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Not many countries in the world cover the territory of fifteen hundred islands. Panama is a diverse country, where visitors can enjoy observation of historic sites and beautiful nature. The country is most known for the Panama Canal, the making of which opened a passage between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. However, there is much more to see in the beautiful country.
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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Bocas del Toro is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. This is a chain of islands located in the northwest of Panama. It’s easy to reach the islands from the mainland on one of numerous boats. As Bocas del Toro is located not far away from the border with Costa Rica, many tourists from there come to visit this beautiful place for a few days. Beach rest, scuba diving and snorkeling, watersports and nightlife are the most popular entertaining activities. In Bocas del Toro one can observe rich underwater life and swim with dolphins and reef sharks, or rent a bike and explore the islands.
Boquete is a mountain part of the country, which is approximately 1,000 metres above the sea level. This region is famous for one of the best coffee in the world and is very popular with fans of eco-tourism, who come to enjoy cooler weather and Volcan Baru. Copyright
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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Panama is home to many national parks, many of which are added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Coiba National Park is one of them. The park covers whole Coiba Island, the largest island in Central America. The Darien Gap National Park is primarily famous for a natural bridge that connects Central and South America. Impenetrable in some parts, the park is a great place to see pristine tropical nature, rare animals and birds. La Amistad International Park is also a beautiful place located on the border with Costa Rica, so it is managed by the both countries.
The Panama Canal is a grandiose man-made 77km long canal built across the Isthmus of Panama. Its opening had crucial important for maritime trade. Travellers are recommended to visit the canal and see how ships are put into locks and then lifted 26m above the sea level to enter mad-made Gatun Lake.
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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The Capital of the country, Panama City, is a modern metropolis with some interesting historic sites, such as the Casco Viejo area added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The area is a great place to see colonial buildings and learn more about the pirate past of the country.
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National and city parks of Panama
♥   National Park 'Camino de Cruces' . On the map   Photos
♥   National Park 'Cerro Hoya' . On the map   Photos
♥   National Park 'Chagres' . On the map   Photos
♥   National Park 'Coiba' . On the map   Photos
♥   World Heritage Site 'Coiba National Park and its Special Zone of Marine Protection' . On the map   Photos

Famous and uniques places in Panama from our review series

Archaeological Site of Panama Viejo and Historic District of Panama

From the series “Famous UNESCO sites in North America”
Panama, the capital of the eponymous state, has a picturesque historic district. Panama Viejo is a great old city that was once destroyed by pirates. The city was founded on the Pacific coast as far back as 1517. At that time, it was the utmost European city of the continent. Since its founding, Panama Viejo had a single meaning. It was an important defensive point of the trade route from Peru to the Old World. It was used for transporting precious metals and treasures of the Incas.

Two years after the founding, Panama Viejo gained the status of a city. At that time, the population was about one hundred people. For many years, the city valiantly defended against pirate attacks. Only Henry Morgan managed to conquer it. He captured the Panama Viejo in 1671. The city was completely … Read all

Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge

From the series “Fancy houses and hotels located on water or under water”
Over Water hotels have long been popular with modern tourists, among the most interesting and famous hotels of this category Punta Caracol hotel is especially worth noting. This hotel is located in Panama, on the Bocas del Toro Archipelago. It is a complex of nine individual thatched-roofed villas that have been built on stilts above the water. The villas are interconnected by a convenient system of wooden bridges. The over water hotel is popular with fans of relaxation in exotic places, as well as tourists who are in search of seclusion.

Tree served the main building material for the construction of the hotel, as well as bamboo. All the villas are characterized by an incredibly beautiful design in a national style. In some villas a huge four-poster bed has been installed, they are in … Read all

F&F Tower

From the series “Twisted spiral buildings and towers that are real”
One of the most amazing and spectacular twisting towers can be seen in the capital of Panama, Panama City. The height of the Revolution Tower is 243 meters, and the angle of its rotation reaches 360 degrees. The construction of the office skyscraper was completed in 2011, its official name is The F&F Tower. The tower has 52 floors, its facade is lined with a very beautiful mirror tile, so in the daytime the building looks fantastic.

The construction of the skyscraper began in 2003 and was completed by 2008, but the skyscraper was commissioned three years later. The construction of the tower is very complex, based on the principle of geometric rotation of the prism. Initially, the project was a purely theoretical concept, which, thanks to the talent of local architects, has been … Read all
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Sightseeing in popular cities of Panama

Panama City
In addition to beautiful nature Panama is rich in attractions. Just like the majority of old cities, Panama is conventionally divided into Old and New. The Old Town was completely destroyed in 1671 and today visitors can see only ruins and foundations of ancient buildings. The new part of town is the most interesting place for tourists. Despite the name many buildings of this part were built several centuries ago. Here you can see the buildings that represent various architectural styles. The … Read more

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