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Switzerland has prepared a great choice of entertainment for its guests. Simply every traveler will find here activities to fit one's taste. Several important landmarks can be found in Bern. The oldest religious landmark in the country, the French Church, is also located there. Built in 1270, the church was restored and redesigned several times. The inner design of the church amazes visitors with magnificent frescoes and elegant drawings. As the church keeps working, it's always crowded.
In Switzerland, there is everything for a comfortable stay. The country has a variety of hotels. Among them, there are those that don't fit within the …
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Kornhaus granary is one more place that is worth visiting. Originally, higher floors of the building were used as a granary, while the cellar was used to store wine. In the beginning of the 19th century, Kornhaus was transformed into a tavern, and in 1983 it became the main club in the city. The building is distinguished by very interesting architecture - in it arcs you will see sculptures of dragons, mermaids and other mythical creatures. Kornhaus halls are decorated with historic costumes, statues and figurines that depict musicians.
The Russian Church is an important tourist destination in Geneva. The church was built in the middle of the 19th century by initiative of La Grande Duchesse Anna Feodorovna. The sanctuary is distinguished by luxury design as many items in the church were gifted by the Royal Family. The city of Lausanne is also famous for its religious landmarks. Here travelers are recommended to visit the Church of st. Francis that was built in the 13nth century. During more than 7 centuries long history, the church has significantly changed its original look. The only thing that is left unchanged is elegant and strict design of halls. The local cathedral, which was built in approximately same period, features more luxurious design. Its doors and facade are decorated with figures depicting priests, Bible heroes and angels. The walls and ceiling of the cathedral are decorated with magnificent frescos. Copyright
People in Switzerland love and appreciate beautiful things. A number of elegant and stylish hotels allow to choose accommodation for everyone. A …
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Among the sights of Lucerne the ancient Water Tower is one of the most famous. Besides its original purpose, the tower was also used as a prison and during several years it was even transformed into an archive and a treasury. Unfortunately, the original design and style of the tower didn't survive till our days, but numerous legends and stories known to every local and guide let us know about the tower and its former look. There is a chapel near the tower, and together these buildings form a part of a medieval protective facility.
Bosco Gurin

History and Entertainment

Switzerland is a country with a rich history that has a direct effect on its culture and traditions. In the times of Ancient Rome, the territory of modern Switzerland seemed extremely attractive to many conquerors. In the Middle Ages, the coveted territory was at the crossroads of important transportation and trade routes, which just strengthened an interest in it. The official date of the establishment of Switzerland is 1291 when three alpine valleys were unified.
Switzerland is one of the most expensive European countries to have vacations, and therefore a number of luxury hotels that offer services to …
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Already at the beginning of the 16th century, ten autonomous territories joined the union. In the Middle Ages, the major problem of the young state was associated with religious wars. In the late 18th century, the country was under France and gained independence only when Napoleon was defeated in the battle of Waterloo. Since the middle of the 19th century, Switzerland had passed through the period of the stable and smooth development.
Switzerland is known to many people with its upscale ski resorts, some of which welcome fans of winter entertainments all year round. Some of the most beautiful resorts are located on Mount Jungfrau. In total, there are seven resort areas combined with lifts and transport connection. The famous resort of Wengen has long been a place where competitions of the international level are held. It is famous for its high environmental indicators.
The Swiss are very attentive to everything that represents the cultural value for the country, including the old buildings that quite often house …
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During the year, a lot of interesting holidays are celebrated in Switzerland. For instance, Saint Nicolas’ Day is traditionally celebrated on 6 December. Its local residents consider him as their main patron and organize festive street processions and make special festive treats in his honor. You can witness interesting entertainments by visiting one of the Swiss cities on Christmas Eve. By 25 December, all streets are decorated with special festive lights. There are traditional fairs, outdoor skating rinks and multiple market stalls with popular festive treats.
St. Gallen The country is also popular with shopping enthusiasts who come here from all over the world to buy top-rated Rolex and Omega watches. Local craftsmen are notable for making interesting pocket knives. Sweet teeth are attracted by Swiss chocolate. A lot of unique cheeses are produced in the country, so exactly cheese is still one of the main gastronomic symbols of Switzerland.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Switzerland

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Map of all parks
National and city parks of Switzerland
♥   World Heritage Site 'Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch' . On the map   Photos
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Michelin-starred restaurants in Switzerland
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Castles of Switzerland
♥   Castle 'Brestenberg Castle' . On the map   Photos
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Famous and uniques places in Switzerland from our review series

Flower Clock in Zurich

From the series “Enchanting flower clocks built by humans”
The amazing flower clock is situated in Zurich. It’s located in one of the most picturesque places in the city, on the waterfront of Lake Zurich. Travelers who want to see this unusual landmark, will be able to admire the origins of the river Limmat and the wonderful alpine scenery.

As in many other cities around the world, the flower clock in Zurich looks different each year. Its  design is created by the best florists of the country. At the first glance, it may seem that flowers on the flowerbed are set in a chaotic manner. In fact, prior to planting, each plant goes through a series of tests. Plants are selected to ensure that they will look pleasing throughout the season.

Visiting the flower clock in Zurich promises to be a memorable and romantic adventure. The fact is that in … Read all

Flower Clock in the English Garden

From the series “Enchanting flower clocks built by humans”
One of the world's most famous flower clocks can be found in Geneva, in the English Garden. Geneva is a very special place in the watch industry of the country, so it’s not surprising that one of the most upscale and accurate live clocks in the world is located here. It opened in 1955. The clock diameter is 5 meters. Among the main design features, it’s worth noting the presence of the second hand of 2.5 meters long. Not all flower clocks have a seconds hand.

You can admire the flower clock in the English Garden in summer. Florists use more than 6 500 flowers to create a dial. Every month, new flowers are planted, so the clock looks special during each of the summer months. At the time of opening, the flower clock in Geneva was the largest in the world. Over the time, it lost its … Read all

Tortin Ski Slope

From the series “Top 13 furious ski resorts and pistes”
'Torin' is one of the most dangerous and treacherous ski runs in the world. It is located on the territory of the Swiss spa town of Verbier. The skiers who ski on this run in Hochwinter can not understand why Torin is considered a difficult and dangerous runway. If the ski slope is well protected, it seems to be quite comfortable. As soon as the snow melts a little, all the dangerous peculiarities become visible.

The big sharp stones, the cracks and the icy stretches on which you can slip through - even some professionals can not overcome this difficult path. The general length of the slopes, which are available to guests Verbier, is about 200 km. More than a quarter of the slopes are black. In many respects, the complexity of certain routes depends on the season. In the Hochwinter some … Read all
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Sightseeing in popular cities of Switzerland

The Kunsthaus Museum. The Kunsthaus is one of the most important museums of Zurich. It is no less interesting than museums in larger cities. Numerous temporary exhibitions presented at the London Tate Modern were either designed or owned by the Kunsthaus. The permanent exhibition includes a rich collection of sculptures by Alberto Giacometti, the largest collection of Munch works outside Norway, numerous works by Monet, Van Gogh and sculptures by Rodin. Besides this, the museum is a great … Read more
There are also three beautiful churches, the design and decoration of which have not changed much over the last 150 years. In recent years, the infrastructure of the resort was upgraded, and new unusual entertainment complexes have appeared there. Alpin Fun Park is one of such venues. It is an entertainment center that cannot leave anyone indifferent. It offers its guests to try winter volleyball and has special areas for playing winter golf. Not every resort in the world can offer such … Read more
Wall of the Reformers. Beautiful Parc des Bastions is the location of Reformers Wall (Mur des Reformateurs) . Many years ago Geneva became home to the head of the Protestant Reformation, John Calvin and his associates. By the way, at first Calvin was banished from the city because of his opinion that was very strict and rough. However, after his return in 1541, Geneva became the "reformist Rome”. The supporters of the ideas of Calvinism arrived in the city from different parts of Europe. … Read more
In the historical part of the city, the medieval wall of Museggmauer remains. It is a surviving part of large-scale fortification structures. This wall was built in the 13th century and was used to protect the city until the 19th century. The length of the surviving part of the wall is about 900 meters. Several watchtowers also survived on this segment. Today they are accessible for tourists to visit. Fans of painting would be interested to visit the Rosengart Gallery, in which collections … Read more
In the immediate vicinity of Interlaken, there are beautiful St. Beatus caves, with which many interesting legends are associated. Locals believe that once in these caves lived dragons, which guarded these places from strangers. The present name of the complex caves is in honor of St. Beatus, a hermit who lived in the 6th century. He lived in these caves for many years, and his tomb was also discovered here. Today, tourists are offered rides on underground lakes of the caves on beautiful … Read more
The city has preserved part of the old fortifications, close to the Duomo are Spalentor gates. They were built in the 14th century, and like many years ago, today the gates are striking in their scope and impressive view. The height of the central tower of the gate is 40 meters, the appearance of this building virtually unchanged.  A very unusual Doll Museum is open in Basel; it is the largest museum of its kind in Europe. Its halls present more than 6000 antique toys, the age of some of … Read more

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