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Volcanic islands, dense tropic forests, unforgettable underwater world and many secluded places away from noisy urban life that are perfect for relaxation – you will find all these and more in French Polynesia. The biggest island of the collectivity is known to everyone. It’s Tahiti or, as locals like to call it, “the island of love”. It is better to start exploration of French Polynesia from a visit to this beautiful island as it has sights and entertainment to fit even most discerning travellers.
The luxury hotels in French Polynesia, deserving attention of the most discerning traveler.
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The capital of the island, Papeete, is a wonderful place that has both beautiful nature and interesting landmarks. Among spacious parkways and flowerbeds, you will see such magnificent buildings as Presidential Palace, Notre Dame Papeete Cathedral, the Bishop Residence and numerous monuments, most of which are built to celebrate an important event or a famous person. There are several national parks and reserves on the island. They are very popular with travellers, especially with alpinists who simply adore mountain slopes of Tahiti.
Moorea Island is no less beautiful than Tahiti. This island is famous for its numerous sanctuaries. There are more than a hundred churches and cathedrals on the island, but besides that Moorea is a great place to see the beauty of nature in its splendour. The most famous destinations there include the Dolphin Centre, Vairoro Falls and Opunohu Bay. The bay is also an important historic site as that is the place where Captain Cook landed in 1769. Copyright
The luxury hotels in French Polynesia, deserving attention of the most discerning traveler.
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Tetiaroa atoll is a wonderful place that attracts many travellers who come to see rich underwater life, fascinating reefs, exotic birds and white sand beaches.

Probably, only Bora Bora can conquer with Tahiti in terms of beauty and unforgettable exotic nature. The main place of interest of the island is also very unusual – the Coral Garden underwater park. Every year many tourists come to Bora Bora to see this park with their own eyes. In Coral Garden, they can see many exotic fishes, shellfish, sharks and dolphins. Besides that, there are more than 40 interesting historic landmarks on the island. The villages of Vaiotaha, Farerua, Poovai and Marotetini hide many interesting sights, such as ancient ritual stones, old buildings and hidden caves. The island of Huahine is known as one of most mystic places in French Polynesia. Here tourists can see ruins of buildings that once belonged to the ancient Maui civilization. The remains of their sanctuaries can be found in Vaitotia and Fahia villages. Archaeologists keep working almost everywhere on the island, finding more and more buildings and new facts about life many centuries ago.

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From the series “The most beautiful islands on the planet”
Among the islands of French Polynesia you must mention the romantic island of Moorea. When you look at this wonderful island from the height, their outlines remind of the heart. The exotic island is as found for the romantic recreation. Many couples choose it for honeymoon and wedding ceremony. For the couples, the incredibly beautiful ceremonial ceremonies are carried out on the island, and even the documents on the palm cortex are given. Although these papers do not have legal force, they are very popular among the romantic people.

The island of Moorea is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the water sports. Temae Beach is one of the most comfortable and popular beaches. The picturesque island is more than 133 square kilometers, so every holidaymaker can find a place where he can … Read all


From the series “The most beautiful islands on the planet”
The island of Bora-Bora, whose area is no more than 38 square kilometers, has long been associated with elite recreation in the romantic atmosphere. The length of the island is about 9 km, and the width reaches 5 km. The island is surrounded by fairytale beautiful coral reefs. Not far from the coast are some tiny villages. Around 9,000 people live on Bora-Bora Island. The central part of the island has remained unchanged for thousands of years and is covered by impenetrable tropical forests.

The most remarkable natural attraction of the island is the picturesque lagoon that the divers from all over the world can see. The lagoon is quite deep so you can see in it besides thousands of colorful fish also quite large underwater inhabitants, including the rare shark species and barracudas. A … Read all
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Within last few centuries Papeete has been damaged by disasters several times. They have led to serious damages and have taken thousands of citizens’ lives. In 1884 the city was almost completely burnt by fire, and after 12 years it was severely damaged by the torrential rains. Today Papeete is one of the most popular beach resorts. This is a modern city full of attractions and perfect for attractive and comfortable rest. The central part of city is Toata Square. Here are located main … Read more
This resort attracts beach rest connoisseurs as well. The coastal line here is clean and silent, and multiple scuba diving schools are ready to accept tenths of visitors every day. You can combine your rest on a hot beach with long walks on shadowy tropics. Guides will get you acquainted with local flora and fauna; you can also entertain yourself by visiting the dolphin show – a truly magnificent performance. People, who enjoy marine fishing, can make a ride on a boat with a transparent … Read more
The resort also draws attention of beach lovers. The coast here is clear and calm, and numerous diving schools are ready to greet dozens of visitors every day. The rest on a hot beach can be combined with walks in shady tropics, the guides will get you acquainted with the inhabitants of the local flora and fauna. You can also visit the dolphin show – this is a truly fascinating performance. Sea fishing lovers will surely enjoy overnight trips on boats. You can also look at the inhabitants of … Read more
Tahiti Island
One of the emblematic sights of the island is Point Venus. In 1769, outstanding scientists and researchers came there from various countries; the famous explorer, James Cook, was among them. Scientists were attracted by the unique astronomical event that happens once in 243 years, the transit of Venus across the solar disk. Today, the legendary Point Venus is a must-see destination of excursions around the island; there is a memorial plaque on the old lighthouse. Among the historical monuments … Read more
The main natural landmark of the island is a huge lagoon. It is located in its central part and is connected with the ocean by a single narrow passage. In the immediate vicinity of the lagoon, there are many interesting places to explore, including beautiful palm groves. It should be noted, that the palm tree has long been a symbol of the island. Travellers actively purchase handicrafts and souvenirs with the image of a palm tree in local handicraft shops. Despite the fact, that … Read more

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