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Paula Rego Casa das Historias The majority of landmarks are located in the capital of the country - Lisbon and its suburbs. For more than 700 years Saint George's Castle, which is located on a high hill, has been the main symbol of the city. Starting from the 13th century it was used as a royal palace, nowadays one of its towers hosts an archive with important documents of the country level. Approximately one third of the castle was destroyed during the earthquake in 1755, so only the main wall and a couple of towers have survived until our days. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is not only a famous religious landmark, but also an important historical object. Many famous guests visited the monastery in the past, for example, Vasco da Gama, who prayed there before his famous travel to India. After the return of the famous explorer a church dedicated to Virgin Mary was built near the monastery. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is also the place of the burial of the royal family, and one of the monastery's buildings has been turned into marine and archaeological museums.
“The hallmark” of exclusive places is accommodation in rural mansions or houses with the possibility of enjoying the family atmosphere and …
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When describing religious landmarks of the country, we cannot fail to mention the Christ the King statue. It was built in 1959 and is an exact copy of the statue located in Rio de Janeiro. The height of the statue is 28 meters; there is an observation deck near the statue, from which visitors will be able to enjoy it stunning panoramic views of Lisbon.
The Lisbon Oceanarium remains one of the most visited entertainment centers in the capital, where visitors can see more than 15 thousand marine creatures. There is a giant aquarium in the central part of the complex. The capacity of the aquarium is 4 million litres, and that makes it the second largest aquarium in the world, with the aquarium in Japan being the first one. Copyright
The Portuguese are known to celebrate with joy all kinds of holidays and festivals. The reasons for celebrations could range from pilgrimages, …
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Interesting architectural landmarks and museums can also be found in Sintra, the main symbol of which is Palácio da Pena. The palace was built in 1939 on the ruins of a monastery and is well-known as the most romantic and elegant palace in Portugal. The palace was built in a way so it attached a remaining part of the monastery and a small chapel. The old part of the city is home to a very beautiful building - the Castelo dos Mouros (The Moors Castle), which was built 10 centuries ago. If one doesn't take into consideration massive protective walls, the building looks more like a castle from a fairy tale rather than an ancient fortress. The castle was empty for many years until it was restored in the 19th century. Nowadays, it's a very interesting open air museum.

History and Entertainment

The first written references to the County of Portugal date back to 868. Only in 1143, it gained a status of the independent kingdom. In the 15th century, the Kingdom of Portugal saw the times of the colonial expansion. The empire flourished in the first half of the 16th century. Later, the country was under Spain and Great Britain and then underwent a series of wars and revolutions. After the revolution in 1910, Portugal gained a status of the republic.
Portugal is clearly divided into the northern wooded and southern plains parts. The south of the country is characterized in its appearance by the …
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Despite the fact that Portugal is annually visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world, even big Portuguese cities feature a calm and peaceful atmosphere. In the midst of the tourist season, you can walk along in the streets of big cities, enjoy a calm rhythm of life and feel like not a foreign guest but one of the natives.
For many years, Portugal has become more popular with fans of beach holidays. The most popular beaches here are on the Lisbon Riviera. Algarve is a perfect place for romantic vacation. Here, you can not only relax on beautiful beaches with white sand, but also admire unique historical architecture. In Portugal, there are also excellent conditions for diving. Experienced divers usually visit Madeira.
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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Shopping enthusiasts like vacationing in big cities. In local malls, you can buy not only new stylish clothes, but also wonderful gold accessories. Popular souvenirs here are ceramic items. A lot of people prefer buying beautiful sets of port wines of the local production as souvenirs. The major sales in local malls take place in the middle of January and in late summer.
Vilamoura During the year, a lot of interesting holidays are celebrated in Portugal. In early September, the traditional Wine Festival is held. At the festival, wineries from all regions of the country present their best wines. The main events of the festival are wine and popular national dish wines. In any season, the guests of Portugal have an opportunity to take part in interesting wine tours, visit historical wineries and admire amazing vineyards.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Portugal

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Map of all parks
National and city parks of Portugal
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Map of all Michelin restaurants
Michelin-starred restaurants in Portugal
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♥   Restaurant 'Armazém do Sal' Funchal. Type - Traditional cuisine. On the map   Photos
Map of all castles
Castles of Portugal
♥   Castle 'Castle of Campo Maior' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Castle of Elvas' . On the map   Photos
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♥   Castle 'Castle of Leiria' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Castle of Marialva' . On the map   Photos
Map of all palaces
Palaces in Portugal
♥   Palace 'Biscainhos Museum' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Burnay Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Buçaco Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Castle of D. Chica' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Correio-Mor Palace' . On the map   Photos

Famous and uniques places in Portugal from our review series

Santa Catarina Street

From the series “Top 13 most fantastic and colorful streets and quarters”
There is a street in Porto that is worth attention of the most experienced and discerning travelers. It's called Santa Catarina. The main feature of this historic street are beautiful buildings decorated with traditional white and blue tiles, azulejos. Buildings with a unique finish looks simply fascinating. Their facades are reminiscent of the best works of art. Santa Catarina Street is considered a commercial heart of the city; the most amazing shops and souvenir stalls are concentrated there.

The pedestrian street starts near the train station. That's a real pleasure to walk there. Tourists go there in search of unusual gifts, jewelry and apparel. Locals love to relax in local cafes and restaurants where the most popular national food can be tasted. The legendary Café the Majestic … Read all

Soaring Umbrellas Street

From the series “Top 13 most fantastic and colorful streets and quarters”
Amazing outdoor installation can be seen in the Portuguese town of Agueda. Every year, for a few weeks, the central streets of the city are decorated with a special art installation. Colorful umbrellas are its main component. The most colorful and unique items are used to decorate the street. Parasols are opened and hung using specially strung ropes. In a sunny day, bright umbrellas make quirky colorful glare showing on the street and buildings. This decoration also creates a pleasant shade on the street, which is difficult to overestimate in a hot summer day.

Soaring Umbrellas Street is home to numerous shops, restaurants and cafes. The place is very popular not only among tourists but also locals. This cozy street is pedestrian. It would be difficult to find the more amazing and … Read all


From the series “Fabulous nooks of the world with striking colorful shades”
Portugal also has an amazing location that strikes with its fabulous atmosphere. That’s the old town of Sintra. Today, its colorful ambience is known all over the world. The ancient town was able to preserve the pristine architecture. There, you can see numerous majestic palaces, castles, and monasteries surrounded by centuries-old forests. The place features a very soothing and romantic atmosphere. The port city was founded in 1154 on the site of the fortress of the same name. Now, the whole territory of the town and its immediate surroundings are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Literally, every building in the city is a priceless historic landmark. One of the main historical sites is the National Palace of Sintra. The world famous Palace of Pena is hidden in the dense … Read all
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Sightseeing in popular cities of Portugal

An interesting historical monument is the Belém Tower, which was built in the 16th century. Not so long ago, the tower was listed in UNESCO. The construction of this beautiful architectural monument was timed to an important historical event - the opening of the sea route to India. In different periods, this tower was used as a defensive structure. Powder storehouse, prison, and afterwards even a customs station was located in it. Now, the tower is valuable for its unique architectural … Read more
One of the most interesting religious objects is considered to be the church of St. Sebastian. It is a vivid example of Manueline - national architectural style, however, the church is notable not only for its unique architectural outlines. It features a fascinating museum, which presents the works of art, all of which were made by local priests. The most valuable exhibit is a large wooden panel, on which the images of saints are carved.  Within the half-hour drive from Albufeira is a … Read more
San Francisco Church. Just like the cathedral, the Franciscan Church of San Francisco (Igreja de Sao Fransisco) is an amazing combination of different architectural styles. Originally, this was a gothic church, and you can see that by the rare of the building. However, eventually some elements of the Baroque style appeared in its design. The church was built in the XIV-XV centuries. In the XVI century a baptismal chapel was added to it. The chapel was designed by architect Diego de … Read more
The central square of the city is the location of the cathedral built in the beginning of the 15th century. The decoration of the cathedral’s halls is no less impressive comparing to its magnificent and rigorous look. You will not find any excessive details here, but every piece of furniture is picked up strictly. Mercado dos Lavraderos market is, without a doubt, the liveliest place in this city. The selection of exotic fruits, vegetables and seafood here is really huge. In addition to … Read more
The symbolic historical monument is Forte Bandeira. It is located near the beach of Caís da Solaria. This fort was built in 1683 and for hundreds of years, protected the harbor from pirates. It was perfectly preserved to our days. Today, the historical building also houses an exhibition hall, in which local artists and photographers present their works. One of the towers of the fort is equipped with an observation deck, accessible for visits every day. A peculiar city attraction is the … Read more
One of the most beautiful architectural monuments of the city is Jesuit College Church. This magnificent religious landmark was built at the turn of the 17th-18th centuries by order of the nobleman Diego Gonçalves. Since its foundation, the church has remained the largest in the Algarve. The old church is attractive both for its unique architectural appearance and rich interior decoration. It has preserved several beautiful old sculptures and elements of decoration made of precious metals. … Read more

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