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During the reign of Romans, Porto was known as Portus Cale and it was the most important city in the country. Later, the city gave the name to the whole country. Porto is located on both banks of the Douro River. The banks are connected by a beautiful bridge. The historic center of the city is characterized by a very special and lively atmosphere. Of course, almost every café or tavern here...
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This group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean is a wonderful place of rest for the travellers who seek seclusion and silence. Each island is unique and has its own attractiveness. During their rest travellers can also get acquainted with local sights of the Azores. The oldest buildings and most beautiful lakes can be found on the biggest island of the archipelago – Sam Miguel. Here you should...
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Albufeira is a large port, an old city and one of the most popular Portuguese resorts. Here you will find everything you need for interesting and comfortable rest – clean beaches, large selection of sights and excursions, modern shops and restaurants, rich nightlife and local color that is hard to transmit unless you visit this wonderful place. The Old City is the most notable and recommended...
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Just like all ancient towns, Braga attracts visitors by its widest choice of interesting routes and great number of sights. This place can be relatively divided into Old Braga and New Braga. The last one is considered a business district, while all famous cultural values and historical sites can be found in Old Braga. You should start your observing of the town from the cathedral that is...
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Vilamoura is a modern tourist town that has everything for active rest. You will find well-equipped gym and fitness centers, tennis courts, and swimming pools on the territory of the majority of hotels. Nearby are located golf fields and areas for horse-riding. As the name of this town can be translated as “the village of love”, this place has quickly become popular among couples who try to...
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Guimaraes is located on the north-west of Portugal. This is an important historical city, which population estimates around 53 thousands of people. Guimaraes is known as the first capital of the country. Even nowadays this place is a symbol of the first large city in Portugal. This statement is proven by numerous historical monuments and castle towers that have become the Portuguese emblem and...
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Cascais is a popular beach resort that is also known as the favorite place of rest of the Portuguese royal family. Once this place was nothing but a small fishing village. It was seriously harmed from earthquake in 1755, so the majority of buildings were rebuilt. This is how a railway and electricity appeared on the territory of Cascais. This gave a powerful stimulus to the development of this...
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Lagos is a city in Portugal. This is a widely known resort on the southern coast of Algarve approximately 35 kilometers away from south-west point of Europe – Saint Vincent Cape. Initially Lagos was the destination of marine voyages headed by Gilles Eanesh (his monument is still installed in Lagos). Just like the rest of the country, Lagos was severely damaged by the earthquake in 1755. The...
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