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Moorea Island is a real paradise for newlyweds. The reason for this lays not only in perfect climate and nature of this island, but also in its shape that resembles a heart, that’s why it has become the popular place for conducting wedding ceremonies. Most often the queue for wedding ceremonies reaches one year. Newlyweds will find here special excursion programs. Guestrooms in hotels are...
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  Moorea Island

Moorea Island is a paradise for honeymooners. The reason for this is in the fact the shape of the island resembles a heart, so this place has become a popular venue for wedding ceremonies. The wedding queue usually estimates one year here, numerous special excursions are arranged for newlyweds, and hotel rooms are decorated in a matchless romantic style. It is worth mentioning that the conducting...
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  Papeete Tahiti

One of the oldest cities in French Polynesia, Papeete-Tahiti is the administrative center of Tahiti. The city’s name can be literally translated as "water from the basket". This unusual name appeared due to the area’s orientation – this place had always been an important center of agriculture. When first Europeans appeared on the island, they were astonished by the level of economic and...
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  Papeete Tahiti

The largest island in French Polynesia and the location of its capital, Tahiti, has long attracted the attention of thousands of curious tourists. The island provides a lot of natural and historical sites; there are unique museums and cultural centers. Tahiti features world-class resort areas, so there is well-developed tourist infrastructure. In addition to gorgeous beaches the island is...
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Interactive Map of French Polynesia

Hotels in French Polynesia guide to French Polynesia - major cities, sightseeings, attractions, touristic places, architecture and cuisine. Prepare your trip to French Polynesia together with - find out the things to do in French Polynesia, which places to visit, which excursions to take, where the breathtaking views are waiting for you. Plan your own tour through French Polynesia online. Travel guide by OrangeSmile Tours.