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A country of great steeps, Kazakhstan never ceases to amaze its guests with numerous wonders of nature, fascinating places and unique culture. When describing the most interesting places in Kazakhstan, the city of Almaty should be mentioned first. The city is widely known for its spectacular architecture, spacious parks and modern entertainment centres. Panfilov Park is a favourite place of rest for both citizens and guests of Almaty. The park is also the location of an architectural landmark – Zenkov Cathedral. Almost all buildings of the Russian Empire period were destroyed by a devastating earthquake that happened in 1911. The cathedral was one of a few surviving buildings and it’s a true miracle given that the fragile building is made of wood. The Central State Museum is considered the largest cultural centre in the country. The museum exhibits collections of archaeological and historical findings.
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The modern capital of the country, Astana, is no less beautiful. The city is home to several important landmarks, such as one of the oldest universities in Kazakhstan, which was named after L. Gumilev. The university is surrounded by a big park, two theatres and several museums.
The ancient city of Turkistan is an important tourist destination because of one prominent landmark. This is Mausoleum of Khwaja Ahmad Yasavi, which is famous far beyond the borders of the country. There are several important sights in the piedmont region of the country, such as Tanbaly famous for the ancient art on the rocks. The drawings made during the prehistoric era feature animals, hunting scenes and newer drawings depict Buddhist symbols. Tanbaly is also famous for its picturesque fairs, where tourists can buy various goods, from national pastries to souvenirs. Copyright
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Fans of nature landmarks should consider visiting Trans-Ili Alatau. This is a unique national park with magnificent mountains, giant glaciers, beautiful valleys and lakes. Popular excursion routes were made on mountain slopes, across fast streams and flower fields. Alpinists will be pleased to conquer Khan Tengri Peak that was named one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Khan Tengri was chosen the location of an annual sports festival that gathers extreme sports masters from all over the world. Kolsay Lakes feature a truly breath-taking view. These three crystal clear lakes are filled with water from glaciers. The lakes are surrounded by dense forest and can be reached by foot. Travellers can also see the lakes from the bird’s eye view and make an excursion in a helicopter.
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Famous and uniques places in Kazakhstan from our review series

Semipalatinsk Test Site

From the series “The most radioactive zones on the planet”
The Semipalatinsk test site is located in Kazakhstan. It was the first place in the Soviet Union for the nuclear bombs tryout. That significant event happened in August, 1949. Since then, the area of ​​18 500 square meters was a regular place of the testing nuclear weapons. Today, the landfill is a true champion of the world in the number of nuclear explosions per unit of area. Roughly estimated, numerous tests have affected about 200 000 people.

Various interesting stories are associated with this landfill. During the Soviet era, there was a secret city of Moscow-400, which was later renamed in Kurchatov. Today, this city is closed, but people lived there up to the 90s of the last century. The bulk of the population were soldiers and scientists, who were involved in the development … Read all

Duman Oceanarium

From the series “The coolest and largest oceanariums in the world”
Surprisingly, one of the most incredible aquariums of the planet can be found among the desert steppes of Kazakhstan. The Duman Oceanarium, which was opened in 2003, presents to the visitors a rich collection of marine life featuring about 2.5 thousand representatives. The volume of the central aquarium is 3.5 million liters. A project of oceanarium was developed by the best specialists of the Chinese company Asiocean International, as well as specialists from Russia. Actually, Duman is a huge entertainment complex, which in addition to the huge aquariums with marine life and traditional acrylic tunnel, has lots of amazing surprises.

Visitors will be able to visit an ultra-modern cinema, relax in one of the cozy cafes, walk around the shops, and even try their luck at the casino. Great … Read all

Aksu Zhabagly Reserve

From the series “Places hiding fossils of dinosaurs”
One of the most important natural sights of Kazakhstan is the Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve. It attracts not only with its nature, but with fossil too. During the Jurassic period, almost the entire western part of modern Kazakhstan was flooded with waters of the Tethys Sea. A lot of ancient animals lived on its banks and in the deep sea. During paleontological research in modern times, remains of pliosaurs and flying reptiles were found. The most amazing findings were discovered on the shores of ancient Karatau lake.

Besides its archaeological wealth, Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve is famous for many more incredible sensations. A few decades ago, the country was shaken by the news that near the village of Zhabagly several local residents have seen an unknown creature, resembling the … Read all
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Sightseeing in popular cities of Kazakhstan

Kok-Tube hill is, without a doubt, one of the most famous places in Alma Ata. The hill’s height estimates 1130 meters. You can reach the peak by car or use a cable railroad. On the top you will find Kazakhstan’s TV tower, several nature reserves and overwhelmingly beautiful groves and forests. The Republic Palace is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the country. Many concerts and festivals take place here. This place has changed its name not so long ago. Earlier the palace … Read more
The central part of the city is called Water-Green Boulevard and is made for pedestrians only. The main facility and decoration here is a unique three-level bridge – a real masterpiece of modern architects. The lowest level of the bridge is used as a car parking. The central level is a place for offices, exhibition halls, shops and restaurants. The third level is a pedestrian street decorated with wonderful street lamps, sculptures and decorative trees. Among modern buildings the one that … Read more

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