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Israel is not only a beautiful country that attracts tourists and pilgrims of different religions, but also home to some greatest sanctuaries in the world. The best way to start your exploration of the country is to visit Jerusalem. This city is home to holy shrines of the three main religions in the world. Christians come to kneel down to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Judaism followers visit Jerusalem to see Wailing Wall and Muslim people come to see The Dome of the Rock. Besides religious sanctuaries, there are several art galleries, museums and exhibitions in the city. Yad Vashem is one of the most famous museums in the city. It was open in 1953 in the memory of Jewish people who were killed during the Second World War. Nowadays, the museum exhibits numerous sculptures and pictures, and often hosts different modern art exhibitions.
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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Neot Kdumim is quite an unusual park. The Biblical Landscape Reserve has only plants and trees that are mentioned in the Bible. In the park, you will see Lebanon cedar, myrrh, hyssop and frankincense. Galilea region is also a beautiful place, where visitors will see not only picturesque forests and fields, but also several cosy villages, ruins of synagogues and churches.
Don’t forget to visit the city of Akko and see its main landmark – Hospitaller Monastery. The monastery occupies large territory and has a large system of underground channels. A narrow tunnel that starts in the underground eating room can lead you to the port district. Al-Jazzar Mosque is a famous landmark. There is a priceless artefact in the mosque – a flock of hair of Prophet Muhammad. Copyright
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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The ancient city of Haifa is home to numerous magnificent temples. The main places of interest of the city include the Baha’i Temple, the tomb of St. Elijah and Carmelite Monastery located in the mountains. Tiberias is an ancient city that was founded more than 2 thousand years ago. It is an important tourist destination. Visitors come there to see ruins of old quarters and the Hammat Tiberias Synagogue. The synagogue is one of ancient buildings that have managed to survive. Built in the 4th century, the synagogue is famous for magnificent mosaic with many holy symbols. The mosaic depicts menorah, ark of God, lulab and other important symbols of Jewish culture.
Safed is a relatively young city in Israel but no less interesting. It is distinguished by unusual architecture – the majority of buildings in the city are painted in blue colour. Locals believe that this helps to protect them from the evil eye. Blue buildings surrounded by high mountains look particularly attractive.
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Famous and uniques places in Israel from our review series

Church of Holy Sepulchre

From the series “ Survived artifacts of early Christian civilization”
The most famous Christian church in the world is the temple of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. According to beliefs, it is located exactly at the place where Jesus had been crucified and buried, and where his resurrection happened subsequently. Every year, this temple hosts one of the most important sacraments in the world - the ceremony of the Holy Fire. Located in Jerusalem, the temple is one of the few ancient Christian sites in the world, whose date of foundation is accurately known up to a year. The first church in this place was built in the year 326, and its consecration took place in the year 335.

Today, the temple of the Holy Sepulchre is a huge architectural complex that includes not only a number of buildings of different periods, but also Golgotha hill that was a place of … Read all

Oak of Mamre

From the series “The surviving artifacts of Jewish civilization”
There are also quite unusual among the Jewish holy places. A great example is the Oak of Mamre. A nice biblical legend tells about this old tree. According to it, Abraham was talking to God there. For these reasons, a unique tree is also known under the name Oak of Abraham. If this tree has really managed to survive to the present day, the oak has to be about 5 000 years old.

The ancient tree is situated in Hebron, in the monastery of the Holy Trinity. The oak completely faded in the late 19th century. Today, abbots make every effort to keep its trunk safe. Now, it is surrounded by special supports. A few years ago, new young shoots appeared next to the oak. A lot of amazing stories are associated with this sight. Many endow healing powers, while others tell about the ability of Oak of … Read all

Well of Jacob

From the series “The surviving artifacts of Jewish civilization”
In Nablus, tourists will have an opportunity to visit the amazing sight, the old well, which have been associated by Jews with the name Jacob for more than 2 000 years. This well was found not far from the archaeological area of ​​Tel-Balat. It is quite deep; the rock-cut pit is 35 meters roughly estimated. According to the biblical writings, here Jesus met the Samaritan woman, which is described in the Gospel of John.

Currently, this amazing Biblical point of interest is on the territory of a large monastic complex. The well is hidden in the walls of the Greek Orthodox Church. The Well of Jacob is one of the few religious sites in the world that is worshipped by adherents of several religious movements, including Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Samaritans. The first church next to … Read all
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Sightseeing in popular cities of Israel

Tel Aviv
Besides traditional and customary visits to nightclubs and restaurants, this resort has preparing a rich cultural program for its guests. Lovers of classical music will surely enjoy the performances of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, which are conducted in Mann Concert Hall. The national theater Habima is located not far away from the concert hall. Here will see plays by best Israeli playwrights. Fans of the new trends in the theater art should visit Yiddishpiel. Old Jaffa is the … Read more
The Mount of Olives is one of the first places that should be visited during your stay in Jerusalem. This is the highest hill on the territory of the city and here are made several observation areas that feature stunning panoramic views of the city. Sub-mountain region is also very beautiful. It is full of olive groves and colorful flower glades. Here is also located the Church of All Nations built in 1925. Twelve Catholic countries participated in the building of this church, so each of 12 … Read more
Carmel National Park is the main attraction of this resort. This is also the largest park in the country. The park is a huge forest located in the foothill area. This place is rich in numerous plants, flowers and trees. You will also find rare animals and birds in this park. Haifa is the location of one of the world's major shrines – Elijah’s Cave, the prophet from the Bible. Adherents of Christianity, Judaism and Islam come to this place from many different countries to bow to the shrine … Read more
The city was founded in 1929. At that time this was a small agricultural settlement, which soon became one of the major tourist and industrial regions of Israel. The city is famous not only by its rich fruit plantations, but also by an exquisite diamond processing. The shopping malls of Netanya are the location of wonderful jewelry stores, where can be found the products of several large jewelry companies. Tourists, who enjoy making excursions to ancient monuments, should go to the old … Read more
The Temple of the Annunciation built in 1969 is one of the most important religious places of interest. The lower level of the Temple is a grotto where once lived Virgin Mary. The interior simply strikes visitors by its elegance and refinement; here you will see ceramic bas-reliefs, fine mosaics, and beautiful frescoes. In close proximity to this church is located one more remarkable building - the church of the Archangel Gabriel. The building of this church took place in the 17th century. This … Read more
Petach Tikva
Just like any old town, Petach Tikva is full of remarkable places and historical monuments, which attract travelers from other countries. One of the most well-known landmarks of this place is Tel Mulabis Mound. The archeological excavations don’t stop here even nowadays. They have revealed many artifacts from the first settlement (the Romans lived here in the prehistoric era). The oldest architectural building that has survived till the present days is Antipatris Castle, which construction … Read more

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