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Jeddah is a large political, trading and industrial center of the Saudi Arabia. This is also one of the most beautiful towns of the country. Unique look of old quarters, large number of buildings referring to different styles and epochs, modern restaurants and entertainment centers – all these factors have made this city very attractive for tourists. For decades Jeddah welcomes visitors from...
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The word Medina can be translated as "city". This is the second holy city for all Islam people. According to one theory Medina has been the first city that followed the precepts of the Great Prophet. The main place of interest of the city is located in its very center. This is a complex of mosques named Masjid al Nabawi. It is believed that once the house of the Prophet Muhammad was built on...
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It’s a modern city, which started accepting tourists not long ago, but it quickly gained their trust and respect. The city’s name can be literally translated as "garden", and you will understand why this name has been after you make a walk in it. The number of parks and flower beds is really enormous, and so both historic and new buildings simply dive in greenery. Al-Batha district is the...
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  Al Khobar

El Cobar (Al Khobar, Khobar) city is included in the agglomeration, which also combines Dammam and Dharan. The city has grown from a tiny fishing village due to the discovery of oil. However, today Al Khobar is an internationally famous and a beautiful resort, which offers high quality service and comfort, which is often much better than the European one. Besides beautiful beaches the city...
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Interactive Map of Saudi Arabia

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