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Unique nature of Iceland remains its signature landmark. Volcanic landscapes, mountain rivers and lakes, hot springs and waterfalls make the country look truly unusual and unforgettable. However, Iceland is rich not only in wonderful nature as there are as well many landmarks there. The best way to start your acquaintance with the historic heritage of the country is to visit its capital, the city of Reykjavik.
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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The Parliament House and the building of the Government are among the most famous architectural landmarks of the city. Both the buildings were constructed in the 18th century. There are many old buildings in Reykjavik, but the majority were transformed into shops and restaurants, so a simple walk on the streets of the city will let you see many interesting buildings. Continue your excursion program by visiting the National Gallery of Iceland and National Museum that exhibit collections of mostly historic items. Don’t forget to visit Hallgrímskirkja Church. This is one of a few churches in Europe made in modern style. Fans of nature will be pleased to visit the local botanic garden.
Reykjavik suburbs are famous mostly thanks to interesting nature places. A trip to Esja Volcano is very popular with tourists. The slopes of the volcano are flat, so one doesn’t need to be an alpinist to climb up. The Hengil region is home to one more prominent landmark – the big valley of geysers. There are several big pools in the valley. Iceland is a country of geysers, there are more than 7 thousand hot springs there, and the majority of these springs have been combined into special fields. Haudakalur, which is located on the south of Iceland, is the largest geyser field in the country. Copyright
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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Travellers are also recommended to visit the geothermal lake “Blue Lagoon”, which is located on Reykjanes Peninsula. The temperature in the lake never falls below +16C, and because of high content of salt and minerals the water in the lake has a specific blue colour. When it comes to describing nature attractions of Iceland, we simply cannot fail to mention wonderful waterfalls. The most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland are Gullfoss, Godafoss, Skougarfoss, Dettifoss, and Haifoss. A visit to the main volcanoes of the country – Hekla, Laki and Helgafell – will be no less interesting. Many sleeping volcanoes can be found on Surtsey Island, which has become very popular with local fans of fishing. Grimsey Island is famous for its wild nature and rich fauna. The island can be reached by ferry.

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Famous and uniques places in Iceland from our review series

Ellidaey Island

From the series “The most cozy towns full of Zen”
Those who want to stay away from the bustling cities and oppressive manifestations of a civilization have to go to Iceland, to the island of Ellidaey. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago. The area of ​​this tiny picturesque island is about 0.5 square km. If you look at the island from afar, it resembles a large hill with a steep slope. The place attracts travelers with its peaceful surroundings and picturesque scenery.

The island has formed about 5 000 years ago after an eruption of a volcano. For several hundred years, people have been living in its territory. They have being engaged in cattle breeding and fisheries. However, already by 1930, all the locals left the island and today it is uninhabited. The island is home to many birds. Watchers come … Read all

Surtsey Island

From the series “Top 11 dangerous spots for adrenaline-seekers”
In Iceland, there is also a place that is highly undesirable to visit. That’s the Surtsey island. It was formed quite recently, during the eruption of an underwater volcano in 1963. The site immediately caught the attention of scientists. For more than 50 years, it remains a place of scientific experiments and studies. The island is 2.7 square km. For scientists, it is a visual model of the appearance of the volcanic island and origin of the life on it.

Now, the scientists observe how the life is developed on the island. The first bacteria has colonized it in only a few hours after the onset of the volcanic pumice over the water. Access to the island is prohibited to unauthorized persons, although it doesn’t show a direct threat to life and health. Casual visitors can jeopardize the … Read all

Rock Hvitserkur

From the series “Top 15 most fantastic creations of nature”
Incredibly beautiful places and formations, in the existence of which is hard to believe, can be found in Iceland. Hvitserkur Rock is in the north of Vatnsnes peninsula off the coast. It is also known to tourists under its unofficial name, the Drinking Dinosaur. This huge rock actually reminds of a dinosaur that bowed its head to the water. This rock was formed by an erosion. Under influence of the environment, it’s steadily destroying. To preserve the amazing natural heritage, it was decided to strengthen the rock with concrete.

The rock of 15 meters height is located in the Gulf of Hunafloi. Every day, hundreds of tourists come to admire it. The best time to visit the attraction is low tide, as you can go to the rock along the sandy coast. At high tide, the rock is completely … Read all
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Sightseeing in popular cities of Iceland

Austurvalur Square is located in the center of the city. The square overlooks the House of Parliament. Hatlgrimskirkya Cathedral is located right opposite to the house. The height of one of its towers estimates 75 meters. The cathedral has become a symbol of the city, its towers are perfectly visible even from the neighborhood. The bell tower of the cathedral is equipped with an observation area. Everyone can climb up and enjoy the beauty of the city in all its details. Austurstraeti Street is … Read more
Fans of rock will be interested in visiting the “Icelandic Rock and Roll Museum”, which offers visitors a very unusual exposition. There are several beautiful thematic installations, and collections of old records, musical instruments and even personal belongings of world famous artists can be seen. This museum is very popular among tourists with children, because it also has interactive exhibits. There is real equipment from the recording studio and everyone can learn how to work on it. … Read more

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