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This is a small Mediterranean country that is rich in historic places of interest. Lebanon charms its guests with elegant culture and unforgettable exotic nature. Several important landmarks are located in the capital of the city, Beirut. Grand Mosque is the oldest building in Lebanon. It was built yet during the Byzantine Empire times and originally looked like a small church. The church was built by Crusaders, and in the end of the 13th century it was transformed into a mosque. The House of Martin, which is located in the central part of the city, is an important sight of the war period. The house was severely damaged during the war, same as most buildings in the area. One can see many damaged houses and memorials in this part of Beirut.
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Pigeon Rocks are known as one of the most beautiful places in the country. The rocks look like magnificent cliffs located near the coastline. The panoramic view from the rocks is simply breath-taking, especially during sunset. The city of Byblos is an important archaeological and historical centre of the country. This city is home to several ancient settlements. Archaeologists have discovered here ruins of the ancient Gebal Temple, royal tombs and several houses built more than 5 thousand years ago. Ancient Romans were the first settlers on this land. Nowadays, only a big amphitheatre reminds of that period. There are landmarks that belong to newer period in Gebal, such as the Castle of Crusaders. The castle is built on a hill and is perfectly visible from every part of the city.
Tourists should not forget to visit Tripoli as this is a beautiful place with rich heritage. Taynal Mosque, The Citadel of Raymond de Saint-Gilles and the Mansouri Great Mosque are considered the main symbols of the city. The Citadel, which was constructed in 1103, is the oldest building in the city. Tripoli is also famous for numerous craft producing shops, many of which were founded yet in the 14th century. Generation by generation, skilled masters share their knowledge with their ancestors; you can see and buy fantastic results of their work in local bazaars. Copyright
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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Tyr is a beautiful Lebanese city with several sights that belong to the Roman Empire times. The ancient hippodrome may be the most famous one. Many centuries ago, the hippodrome could seat up to 20 thousand visitors. The monumental arc is also worth attention. The arc is decorated with carvings and marble details.
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National and city parks of Lebanon
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Castles of Lebanon
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Palaces in Lebanon
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Famous and uniques places in Lebanon from our review series

Casa Brutale

From the series “Elegant architectural structures for fans of skywalks”
Work on the implementation of a unique project to build a villa Casa Brutale has begun in Beirut. The main feature of the brutal villa is that it will be built right on the rocky cliff above the Aegean Sea. The original building is the perfect home for those who love to watch the seascape from a height. Developers of the project are experts from Open Platform for Architecture bureau. They have created a project of the house in minimalist style that has been recognized as one of the most unique in the world.

The villa is literally built into the rock, so it will replace a part of the walls. It's planned to build a house of environmentally friendly materials, including wood, metal and concrete. One of the main features of the villa is a panoramic window, which will replace the outer wall, … Read all

Jeita Grotto

From the series “Fantastic and colorful caves inside the Earth”
The Jeita Grotto is one of Lebanon's most remarkable sights. This is a complex of two large limestone caves, whose general length is about 9 km. The lower cave was discovered a long time ago, in the first half of the 19th century. As it was found out by scientists, this cave was inhabited in prehistoric times. You can get to the lower cave only by boat, as it is filled by an underground river. It is important to note that the latter has great importance. It serves as the main source of fresh water for more than a million local residents.

The lower level of the cave is incredibly interesting, but the upper level, discovered in 1958, is considered more beautiful. Its main attractions are wonderfully beautiful stalactites. The height of some galleries of the upper cave reaches 120 meters. … Read all

Baatara Falls

From the series “Most fanciful waterfalls of the planet”
In the region of Tannourine in Lebanon is located the Baatara waterfall. It is noteworthy, that it falls into the limestone cave of the same name. The unique geological formation was discovered relatively recently in 1952. Today, the waterfall with a height of 255 meters is one of the most striking natural attractions in the country. The cave into which the waterfall drops is equally interesting. It is often called 'the Cave of the Three Bridges'.

Centuries ago under the influence of water and wind it found a unique form. In a deep cave a certain kind of three limestone bridges have really been formed. The waterfall is located behind the bridges. Overall, the natural complex looks irresistible. Scientists believe that the Baatara is one of the oldest waterfalls on Earth and was formed … Read all
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Among those fond of history in Beirut, Archaeological Park is very popular. In the second half of the 20th century during the Civil War this district was in ruins, and shortly after the situation has stabilized, the researchers were able to detect traces of ancient civilizations. Today, the archaeological park has an informal name - "Park of forgiveness." In addition to the oldest historical sites in this park you can see many more symbolic attractions. For example, there is an olive tree … Read more

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