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Czech Republic is an old country that is home to numerous old buildings, magnificent castles and fortresses. Main tourist routes include visits to the most famous landmarks, any of which has its unique history and many legends. It’s worth mentioning the most famous sights of the country, visiting which always leave travellers pleased and helps learning more about Czech Republic and its history.
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Orlik Castle got its name because of its unusual location. The castle is located on a hill near water, and from far away the castle really reminds of an aery. This amazing building was constructed in the 13th century and during many centuries it was used as a royal fortress. Hluboka Castle is located nearby; according to locals, this is the most romantic and cosy castle of the country. Indeed, the castle looks more like a luxurious castle than a protective building. Several halls of the castle have been turned into a museum that currently exhibits a large collection of tapestries, arms and weapons. The territory around the castle is also worth attention as many rare trees grow there. This park zone is protected by the government and is considered a national park.
Konopiste Castle is no less beautiful and grandiose than the previously mentioned two. The castle is located near the rivers Elbe and Vltava. As the castle had a strategically beneficial location, many mansions and palaces were built near it. During several centuries Konopiste Castle remained the residence of Czech princes and kings. Prague suburbs are the location of one more landmark – Terezin Fortress. The fortress got its name after the great empress Maria Theresa. Terezin Fortress was built in the 18th century; this is a large garrison city that was initially founded to protect the land against Prussian army. Copyright
Monuments and architectural objects, notable for the history and culture of the country. …
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Besides interesting architectural landmarks, there are many beautiful parks and nature reserves in Czech. The so called “Czech Switzerland” is the most famous landmark of its kind. The reserve is located in the northern part of the country and features dense forests, deep canyons, mountain rivers, picturesque valleys, green hills and rocks. The Czech Paradise Park is a perfect place for camping and active rest. The park is located in the piedmont area, and it’s easy to reach it from such ancient cities as Turnov, Mlada Boleslav and Jicin that are located in the mountains. They are famous for magnificent religious buildings. It is also worth mentioning the Czech Caves National Park that had great archaeological and geological importance.

History and Entertainment

The first references to the lands of the Czech Republic date back to the late 9th century. At that time, they were under the Princely Dynasty of Premyslovci. Consequently, the Czech Kingdom was formed here. By the middle of the 15th century, it fell into decline because of multiple military conflicts with neighboring countries. Then, the weakened country was under Austria-Hungary. When the First World War had ended, the independent Republic of Czechoslovakia was established. Another turning point in the history of the country was the Second World War, after which Czechoslovakia was recognized as a socialist country. The country abandoned the socialist development in 1989 when the Velvet Revolution had been adopted. In 1993, the country was divided into two independent parts, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Central Europe. The cuisine of this country is world famous for its wonderful beer and juicy meat used …
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The country with such a rich history has a lot of interesting national symbols and features. The real pride of the Czechs is their national cuisine. It is characterized with very nourishing and sustaining national dishes, some of which have been cooked by unchangeable recipes since the Ancient Times. The foundation of the Czech cuisine is meat dishes: meat here is cooked in very different ways. It is fried and steamed, added to pies and used to cook sausages and pate.
At every national restaurant, the visitor is always offered to taste a pork knuckle stewed in beer. It is important to remember that this dish rarely weighs less than a kilo. The national Czech drink is beer. In some cities and towns, historical breweries have been working for several hundreds of years. Fans of this drink can take part in interesting themed tours, during which they can visit breweries in Prague, Velke Popovice, Krusovice, Plzen and other Czech towns.
The Czech Republic has a rich culture and a complicated history. The latter is reflected in the character of Czechs - they are typically quite private …
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During the year, a lot of beautiful holidays are celebrated in the Czech Republic. Many travelers love visiting the country on Christmas Eve and New Year holidays. On 6 January, the beautiful historical holiday - the Three Kings Day - is annually celebrated. The guests can also take part in many interesting entertainments during the Butter Week. Annually, the famous Food Festival is organized in Prague. In the second half of August, the major beer festival - Pilsner Fest - is held in Plzen.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Czech Republic

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Map of all parks
National and city parks of Czech Republic
♥   National Park 'Šumava' . On the map   Photos
Map of all Michelin restaurants
Michelin-starred restaurants in Czech Republic
♥   Restaurant 'La Veranda' Praha. Type - Mediterranean cuisine. On the map   Photos
♥   Restaurant 'Le Terroir' Prague. Type - Czech. On the map   Photos
♥   Restaurant 'MaSa by Hervé Rodriguez' Praha. Type - Modern cuisine. On the map   Photos
♥   Restaurant 'Maso A Kobliha' Praha. Type - Traditional cuisine. On the map   Photos
♥   Restaurant 'Monarch' Praha. Type - Spanish. On the map   Photos
Map of all palaces
Palaces in Czech Republic
♥   Palace 'Kinsky Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Kolowrat Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Liechtenstein Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Lobkowicz Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Martinic Palace' . On the map   Photos

Famous and uniques places in Czech Republic from our review series

Plzen Underground

From the series “Unbelievable Underground Mini-Cities”
The Czech Republic has an underground city Plzen that is famous for its 19-kilometre length tunnels. Earlier these complicated basements were used for product storages, sometimes locals used them for evacuation during the aggression upon them. This underground city has a great number of interesting legends. One of them says that the underground has treasures. The complex system of underground labyrinths was constructed even in the 14th century. Hundreds of years there were placed craft producers and a small wine factory.

Walking around the undergrounds, you can see a lot of saved technique equipment, the sewerage system, dumb wells and even huge wine pipes. It is quite hard to walk alone in the Plzen undergrounds, tunnels are rather twisted and it is easy to get lost. A walk with an … Read all

The Historic Centre of Prague

From the series “Top 15 Unesco Sites in Europe”
Travellers visiting Prague will have an opportunity to see one of the greatest historical and cultural monuments in Europe. Prague's historic district is divided into five distinct areas, each of which has its great features and attractions. Old Town is located on the right bank of the river Vltava. The history of its occurrence is worth knowing. In the 10th century, several tiny settlements were founded on the banks of the river. Later, they merged. The historic district reached its prime in the Middle Ages.

The town had remained unchanged until the mid-19th century, when a part of the medieval streets and buildings have been completely destroyed, and new ones were built on that place. At the same time, a part of the medieval and earlier monuments in the old city has been preserved, so … Read all

Sauna for All

From the series “Most Extraordinary Thermaes, Baths and Saunas in the World”
One of the most original attractions of the Czech town of Liberec is "Sauna for All", one of the most famous and original in the world. Its main feature is the location. The sauna has been built on stilts right in the middle of the river. The second and no less important feature is that the sauna is absolutely free, which is fully reflected in its name.

Specialists of the architectural studio Mjolk Architects built the sauna. To book a holiday in the sauna, you just need to call the studio. It is noteworthy that industrial waste has been used for the construction of the sauna such as wooden frames, plywood, spruce boards and aluminum sheets. There is an original complex near the city beach, so there is no lack of attention of locals and tourists.

Visitors to the sauna get there on an … Read all
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Sightseeing in popular cities of Czech Republic

The Prague Castle. The Charles Bridge features a fantastic view of the fortress and the Prague Castle . This is one of the most visited places in Prague. The fortress, in its turn, offers a fantastic view of the city. The construction of the castle was started in approximately 880 and was conducted in a variety of architectural styles. The Cathedral of St. Vitus also belongs to the fortress. Its construction was started in 1344, and was completed in 1929. The cathedral is the location of … Read more
Karlovy Vary
An important monument of architecture is the Mill Colonnade. Built in the 19th century, it represents a unique combination of Neo-Renaissance and Empire style. Within this beautiful building with arches, there are several mineral springs. To try out the water from them is completely free of charge. In the warm season, the architectural complex complements the diversity of exotic plants. Visiting of religious sites should be included in the tour. One of the most beautiful in the city is the … Read more
In Brno you can see many interesting architectural monuments; the fine example of the Modernist style is the Villa Tugendhat. It was built in 1930 and today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it has a lot of unique features. At the moment of building it was one of the most technically equipped in the city, looking at the villa now, it is difficult to imagine that it was built almost 100 years ago. This luxury villa with huge windows looks very modern. One more original place of interest is … Read more
Fans of unusual excursions should definitely visit the Horror Museum located in the heart of the city, on the ground floor of Hotel Central. The museum is housed in ancient dungeons built back in the 16th century. The museum's halls currently display a collection of terrible exhibits that can scare children and adults alike. The very hotel housed in a historic building is famous for its ghosts. Many people visit the museum in the hope of seeing a real ghost here. In the immediate vicinity … Read more
The most significant religious monument of the city is the Church of the Holy Cross. This beautiful church is considered to be one of the best architectural monuments in the Baroque style in the world it managed to fully preserve its pristine decoration. The decoration of this church is as beautiful as its appearance. The church contains icons and religious accessories that were brought here several hundred years ago. In the immediate vicinity of Liberec, you can also see many interesting … Read more
One of the main historic symbols of the city is chateau Kravaře located in the vicinity of the city. Originally, the castle dating back to the 14th century was a spectacular Gothic-style monument. The Kravaře has been repeatedly restored and rebuilt over the centuries, so its original appearance has nothing to do with the architecture we see today. The historic castle walls keep a museum, the main exhibits of which are antiquarian furniture and ancient works of art. Ostrava Gallery of … Read more

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