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Abaco Bahamas 048 The Bahamas have always had an aura of luxury, prestige and success. This is an upscale resort that is sometimes called “Switzerland in the Caribbean” because the Bahamas have not only many hotels, but also banks, office and business centres. As a rule, visitors are simply charmed by mesmerizing beauty of local nature, numerous landmarks and rich choice of entertainment, including most original and unusual ones.
The luxury hotels in Bahamas, deserving attention of the most discerning traveler.
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Tourists, who want to enjoy the silence and relax in pristine nature, are recommended to visit the following islands: Grand Bahamas, Andros, Bimini, Berry and Exuma. These islands are well-known among fans of scuba diving and underwater fishing. Some islands have aqua parks and swimming pools where visitors can swim with dolphins, watch shark feeding or simply enjoy a yacht ride along the coastline.
The capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, has developed tourist infrastructure. Guests are welcome to participate in various excursions. The local fortress is one of the most famous historic landmarks of Nassau. Built in the 18th century, the fortress has survived in excellent condition, and its halls still have the atmosphere of elegance and chasteness of previous centuries. The Queen’s Staircase is one of the most famous landmarks in the Bahamas. The staircase has 66 steps and leads to a beautiful observation deck that features magnificent views of the city and bay. Copyright
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The Parliament Square is the heart of Nassau. Here you will see a beautiful statue of Queen Victoria made of marble. The statue is the main decoration of the square, but there are also several historic administrative buildings there. Most of these buildings were finished in the beginning of the 19th century. These are the buildings of Royal Court, Administration of the Colony and Parliament. Charlotte Fortress is another important historic building and tourist sight. The fortress was built in 1788 and there are many legends and interesting stories associated with it.
Eleuthera Without a doubt, the Bahamas are rich not only in historic places of interest. Atlantis Water Park will be a great choice for visitors who seek entertainment. The territory of the park is divided into 14 separated parks. There are artificial lagoons, underwater labyrinths, swimming pools and rides there.
The luxury hotels in Bahamas, deserving attention of the most discerning traveler.
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Guests, who cannot imagine their vacation without nightlife, bustling parties, night clubs and casinos, are advised to visit the Paradise Island. Tourists, who prefer sport activities, will definitely enjoy their visit to the Grand Bahama Island that is famous for its sport centres. There are several tennis courts, golf fields, football fields and basketball courts in Freeport town. Freeport is also famous for its markets and shopping centres.
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National and city parks of Bahamas
♥   National Park 'Andros Blue Holes National Park' . On the map   Photos
♥   National Park 'Andros Crab Replenishment Reserve' . On the map   Photos
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Famous and uniques places in Bahamas from our review series

Pink Sands Beach

From the series “Most fabulous and magic beaches”
One of the most romantic beaches in the world is located in the Bahamas. Pink Sands Beach  has long been a landmark of world importance. This beach is unique because of incredibly amazing pink sand. This part of coast belongs to Harbor Beach. The color of the sand is owed to protozoa foraminifera living on coral reefs. The carapace of these microorganisms is painted in a bright pink or red color. During a storm, the smallest shells are thrown on the shore, where they are mixed with pieces of white sand, giving it the unique color.

It is also worth noting that the pink beach is very comfortable to have a rest. Tourists can not just sunbathing on its unusual sand. The coast is ideal for jogging and sports. Strong waves are rather rare here. The exotic beach also attracts divers, as the … Read all

Pink Sands Beach

From the series “Top 15 most romantic beaches on Earth”
One of the most romantic beaches on the planet should be sought in the Bahamas, or rather, on Harbor Island. It is here that a charming Pink Sands Beach is located - a beach with pink sand and crystal clear water of azure hue. Its unusual appearance, a sandy beach is due to the corals located on the coast. Tiny particles of which are mixed with grains of sand and give it a pink tinge. The amazing beach is located in the eastern part of the island, its length is about 3000 meters

In the close proximity of the coast is a coral reef, which stops high waves. Pink Sands Beach is considered to be one of the most peaceful and safe beaches in the world and is popular not only among dreamers and lovers, but also among divers. Harbor Island is a location of several chic hotels in which world-famous … Read all

Pink Sands Beach

From the series “Stunning beauty places of the earth, unknown to tourists”
The Bahamas are a pool of chic spa resorts, luxurious hotels and unbelievable beaches. On the island of Harbor is probably one of the most romantic places in the world - the Pink Sands beach. The name of the pink beach is due to the beautiful mussel sand. The fairytale beautiful beach with the pink bank line and the azurblauen water looks fantastic. The stretch of the unique beach is about 5 km. The magazine Forbes has named the strange beach as the most beautiful on the earth.

The pink beach has relatively few guests, and not because of the difficult access. It is about this island that only the chic hotels, restaurants and clubs are located, the recreation in which only the rich celebrities can afford. In the health resort there is a calm and united atmosphere. You can easily find a … Read all
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In 1928, a water tower was built on the island, which is now considered one of its main attractions. Its height is about 40 meters, not so long ago a viewing platform was installed at the top of the tower. It is the highest observation deck in the Bahamas: in clear weather, from here you can see the famous island's sights and even other nearby islands. The Public Library building is of great architectural value - it is a vivid example of colonial architecture. The beautiful structure with … Read more
The Abako Islands have best world-known yachting centres, amateurs of beach recreation and various sports will have an excellent opportunity to diversify their vacation by walking in historical places. The largest city of Marsh Harbor is located on the island of Great Abako, whose main historical symbol is Seaview Castle. It was built by a famous American physician Evans Kottman, who spent the last years of his life in the Bahamas and wrote a book about them. The beautiful castle has been … Read more
Harbour Island
Its hallmark are pink beaches - an amazing natural phenomenon, that gives a miniature island a huge popularity. The explanation for this amazing natural phenomenon is quite simple. Mollusks Foraminifera inhabit the coastal waters of the island. Their shells have a rich pink colour. They dash against the coral reef in a storm or waves and afterwards, they mix with white sand. The beaches look just spectacular. In addition to unusual natural attractions, there are also noteworthy historical … Read more

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