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The best way to start exploration of Australia is to visit Sydney – the most beautiful and matchless city of the country. You will find old quarters, modern business districts and shopping streets there. Tourists, who wish to see historical buildings, churches and monuments, should start with King Cross district. Narrow streets and beautiful squares of King Cross are home to art centers, museums and souvenir outlets. Elizabeth Street is a popular destination for shopping, and Homebush quarter, which is located nearby, is the location of Olympic sports facilities. The most popular cultural places of interest in Sydney include Sydney Museum of History and Anthropology, National Marine Museum, Memorial Art Gallery, the Museum of Applied Arts and Science, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Nicolson Antique Museum and Modern Art Museum.
Australia is a true paradise for fans of outdoor activities. Fans of dynamic pastime can ride on SUVs vehicles, make horseback riding, watch whales, …
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There are also several parks and reserves in the city, the most popular of which are Hyde Park and Park of Wild Animals of Australia. In Sydney, tourists can attend a very unusual excursion – a visit to the opal manufacture. Here visitors will see how the rock is processed, learn more interesting information about these precious stones and, of course, purchase the jewelry.
Perth is another Australian city that is worth attention. It is mostly famous for its numerous mines that quarry gold, diamonds and nickel. Perth is a wonderful place with typical Australian landscapes – high rocks, unusual trees and numerous exotic plants. Copyright
1. The territory of Australia occupies several climatic zones. Therefore, each of the regions of the country has its weather conditions. You can go to …
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Darwin is a city that hides many interesting places and surprises. The main attraction here is Kakadu National Park, where visitors can see rare animals, birds and enjoy variety of local flora. There are a few more parks in Darwin suburbs, the most popular of which are Katherine Caves and Leechfield.
Adelaide Street Without a doubt, Big Barrier Reef is the main symbol of the country and one of most famous places in the world. The reef is stretched along the east coast of the country. Big Barrier Reef is the biggest in the world and is added to the list of UNO World Heritage sites. The length of the reef is 50 kilometers. Every year this unique place attracts many divers, who deeply admire the beauty of the reef. Divers are also recommended to visit Magnetic Island, where they will find spectacular wild nature.
Australia is one of the best places to relax with children. Here young travelers almost feel like full tourists themselves. In large cities of the …
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History and Entertainment

Before the colonial period, the Australian territory was populated by aborigines. The first settlements were formed here more then 60 000 years ago. Some of the most interesting archeological districts are located near Lake Mungo. In some states of Australia, researchers found the remains of the old cave paintings. The colonial period in Australia began in 1606 when the continent was first visited by the European travelers. The first man who visited it was Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon. He called the land he had discovered New Holland. In a few years, Australia was visited by Spanish colonizers. The first British colonies were formed here in the late 18th century.
Cityscape The indigenous population had been decreasing significantly for 150 years of the active colonization. One of the main causes of aborigines’ death was infectious diseases brought by Europeans. The most outstanding event in the history of Australia was the beginning of the Gold Rush in the middle of the 19th century. In 1901, a so-called colony federation known as the Commonwealth of Australia was established. Australia officially gained independence from Great Britain not so long ago, in 1986.
Shopping in Australia promises to become one of the brightest memories of your travel. The developed trade infrastructure of the country provides …
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The main value of the continent is its unique nature. In Australia, there are several unique national parks. Here, you can see rare endemic animals that are not found anywhere in the world. Kangaroos, platypuses, emus and rare species of koalas dwell only here. The most famous national park is Kakadu. There are still settlements of Australian aborigines on its territory.
Australia attracts a lot of people with upscale beach resorts. Local beaches are the most suitable for surfing in the world. The most luxurious resort area is the Golden Coast that has its source near Brisbane. There is an elite resort of Main Beach with upscale hotels and restaurants. The resort of Broadbeach is very popular with thrifty travelers.
The luxury hotels in Australia, deserving attention of the most discerning traveler.
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One of the main nature Australian attractions is the Great Barrier Reef. Divers come here from all parts of the world to admire it. This unique natural object is under UNESCO protection, so it is permitted to dive only in some places.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Australia

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National and city parks of Australia
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Famous and uniques places in Australia from our review series

Coober Pedy

From the series “The most extreme settlements on the planet”
Australia has one of the most unique cities in the world, Coober Pedy, where the life may seem impossible for many people. This city is known informally as the world capital of opal. This region owes about 30 percents of world reserves of this mineral. The main feature of the town, which makes it an extreme life, is its harsh weather. Exhausting hot and catastrophic dust storms have forced natives to literally hide under the ground.

A few years ago, absolutely all citizens lived exclusively in underground houses, which featured quite a comfortable equipment. The air temperature in such houses is naturally maintained at 22 degrees Celsius. A large part of the citizens are now working in the mines, many of them go down right from their homes. Construction of conventional comfortable houses … Read all

Lake Hillier

From the series “Fabulous nooks of the world with striking colorful shades”
In Australia, there is a wonderful lake Hillier. At the first sight, it is very difficult to believe in its existence. The water in this lake features bright pink color showing an amazing contrast to sandy shores. This unique natural attraction is situated on the Middle Island, surrounded by the picturesque eucalyptus forest. The discoverer of this island was the British explorer Matthew Flinders, who landed on the island in 1802. When he climbed to the highest point, the traveler noticed an amazing lake with the rose water.

Even after 200 years, the color of the water remains an unsolved mystery. Originally, it was thought that it was caused by the high salt content of the water and rare microorganisms. However, numerous studies have shown that these factors not in any way affect the … Read all

Harbour Bridge

From the series “Breathtaking high-altitude observation points with panoramic views on cities”
Those who are tired of visiting standard lookouts, will be able to diversify the holiday in Sydney. The local Harbour Bridge is one of the largest arch bridges in the world. Several years ago, the great Pylon Lookout was constructed there. Visitors can come up via the lateral arch of the bridge.

A visit to this observation deck will be an unforgettable adventure. Before lifting, all visitors get a special uniform that includes rubber-soled shoes and a suit that protects from the wind. Life lines are attached to the clothes. Only after compliance with all precautionary measures, visitors can start their ascent to the bridge accompanied by an instructor. The observation deck is located at the highest point of the bridge. It offers a great view of the bay, as well as areas along the banks. … Read all
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Sightseeing in popular cities of Australia

Large halls of Sydney Exhibition Centre regularly host major exhibitions, conferences and special events. During the Olympic Games, the hall even hosted some competitions. The Convention Centre, located nearby, is mostly involved in various organizing issues. This is the place where one can get a detailed schedule of all the exhibitions. The multi-store Harbourside complex attracts attention from a distance because of its glass roofs. The complex is home to chic boutiques and discount shops, … Read more
Theater admirers will have an opportunity to visit the Princess Theater. This opera house is located in a classy Victorian building. For the history of existence, the building of the theater was repeatedly rebuilt and modernized. The last major reconstruction took place in 1989. This ancient theater has its own unusual symbol - a ghost, for which a free seat is always left in the hall. In 1888, the opera Faust was staged in the theater, in which singer Frederick Baker performed. One of the … Read more
Gold Coast
Besides beach recreation, guests of the resort are welcome to participate in interesting hiking tours to the most picturesque areas of the resort. For example, Lamington Nature Reserve is a unique piece of nature not far from the tourist area. It is a large forest, the total area of which is more than 200 square kilometers. During a walk in the reserve, visitors will see many rare plants. A tour guide will take them to the tops of mountains and hills to admire the panoramic view of the region … Read more
In the vicinity of the city there is Lone Pine Sanctuary, the main inhabitants of which are koalas. This is the world’s largest sanctuary of koalas, which houses about 130 animals of various species. According to the laws in force in Queensland state, visitors can pet animals and hold them in their arms only in this reserve. The sanctuary is particularly popular with travelers with children. Beer heads can also find suitable sights, they will be offered to make an exciting trip to old … Read more
Gourmets interested in typical food of the national cuisine should definitely not forget to try grilled steaks. Seafood is also widely present in the national cuisine. There are many dishes with freshwater oysters, and food with shark meat remains a quite expensive local delicacy. Local restaurants are also famous for lobsters that they cook in accordance with signature recipes. Fans of alcoholic beverages are welcome to participate in special win tours in Perth. In the valley of the Swan … Read more
Another contender for the most curious historical sight is the Botanic Garden that was founded in the 19th century. Today, hundreds of plant species that have been brought from different parts of the world are present in the garden. Several older plants have also been preserved here, some of which were planted more than a hundred years ago. A lot of interesting photos are to be taken in this Botanic Garden, and the excursions are very informative. For those fond of nature and outdoor … Read more

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