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Spier Wine farm, Stellenbosch The Republic of South Africa offers a variety of entertaining activities to its guests, so there’s no wonder why every year more and more travelers come to visit this wonderful country. Gauteng region is considered the historical center of the country as the colonization of South Africa started from it. Travelers are continuously interested in visiting such cities as Pretoria and Johannesburg, which are already not separated cities anymore and have been united into one big metropolis.
South Africa is a country amazing in many ways. It has 11 official languages, including English, so most locals are fluent in it. The culture of the …
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There are several large culture centers here, with Market Feature complex being the most famous one. The complex includes art galleries, theatres and restaurants. Various exhibitions are not rare here, so travelers are welcome to see beautiful pictures and sculptures, and purchase the items they like. The building of the National Library provides space for two interesting museums – the Museum of Geology and the Museum of History. Besides that, travelers are recommended to visit the building of the old post and Oppenheimer Gardens located behind it. This is a beautiful and romantic place that is particularly charming in the evening.
Fans of shopping are very welcome in the city of Durban that is famous for its colorful oriental bazaars. This is a popular upscale resort that attracts visitors with its magnificent beaches and to hotels. The region of Maputaland is a wonderful destination for fans of active rest. This is a piece of untouched nature, where the desert meets impenetrable tropical forests. Safaris in giant dunes can be perfectly mixed with walks in shadowy forests here. Copyright
Multicultural and diverse South Africa is a country with a rich history, about which many of its museums and historical monuments tell. District Six …
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The western part of the country is famous for its nature parks and reserves. Don’t forget to include a visit to such beautiful parks as Madikwe Game Reserve, Faan Meintjies, Botsalano Game Reserve, Park of Reptiles and Animals, Pilanesberg National Park and “Golden Reef” Attraction Park into your excursion program.
Fans of nighttime entertainment will enjoy a short stay in Sun City that is sometimes called “the Las Vegas of South Africa”. Countless casinos, restaurants, bars and other entertainment facilities are open every night. Finally, it’s worth mentioning the beauty of Cape Town, one of the most visited cities in the country. This is a modern metropolis that has managed to keep the unique atmosphere of wild nature.
South Africa can offer tourists a variety of adventures to meet the most sophisticated taste. Many South African agencies and companies offer tourists …
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History and Entertainment

The first settlements on the territory of South Africa were formed long time ago. At present, there are several important archeological districts in the country. One of the most interesting districts is Sterkfontein where the remains of ancient people’s sites had been found in caves. Little is known of the early history of the country. The first written references to the European settlements established here date back to the middle of the 17th century. In 1652, the first Dutch settlement was formed at the Cape of Storms that was later called the Cape of Good Hope.
The British colonization began in the late 18th century. For hundreds of years, European colonizers faced a serious aborigines’ resistance. In the 19th century, the country saw multiple Boer Wars. During that period, the situation of the natives deteriorated significantly because of finding rich gold deposits in the country. Due to this, the number of European colonizers had grown a lot and this provoked a conflict between Britons and South African Dutch. As a result, several independent colonies were formed and then, in 1910, unified into the Union of South Africa. Consequently, it became independent from Great Britain only in 1961.
1. The Republic of South Africa is a developing country, and the quality of the water is far from ideal here. Tourists in South Africa must avoid …
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South Africa attracts travelers not only with various nature and historical attractions. The country is also visited by shopping enthusiasts. In local markets and shops, you can buy luxurious jewels with gems that are much cheaper here than in many European countries. The country is also notable for its high-quality textiles. Silk clothes are especially popular with tourists. Amazing accessories made of genuine crocodile leather are sold in markets and workshops.
The national cuisine is characterized by active use of spices that are some of the most demanding souvenirs in markets. For hundreds of years, the South African people have mastered handicrafts. In all cities and towns, there are workshops where beautiful wooden articles and decorations in national style are sold. Local markets resemble traditional eastern fairs where you always can find popular spices, picturesque handmade carpets and jewels in Eastern style.
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Map of all parks
National and city parks of South Africa
♥   National Park 'Augrabies Falls National Park' . On the map   Photos
♥   National Park 'Bontebok National Park' . On the map   Photos
♥   National Park 'Camdeboo National Park' . On the map   Photos
♥   World Heritage Site 'Cape Floral Region Protected Areas' . On the map   Photos
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Map of all castles
Castles of South Africa
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Famous and uniques places in South Africa from our review series

Vredefort Crater

From the series “Largest meteorite craters on Earth”
The largest impact crater of the planet is in South Africa. Vredefort is a landmark of world importance; in 2005 it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The diameter of the crater is 380 km. Currently, there is the city of the same name here. The crater has formed after a collision of Earth and the asteroid that was more than 10 km in diameter as scientists assume.

This catastrophe was the largest in the history of the planet. It happened about two billion years ago. Today, we can only guess, how devastating the effects of the disaster were. Currently, the Vredefort crater is attractive not only for scientists and researchers, but also for many tourists who wish to walk in the unique area. The crater is so large that it’s impossible to see it in a full-size from the earth. … Read all

Cape Town

From the series “The most magical and picturesque cities in the world”
Another city that is able to impress with the abundance of colours on its streets is Cape Town, more precisely, its historical district Bo-Cap. Today, this residential area of Cape Town is considered a real open-air museum, and all due to amazing colorful houses. The district acquired its present appearance quite recently. Local people began painting their houses in the 90s of the last century. Such changes happened due to the long-awaited end of apartheid. The appearance of the historical district is unique and is a symbolic reminder of an important event in the history of Cape Town.

In the colorful area of Bo-Cap there are several important attractions. Besides colorful villas, tourists will have an opportunity to see the beautiful Nurul Islam mosque, which was built in 1844. In … Read all

Augrabies Falls

From the series “Most fanciful waterfalls of the planet”
In South Africa there is the unique Augrabies Falls, which is located on the territory of the National Park of the same name. The height of this waterfall is about 60 meters. From one of the local dialects its name is translated as 'place of big noises'. One of the main particularities of the Augrabies Falls is its gorge, whose depth is 240 meters, and the length is 18 km. The waterfall looks very impressive. Its noise is heard from far away.

The Augrabies is the third-highest waterfall in Africa. This indicator gives it even the legendary Victoria Falls. Its name the waterfall got in 1778. The name came up with a Finnish researcher Hendrik Jakob Wikar. The waterfall is incredibly powerful and affects with the amount of falling water. In the period of high water, it throws about 7000 … Read all
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Sightseeing in popular cities of South Africa

Cape Town
Those who like to stroll through unusual historical places should go to the Robben Island. It is located near the coast of Cape Town. The entire territory of the island is a World Heritage site. To many, this island is known for being where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. At various times on the isolated island, there was a military base, a prison and a hospital. On the island there were many interesting historical buildings. Among the variety of natural attractions, it is … Read more
In the vicinity of Johannesburg is the ethnic village of Lesedi. It will be a great place to explore the culture and traditions of the indigenous population. On the territory of this village are the dwellings of the five main tribes of South Africa. Travelers in this open-air museum will have a lot of entertainment. They will be able to try on the national costumes of the leaders, learn how to play amazing musical instruments and take part in incredibly interesting rituals. Every day, there … Read more
Pretoria hosts one of the largest astronomical observatories in South Africa called the Radcliffe Observatory. It was founded in the late 18th century in Oxford. From England, the observatory was transferred to the territory of South Africa in 1970. Several times a week they held exciting excursions, during which you can see the technical equipment of the observatory and even try out some of its telescopes. Pretoria is famous for its picturesque gardens and parks. Khantam Garden is one of the … Read more
Many old mansions in the historic district have been transformed into interesting souvenir and antiquity shops. Some of these shops are no less exciting to attend than museums as they offer numerous artworks, beautiful woven baskets and bags, and unusual house decorations. Fans of thrilling experiences are usually in love with excursions to the local crocodile farm, Le Bonheur. At the farm, visitors can see one of the most dangerous reptiles in the world very close. Le Bonheur has been … Read more

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