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San Francisco Perhaps, the Statue of Liberty remains of the most famous symbol of the United States. The statue is located on Ellis Island. In the beginning of the 20th century, the island was an important inspection station, and all immigrants entered the country through it. According to some rough calculations, more than 20 million people arrived in the United States during a hundred of years.
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Manhattan remains one of the most famous and widely visited districts of New York. This is a large metropolis, fully covered with skyscrapers. It is famous for its large trading centers, restaurants and nightclubs, so not only fans of shopping but also tourists who seek night life will definitely fall in love with Manhattan.
New York has the right to be called one of the main cultural centers in the United States. This is where the famous Lincoln Center is located. It includes Metropolitan Opera, several theatres, concert halls and famous Avery Fisher Hall. The city is famous for its Broadway shows. Les Miserables, Cats, Miss Saigon, Titanic and Phantom of the Opera - these titles are well-known around the world. Copyright
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Rockefeller Center becomes the most famous destination in the city on Christmas Eve. People come there to enjoy a beautiful Christmas tree. There is a magnificent park near this large office center, and on winter an ice skating rink is organized there. Shiny garlands and neon signboards have become typical for this part of the city. If you move your feet to the closest underground walkway, you will find one more iconic place - the Guinness World Records Museum. Both the location and items exhibited are very unusual. When describing cultural landmarks of the United States, it's simply impossible to fail to mention the Metropolitan Museum. This museum exhibits a large collection of art. Visitors will find here works of famous European and American artists, and several halls are dedicated to collections of antiquity and other ancient artifacts. The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum exhibits collections of spacecrafts, airplanes and historic documents connected with the history of aeronautics.
An excursion to Willis Tower in Chicago will be very interesting and entertaining. This is the second tallest building in the United States and its height estimates 443 metres. The building consists of 101 floors. The most entertaining object for tourists is located on the 94th floor. This is John Hancock Center - a spacious observation deck with powerful telescopes located on it. Visitors are welcome to use these telescopes to see all major sights of the city in detail.
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History and Entertainment

Today, literally all possible sorts of entertainments are accessible to the guests of the USA. They come here for luxurious beach recreation. The most popular beaches here are located in Los Angeles and Miami. The first are perfect recreation places for partygoers and clubbers. On the contrary, the beaches of Miami are characterized by a more sophisticated and more delicate atmosphere. So, this is not a coincidence that world-famous celebrities choose them for their vacation. Fans of recreation in an exotic atmosphere can visit enchanting resorts of the Hawaiian Islands.
Grand Central Station at night - New York City Besides magnificent beaches, there are also excellent ski resorts in the USA. They are located in Colorado. The most famous and most prestigious of them is Aspen suitable for skiers of different levels. This resort is notable for breathtaking landscapes. There are top-rated restaurants. Those who prefer to vacation in a peaceful and uncrowded atmosphere should pay their attention to Beaver Creek Resort. It is distinguished by more affordable prices. Other excellent ski resorts are located in the surroundings of Denver. There are resorts for every taste and pocket.
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There are a lot of shopping enthusiasts among the travelers coming to the USA for recreation. The country is notable for its luxurious shopping centers and outlets where you can buy clothes and accessories of world-famous brands. Another interesting feature of American cities is traditional flea markets. Most of them have been working for many years. On such markets, you can buy unique souvenirs and antique items. Local gift shops selling original souvenirs in the Indian style also preserve a special attention. The most popular gifts for tourists are different charms and dream catchers.
Many travelers associate the national cuisine of the USA only with coke and fast food. However, the national cuisine has a lot of interesting historical traditions, so the country is visited by many fans of the food tourism. One of the main components of the national cuisine is meat dishes prepared over an open fire. The American cuisine is very practical and is greatly influenced by nearby Mexico. Each US state has its inimitable food traditions. Residents of different states have one thing in common  an incomparable love of barbecue.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in USA

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Map of all parks
National and city parks of USA
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Famous and uniques places in USA from our review series

Lombard Street

From the series “Top 13 most fantastic and colorful streets and quarters”
One of the most famous streets in the world, Lombard Street is located in San Francisco. This street is officially considered the most crooked place in the world. It features a complicated zigzag shape. This unusual form of the street, where riding vehicles is allowed, is not accidental. The street goes down the hill, so to make this stretch of road safer for motorists, it was decided to cut eight sharp turns.

The zigzag street is decorated with chic flower beds and floral installations. Both sides of the street have walkways, stairs, and benches for pedestrians. Lombard Street is one of the favorite attractions among tourists, as there they can make a lot of spectacular pictures. Landscape decoration changes several times a year, so Lombard Street always looks special.

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Supai Village

From the series “The most cozy towns full of Zen”
In the United States there are very few places, where you can fully enjoy the serene setting. One of these places is the village of Supai situated in Arizona, in the territory of the Grand Canyon. About 200 people reside in this settlement. You can get there via narrow mountain trails by foot or riding a mule. This amazing village is one of the few places in the country, where cars have never been riding. Many researchers prefer to travel to remote mountain areas by helicopter.

Comparing to the small towns of the country, Supai is so far from big cities, that it managed to preserve its unique primeval environment. The main threat for the locals are harsh weather conditions. The last time, almost all the local settlers were evacuated in 2008. That year, a record amount of rainfall fell in … Read all

Crystal Mill

From the series “The most cozy towns full of Zen”
Modern power plants are associated mainly with large and noisy cities. A pleasant exception is Crystal Mill located on the Crystal River, Colorado. All the fans of solitude dream to live in this tiny wooden power plant. The latter is located in the enchanting natural setting that is surrounded by high mountains and dense forests.

The power plant was founded in the 19th century. The small industrial town of Crystal, whose inhabitants were engaged in the development of mines, is situated nearby. Today, the old wooden house set on a stone ledge is privately owned, so it’s impossible to visit it. However, in the immediate vicinity there are dozens of popular tourist routes, so everyone could see the unique building and can take a picture of it.

In spring, the river, on which the power … Read all
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Sightseeing in popular cities of USA

New York
The stairs in Empire State Building have 1860 steps, but no one uses stairs to get to the top of the building. Empire State Building is equipped with 73 elevators, some of which are made especially for tourists. The 86th floor of the building, located at the height of 320 meters, is equipped with a large observation platform, from which guests will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of New York. When the weather is good, the visibility from the deck is more than 70 km. Moreover, there is a … Read more
San Francisco
Lombard Street is really beautiful and unusual place. The street itself is a small stretch of a highway on the Russian Hill with a length of 400 meters. This street is one of the most winding in the world. Travelers are attracted here by incredibly beautiful flower beds on both sides. The road surface is made of red brick, which makes the street even more unique. Painted Lady architectural complex lies in the historic district of San Francisco. This is the title of several Victorian villas … Read more
Another interesting architectural monument is the Houston Public Library located in the territory of the picturesque park. The building was built in 1854 and served as a lyceum initially. It was decided to open the library here in 1905. Today, it houses over 50 000 books. The Houston Public Library is distinguished not only by a wide range of rare books, but also by its luxurious vintage interior. Here, you can still see old furniture and antique decorative elements. One of the most … Read more
If you are not indifferent to the history of space, be sure to visit Kennedy Space Center. The excursion turns into an exciting trip to the world of high technologies. Visitors to the center will be able to see how cosmonauts are trained with their own eyes. There is also a museum with a variety of interactive exhibits in the center grounds. It holds tours for children of different ages. One day is not enough to explore all the hidden corners and exhibitions of the large-scale center. The … Read more
Las Vegas
The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is the place where history comes alive. This is the place where you can find everything - from various fossils to a ten meter figure of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Besides this, the museum’s large aquarium is the place where visitors can look at sharks that seem to be waiting to eat you. The section dedicated to insects is the most visited attraction of the museum. Stratosphere Tower. Without a doubt, 356-meter Stratosphere Tower is one of the most popular … Read more
San Antonio
There is one more historical landmark not far from the cathedral – the Bexar County Court House. It is a fabulous example of the Roman Renaissance architecture. Sandstone is the main material used in the building of this fabulous building. The court house was finished in 1896. Travelers with children and fans of active recreation will find it incredibly interesting and exciting to visit the Marine World entertainment complex that is located on the outskirts of the city. This center includes … Read more

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