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The capital of Japan and a popular tourist area, Tokyo is rich in attractions and entertainments. In addition to rich cultural program travelers get an opportunity to attend modern sports facilities and entertainment complexes. The architecture of modern buildings is simply striking; here you will see many tall buildings made of glass and metal, as well as hotels equipped according to the latest...
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Kanagawa prefecture is located on Honshu Island. Today this is one of the main industrial centers of the country. Despite the fact that Kanagawa was severely destroyed by the earthquake in 1923 and then suffered loss during World War II, today this is a modern and well-developed region. Nowadays on the territory of the prefecture you can see numerous modern machine building and chemical...
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Until 1868 Kyoto was the residence of the emperor, the capital and the spiritual center of Japan. On the territory of the city are located 17 ancient temples, large number of historical monuments, many of which are under the patronage of UNESCO. Buddhism has made a crucial impact on the formation of the architectural style of the country. Even nowadays Buddhist temples amaze visitors by their...
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Kobe is an ancient port city, an international center of trading and a large industrial region. Nowadays on the territory of this city work several factories operating in such areas as chemical and military industries. In many aspects Kobe is an important city that pays a great rope in overall prosperity of the country. The city was founded in the beginning of the 8th century. At that time it was...
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The city is located in the central part of the country and is characterized by the presence of the highest mountain ranges in Japan (Hotaka, Jari, Kiso and Akaisi), between which flow fast mountain rivers, the largest of which are Hime, Chikuma and Kiso. This unique landscape has made its impact on climatic conditions of the region. In summer it is pretty cool in Nagano, and winters are always...
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The city is located in a picturesque bay surrounded by mountains from all sides. For a long time Nagasaki was the only port city that enables the communication with Europe. In 1945 the city faced a real tragedy – it became the victim of atomic bombing. A large part of the city was destroyed, and the explosion killed 25 thousand of people. Due to the fact Nagasaki is located mostly in hilly...
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Niigata is one of the largest prefectures of the country and the leading manufacturer of rice. That is why the prefecture is sometimes called "rice basket". As the forest industry is also well-developed here, numerous furniture factories and industrial wood processing plants have recently appeared in this city. Niigata is also known as an important center of land and sea transport, and the local...
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Okayama is an important transportation and education center in Japan, as well as a city with rich cultural heritage and complex history. It was founded in 1889 and was considered a major industrial area. During the years of the Second World War the city was completely destroyed and so it had to be completely rebuilt. Today Okayama is very attractive in terms of tourism; here you will find...
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