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This country amazes visitors with sunny weather all year round and the atmosphere of celebration. The best way to start exploration of Ethiopia is to visit the old cities of Axum and Gondar. The first one was founded more than three thousand years ago and was long used as a residence of the Solomonic dynasty. The city is rich in ancient buildings and monuments. The Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion is one of the most famous landmarks of Axum. According to a legend, the shrine was used to hide a precious artefact – the Arc of the Covenant that was brought to the city by King Menelik. Gondar is famous for magnificent palaces of the 16th – 18th centuries. One of these palaces has been transformed into the Museum of History and now it exhibits a large collection of precious items. There are several important sights in Gondar suburbs. These are a complex of ancient monasteries built in the 13th – 15th centuries and a complex of pools with healing spring water.
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The city of Harar is another popular tourist destination in Ethiopia. The most famous places of interest in the city include the Governor’s Palace, Coptic churches and several mosques. Fans of shopping should consider visiting Dire Dawa, one of the largest merchant cities in the country. Exotic markets, bazaars and shops occupy almost a half of the city. Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, is a traditional travel destination. Guests of the city are recommended to visit such sights as St. George’s Church, the Palace of King Menelik II, the Palace of Africa, Art and Archaeological Museums, and Mercato market.
The city of Lalibela is an important religious centre of Ethiopia – it’s territory includes 11 ancient churches. All the churches are located on the hills and some were made from solid rock. House of the Saviour of the World is the biggest church in Lalibela, and House of Miriam/House of Mary is the oldest church that amazes visitors with its architecture. There are many more ancient churches in the city, such as House of the Cross, House of Virgins and Church of Saint George. Quite an interesting fact – all the churches are connected to each other by a system of tunnels, so visitors can easily see all the sanctuaries located on different hills. Copyright
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Beautiful nature reserves are mostly located in the northern part of the country. One of them is located around Lake Tana. The Blue Nile Falls, which are surrounded with picturesque tropic coppices, are a famous tourist attraction. Finally, there are several national park zones in the south of Ethiopia. Lake Abaya remains the biggest landmark of that part of the country.

History and Entertainment

Ethiopia attracts many fans of exotic tourism. It is not a coincidence that this African country is one of the most extraordinary in the world. Many age-old traditions are still alive here. Surprisingly, the most of the natives profess Orthodox Christianity. The natives annually celebrate interesting religious holidays that go hand in hand with age-old rites.
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Pilgrims love visiting the ancient city of Lalibela where old underground churches and wells are located. They were constructed at the dawn of the modern civilization. Today, there unique religious artifacts kept in these churches. One of them is the unique Bible that was written over 600 years ago. It should be noted that the country lives in accordance with a special calendar that is 8 years behind the global one. There are not 12 but 13 months in the year, which explains such a special calendar.
Ethiopia is one of the largest coffee producers in the world. This beverage is national here. You can drink a cup of fragrant coffee anywhere in the country, for example, in small cafes located on markets or near highways. Surprisingly, coffee is made even in such modest venues. The guests of Ethiopia can buy different types of this popular beverage and accessories for making them in multiple gift shops.
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The national cuisine of Ethiopia deserves a special attention too. It was formed under the influence of nearby countries and European colonizers. The natives also have a special type of bread called indjera that resembles flatbread. Another popular national dish is vat ragout that is made of different ingredients. These are fish and meat versions of this specialty and any vegetables can be added to it.
Lion of Judah (1954) Connoisseurs of flourishing dishes should taste tibs, juicy beef chops. Most of the national meat dishes are served with hot spices. Gourmets will be certainly impressed by prices here, as they are quite low at local restaurants. You can have incredible dinner with the most popular national specialties at a reasonable price. Besides coffee, another national beverage is honey wine called tedj.

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Famous and uniques places in Ethiopia from our review series


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Located in the village of Ethiopia Dallol is definitely considered one of the most extreme on the planet. That's the hottest place in the world, which you can reach only using caravan routes. The exact number of inhabitants of the settlement is unknown. The most detailed studies were carried out in this sultry area in 60s of the last century. Then researchers found out that the mean annual temperature in the region of Dallol is 34 degrees Celsius, which is the absolute maximum in the world.

There are several salt deposits in the region; salt extraction is carried out today. The first settlement in the hot desert was founded over 50 years ago, a significant part of its population was engaged in the development of the mountain mines. When the industrial potential of the mines dried up, the … Read all

Danakil Desert

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The Danakil Desert located in Ethiopia is incredibly popular among tourists, although it possesses threat. This desert is one of the hottest and most lifeless in the world. That’s a huge volcanic wasteland, in the territory of which the land has melted underfoot. The main feature of the dangerous desert is the almost complete absence of breathable oxygen in its territory. The air here is burnt and is filled with poisonous gases, so people can only be in certain areas of the desert for a very short time without risking their lives.

Many researchers believe that even a short stay in the Danakil Desert can affect health. The reason for this is a high concentration of poisoning vapors of sulfur that is complemented with the most adverse effects. The air temperature in the desert rarely … Read all

Danakil Depression

From the series “Amazing land areas below the sea level”
Danakil Valley, which is located in Ethiopia, is also often referred to as 'Danakil Desert'. The valley is located in the unique spot - on the border of three large tectonic plates: the African, the Indian and the Arabic. Danakil desert is considered to be the most dangerous and most damaging in the world. The poisonous landscapes scare fear and hide many dangers. The exit points of the toxic gases, the constantly erupting volcanoes and sulphurous water, all together forming the terrible landscapes - it is only part of the natural formations that can be seen at the depth of 125 meters below sea level.

The incredibly hot and lifeless desert was discovered in 1928 by a group of travelers led by Tullio Pastori. The courageous travelers have overcome the wasteland on foot. To this day, no … Read all
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Addis Ababa
Among those who like lengthy tours, Mount Entoto hikes are very popular. The mountain is 3000 meters high, and travellers can get to its summit either by car or on foot. At the top of the mountain plenty of fascinating surprises await the tourists. Here they will be able to see a beautiful garden and take a stroll across the observation platforms, from which a wonderful view of the city opens. At the top of the mountain there is an interesting historical museum, as well as another outstanding … Read more

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