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Travellers will find many interesting things to do in Cyprus. Beautiful nature parks, ancient shrines, magnificent amphitheatres and numerous monuments will only add to overall delight from visiting this popular resort. Akamas Nature Park, which is located not far away from Paphos, is one of the most famous landmarks of the island. The park is internationally famous because of Baths of Aphrodite – a big complex of pools with crystal clean water. According to a legend, the water in these pools has a mysterious healing power, so those who swim in it become healthy and beautiful for many years. However, swimming is prohibited in Baths of Aphrodite, but witty tourists take small bottles with them and then fill these bottles with the magic elixir of life.
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The ancient city of Kourion is an internationally famous destination. The city is located on a high cliff. Kourion was founded more than three thousand years ago. According to one theory, the city was founded by Greek warriors who participated in the Trojan War. That happened in 12th century B.C.; the city was developing during almost 16 centuries, until it was destroyed by a devastating earthquake in the 4th century.
The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, which dates back to the 7th century B.C., is one more archaeological landmark. The sanctuary is located not far away from Kourion ruins. The construction was severely damaged and only the gates and steps that once led to the altar have survived. There are many beautiful legends connected with the sanctuary. For example, it was considered that only the bravest and most honest people can climb all the steps and reach the altar. Copyright
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There are also buildings of the medieval period on the island, such as Kolossi Castle that was built in the 15th century. The height of one of its towers is 25 metres. The observation deck installed on that tower features amazing views of the coast and the nearby city of Limassol. There is an old cypress tree in the yard near the castle. The centuries old tree fascinates visitors with its size and huge branches. Kikkos Monastery is considered the most beautiful landmark of its type on the island. The monastery was built in the 12th century. The history of the monastery is interesting and unusual same time; it was assaulted many times until the monastery was completely plundered by Turkish conquerors in 1851.
Another famous religious building, Stavrovouni Monastery, was built in the 4th century by order of mother of Emperor Constantine. The crucifixion, which was a gift of the empress, is the main artefact of the monastery. Kouklia is also a famous historic and archaeological centre in Cyprus. The village is known as the location of Aphrodite Sanctuary. There are also several ancient temples there and a big open air museum.
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Famous and uniques places in Cyprus from our review series


From the series “Abandoned places of the Earth with distinct marks of civilization”
One of the world's most famous ghost town of Famagusta is located in Cyprus. Today, it’s difficult to imagine that a few years ago this place has been a popular holiday destination for thousands of tourists. The popular resort town once completely emptied because of the war between Greece and Turkey. By some quirk of fate, the city was on the border between the two rival states. Today, it is fenced with a barbed wire. For many years, the two countries can not come to an agreement about one that has to own a former resort town.

Over the years, the city was completely looted. Almost all the buildings on its territory can not be reversed. An access to the city is strictly prohibited and may be life-threatening, because military forces are constantly watching the disputed territory. Modern … Read all

Κourion Ancient Amphitheater

From the series “Ancient amphitheaters and arenas, that are still operational”
One of the most beautiful and interesting for visiting amphitheatres is located in Kourion. It will amaze travellers with its majestic appearance, the beauty of the preserved antique mosaics and the magnificent panoramic view that opens from spectators’ seats. The antique landmark is very popular with travellers. For them, part of the amphitheater has been covered with galleries that prevent penetration of the rays of the hot sun.

The Amphitheater in Kourion was built by the ancient Greeks in the 2nd century BC and was later rebuilt several times by the ancient Romans. This is one of the oldest arenas in the world, preserved until our days. As the old town of Kourion was abandoned in the Middle Ages, researchers discovered the amphitheater relatively recently, only in mid-20th century. … Read all


From the series “The most impressive abandoned cities on the planet”
Among the abandoned cities of the world there are many large resorts. Cypriot town of Varosha is among them. Just a few decades ago it was one of the most popular and prosperous resorts on the island. Everything changed in 1974 when the city turned to be occupied by the Turkish army. Local residents were forced from their homes and the resort was strictly forbidden to the visitors. Varosha has been standing empty since then and is being gradually destroyed.

Brave tourists who manage to enter the territory of the closed city have an opportunity to observe old hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, which the resort was famous for. Many homes and offices have been looted, a terrible mess reigns in homes – all valuables have long been taken away. In 1974 the city's population … Read all
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Sightseeing in popular cities of Cyprus

Start your acquaintance with the city from visiting its historical and cultural monuments. Pafos Medieval Fort is one of them. It was built in the days of Alexander of Macedon and served as the main fortification facility. Among the attractions of Paphos there are sights that are included in the UNESCO list. The ancient town Nea Paphos is one of such sights. On the territory of the old town you will see the houses made yet by the Romans. The buildings are decorated with beautiful mosaics. Even … Read more
Ayia Napa
Among the historical attractions of Ayia Napa, the Venetian monastery stands out. The history of the monastery building is fascinating; a few hundred years ago, a dense forest was located in its place. It was later cut down, leaving just one sycamore tree alive. It continues to grow in the territory of the monastery and now the old tree impresses with its size. According to the tradition, the monastery was founded directly over the cave where the locals once found an icon of the Blessed … Read more
The best way to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of locals is to visit the village of Omodos. This settlement is one of the oldest in the world. It has existed since the Byzantine Empire. For more than a thousand years, this village has been famous for producing a delightful wine that locals make according to secret recipes. Guests of this village can stroll through the picturesque old streets and admire the beautiful houses, buy wine in local shops, and visit the museum, which … Read more
The climate in this region is Mediterranean subtropical. Phinikoudes embankment, which is full of tall palms, is simply the best place for walks. This place features a wonderful view of the bay and yachts that are moored nearby. Near the embankment is also located the best beach of Larnaca - Mackenzie Beach. Actually, the choice of beaches on the island is really wide. Active rest fans may enjoy scuba diving (they can even enjoy stunning looks of sunk ships), windsurfing, or make a ride on … Read more
As for the beaches, Protaras Beach remains the most popular and crowded one. Here you will find sports equipment rental centers, entertainment clubs for children, and several cafes where you can eat and take a break from the hot sun. Green Bay Beach is more secluded and quiet. The main entertainment offered to guests here are underwater hunting, fishing, and scuba diving. The reason for that is in the fact Protaras is famous for its beautiful sea caves. Thousands of tourists go down under water … Read more
The central part of the city is considered the old quarter. The buildings made many centuries ago can be found here. You will see the modern restaurants and shopping centers, souvenir shops and small boutiques with clothes nearby. Particular attention should be paid to local restaurants, as a visitor, who is not familiar with their variety, could easily get lost in their diversity. You will find best national dishes in Archontico, tourists who prefer Chinese food simply can’t fail to visit … Read more

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