, perhaps, one of the most fashionable and constantly changing cities. Since 1990 Berlin is the capital of Germany, but practically it still consists of 2 parts. When The Berlin Wall fell, Berlin became one of the musical centers of Europe that is attracting more and more musicians...

Travel guide to Berlin.


Munich is one of the richest and the most expensive cities of Europe, which was founded in 1158 by Henry the Lion, the duke of Saxony and Bavaria. Since 1806 Munich is the capital of Bavaria. In this city take place the most important banks, MSM and enterprises, such as the concern of BMW. The main city of Bavaria can boast of a number of well-known museums, great cultural level, rich nightlife...

Travel guide to Munich.

  Las Vegas

Las-Vegas is located in the centre of the desert, where in summer the temperature rises above 40oC. The city has a population of 1,2 million people and more than 36 million tourists came every year there to spend a good time. Las-Vegas can offer visitors at about 135 000 of various apartments starting with small cheap rooms and ending with accommodations sizing like a house.Every day in Las-Vegas...

Travel guide to Las Vegas.


The capital of Great Britain every year is visited by millions of tourists and it's not surprising: London is full of various places of interest, such as marvellous ancient houses, rich in collections museums, large and beautiful parks and of course the very thing that attracts so many people is that special British atmosphere. London is a very old city. In 43 B.C. the Romans founded a village...

Travel guide to London.


Edinburgh is the city, where the Scottish spirit can be felt as vastly, as nowhere. A bagpipe and a kilt even nowadays are a part of everyday life. Scottish food, which consists only of healthy products, is well-known for its high quality. Basically it Scottish food includes beef, lamb, game and a lot of fish. All over the world is known not only Scottish cheese and Scottish beer, but also...

Travel guide to Edinburgh.

  Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States after New York. It is situated on the Pacific coast in the south of state California. Los Angeles is irregularly shaped and covers a total area of 498.3 square miles (1,291 km2), comprising 469.1 square miles (1,214.9 km²) of land and 29.2 square miles (75.7 km²) of water. The city extends for 44 miles (71 km) longitudinally and...

Travel guide to Los Angeles.

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