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Slovenia has long become a favorite place of rest among fans of eco-tourism, alpine ski and interesting excursions. The country is so diverse that every vacation there will be unique and unforgettable.
1. Slovenians do not like latecomers. Be it a formal event or an informal meeting, be sure to arrive exactly at the appointed time. It is better to …
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Those, who want to get acquainted with culture and landmarks of the country, are recommended to start from prominent places of Ljubljana. In this city travelers will find several hundred medieval buildings, the most famous of which being the Ljubljana Castle. First mentions of the castle belong to the middle of the 12th century, but, according to historians, it was built way earlier. Initially, the castle was built as a protective facility. In the 17th century it was transformed into a hospital, and later - into a prison. Nowadays, the castle has become a museum complex, where travelers will find a picture gallery, the Museum of History and outlets with crafts made by local masters. In summer, the castle often becomes the venue for different musical performances and concerts.
The history of the Saint Nicolas Cathedral is very interesting and unusual. In the 12th century, a small wooden church stood on the site of the modern cathedral, but it was completely destroyed by fire. Two centuries later, the construction of a cathedral started on the same site, but it was not ended as the unfinished cathedral was also destroyed by fire. Only in the 18th century a beautiful cathedral was built on the square. This is the cathedral we can see now. Besides interesting architectural landmarks, there is a wonderful botanic garden in Ljubljana. It was founded yet in 1810 and since that time it has become the biggest botanic garden in the country. Here visitors will find more than 4,500 plants from different parts of the world, which make the garden an important object on international level. Not only tourists, but also scientists visit the garden to see and study rare plants from a professional point of view. Travelers with kids will be delighted to visit the local zoo, which has become home for more than 600 species of animals, birds and reptiles. Copyright
in small friendly Slovenia, tourists with children will find everything they need to make family vacations enjoyable and useful. Kids will surely like …
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Do not forget to visit Novo Mesto, a wonderful city, the main symbol of which is Stari Grad (the Old Castle). The castle was built 7 centuries ago, and today its visitors are welcome to see its magnificent halls, walk in long corridors and enjoy panoramic views of the city from an observation deck, which is made in front of the castle. One more grandiose medieval castle is located in the city of Ptuj, which halls host galleries of modern art and inner yard has become a popular venue for different events.

History and Entertainment

The first settlements on the territory of present Slovenia were formed in the 6th century AD. Almost a hundred years later, they were unified into the first Slovene country named Carantania. This country had existed not for so long. In the first half of the 8th century, it was forced to become a Frankish protectorate. It fell under the Franks in 1180. In the years ahead, the territory of the country included several separate provinces that became parts of Austria-Hungary in the 14th century. Until the 18th century, the country had fallen into decline. Its economic and political development was shattered by the Thirty Years' War.
In Slovenia, it would be nice to visit museums, admire the architecture, enjoy nature and outdoor activities, but it's very important to set aside …
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The industrial and agricultural production was improved only in the second half of the 18th century. That period in the history of the country is often called the Slovenian Revival. After the end of the First World Ward in 1918, Austria-Hungary fell and Slovenia came to Italy. Consequently, the country became a part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and gained independence from this in 1991.
Maribor: Main Square (Glavni Trg) and  Plague Column At present, nothing reminds of the stressful past of the country and multiple military conflicts. Travelers come to Slovenia to enjoy its amazing unique atmosphere, relax on crystal clear Adriatic beaches, walk along mountainous areas and admire age-old forests.
In Slovenia, the traditions of ancient Europe and modern culture are intertwined in a unique way. Many Slovenian holidays have their roots deep in …
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The most popular beach resort in the country is Portoroz. Its sandy beach is often chosen by adherents of health tourism for their vacation. The point is that the sea water here is distinguished by various rare chemical compounds, so it has unique curative properties. It will be interesting for fans of beach recreation to have a vacation not only on the Adriatic coast. Excellent resorts are equipped even on some lakes. There are wonderful resorts on the shores of Bohinj and Bled.
Fountain on the rocks In the first half of December, ski resorts of Slovenia start welcoming the guests. The most popular resort here is Bovec. There are ski routes suitable for skiers of different levels. The resort is characterized with a well-developed infrastructure and is targeted at families with children. There are also several special health resorts in the country. Radenci is notable for its healing mineral springs. The resort of Strunjan is located near the deposits of healing muds.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Slovenia

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Map of all parks
National and city parks of Slovenia
♥   Landscape Park 'Južni in zahodni obronki Nanosa' . On the map   Photos
♥   Landscape Park 'Južni obronki Trnovskega gozda' . On the map   Photos
♥   Regional Park 'Kozjanski park' . On the map   Photos
♥   Landscape Park 'Krajinski park Drava' . On the map   Photos
♥   Landscape Park 'Krajinski park Jareninski dol' . On the map   Photos
Map of all castles
Castles of Slovenia
♥   Castle 'Bogenšperk Castle' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Bokalce Castle' . On the map   Photos
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♥   Castle 'Brdo Castle near Kranj' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Brežice Castle' . On the map   Photos

Famous and uniques places in Slovenia from our review series

Ljubljanica Waterfront

From the series “The Most Beautiful Waterfronts and Embankments”
Slovenia's capital has the charming embankment which went by a long Ljubljanica river. This embankment is very old and cozy. Along with it, you will see a lot of buildings with bricked roofs. Thanks to them the atmosphere of this place resembles the old times. The Triple Bridge, constructed by architect Jože Plečnik, is the main symbol of the embankment. The first pedestrian bridge has appeared there in 1842.

Within several years the town administration decided to rebuild this bridge. For that time, it became narrow for people. The talented architect offered to add one bridge to the left and right sides of the old one. Not far from the Triple Bridge the main square of Ljubljana has placed. Its name is Prešeren Square. The square was named in honor of the famous Slovenian poet. Around … Read all

Bled Town

From the series “Small Flamboyant Towns Painted with Van Gogh Colors”
The picturesque town of Bled is in Slovenia, close to the border with Austria and Italy. The main character of this ancient city is the castle, the first mention of which dates back to the beginning of the 11th century. The Bled Castle is located on a cliff top that is 130 meters high. This cliff overlooks the other prominent attraction of the region - Lake Bled.

The population of the town is slightly more than 5 200 people. The place has long been a popular tourist destination. It attracts tourists with its natural beauty and unique historical monuments, including an old castle and the St. Michael's Church. There are several fine hotels in Bled; some of them are located in elegant historic mansions. The chic Vila Bled hotel is among them. The facility is located in one of the most … Read all

River Mur Observation Tower

From the series “Elegant Architectural Structures for Fans of Skywalks”
An amazing building, which is sure to keep interest of height-lovers, is situated in Austria, on the banks of the Mur river. This river flows at the border of Austria and Slovenia. Scenic forests grow along its banks. If you will climb the observation tower, you will appreciate the unique landscape in all its glory. The tower features a rather complex shape of the double helix. Developers of the project were Munich architects.

Since its opening, the tower is a popular tourist attraction. Its original design allows to divide tourists into two groups - those who rise up and those who go down. The main building material was aluminium, so the construction of the tower costed managers of the project relatively low and didn't hurt the environment.

Generally, tourists visit the unique tower … Read all
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Sightseeing in popular cities of Slovenia

Maribor is an essential stop in thematic wine tours. Not far from the resort, there are historical wineries and large vineyards. Vinag wine cellars are one of the main landmarks of the region. They were founded several centuries ago, and until now these cellars remain among the largest in central Europe. The length of the underground tunnels is more than 2500 meters. The cellars constantly store more than 5.5 million liters of wine. Nowadays, the cellars are open for excursion groups. … Read more
A very unusual cultural center is the Railway Museum of Slovenia. Its opening took place in the 1960s. Now the museum occupies an interesting old building, in which the boiler room used to be. Among its main exhibits, there are old locomotives. Old equipments, which were used before on the railway, are also stored in the museum. This museum does not vary in scale, but all the exhibits collected in it are very valuable. The ancient Church of the Holy Trinity which was built in the 18th … Read more
The resort is famous for its first-class casinos, many of which have also acquired the status of historical sites. The most popular casinos and other entertainment facilities can be found on the waterfront. Local gambling establishments are frequented by even those who have never been interested in gambling. Many casinos are remarkable for their rich design, they have a bar where you can relax with a glass of your favorite cocktail and watch gamblers. A lot of interesting cultural events … Read more
Another unusual architectural monument is the Celje House that you can see when walking through the historic district. The beautiful stone house was built at the beginning of the 20th century. It was projected by Peter Brang, a famous architect from Vienna. The construction looks like it was built in the Middle Ages. In the period of the First World War, it has managed to survive in its initial form. In the historic district of Celje, there is the preserved water tower built in the … Read more
Novo Mesto
A kind of special attraction is the KaKandija Bridge built over the Krka River in the late 19th century. This transport bridge has been used for its intended purpose for more than a century, attracting tourists with its location in a picturesque area. The bridge and the river bank are ideal for making great panoramic pictures of the city, from here you can clearly see ancient buildings and tiled roof houses. The city has preserved a lot of interesting World War II sights, and a local … Read more

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