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It's simply impossible to mention all landmarks and places of interest in Norway as absolutely every part of this country is rich in natural and historic places of interest. The capital of the country, Oslo, is a must visit destination and a great place to start exploration of the country. There are several historic buildings in the central part of Oslo. The capital has a great mix of new and old, and so old houses here border with modern skyscrapers. The majority of historic buildings have been transformed into museums and exhibition halls. The capital is a perfect destination for unhurried walks; travelers will find here several theatres, large trading centres and restaurants.
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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The city of Bergen will be even more interesting in terms of the number of excursions. The famous Hanseatic waterfront is considered the heart of the city. Bergenhus Fortress, the building of which took place in the middle of the 13th century, is a no less interesting destination. There is one more interesting landmark near the fortress - Rosenkrantz Tower - that was built three centuries later. The fish market is also a prominent place in the city. It has worked on one of the city's squares for more than 700 years. Art connoisseurs are recommended to visit the Museum of Art, where they will be able to see works of Picasso, Munk and Miro. On the shore of a lake one can see a beautiful building - a mansion of Edvard Grieg, better known under the name Troldhaugen.
The region of Finnmark is a true paradise for fishermen and hunters. Its fjords are full of different species of fish, and its dense forests have become home for numerous animals and birds. There are several nature reserves here, with Øvre Anárjohka National Park being the most famous one. Tourists are welcome to participate in boat and ship rides, during which they will be able to see the beauty of the coast. Foodies are recommended to visit city of Tromso, where they will find numerous restaurants, taverns and bars. The majority of them specialize in making traditional Norwegian food, so they're the best place to eat delicious fish and drink some of the best wine in the country. Copyright
Fishing in Norway is the oldest occupation of the population. For this reason, dishes from fish and seafood form the basis of the Norwegian national …
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Nordland is a small town that is mostly famous for its magnificent waterfalls and mysterious caves. Travelers come to the town to see ancient drawings on the rock that belong to the prehistoric times. Trøndelag is a beautiful town that is famous for its medieval buildings - the Palace of Archbishop, St. Clement's Cathedral, Rein Abbey and Helge Farm. These are just a few famous landmarks that should be included in the excursion program of every traveler.

History and Entertainment

At one time, the whole territory of modern Norway was covered with glaciers. When they melted, nomadic tribes of hunters and gatherers started gradually populating this land. The lands were quite poor, so the first settlers were constantly searching for new favorable places for temporary berths. The first written references to Norwegians date back to the 8th century. They were known as belligerent and cruel people famous for serious and devastating conquests.
This ancient country of Vikings, Norway, is rich not only with natural beauties but also with numerous traditions, customs and beliefs. The Norwegian …
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The official date of the formation of the Norwegian Kingdom is 872. One of the main crucial points in the history of the kingdom is a formation of the Kalmar Union – the united kingdom of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Norway became completely independent much later, in 1905, when it dissolved the union with Sweden.
Norway is notable for its unique nature attractions. Those who want to admire true northern nature should certainly come here. The country has preserved impenetrable forests and picturesque fjords. At present, there are famous winter resorts in the submontane area. The first ski resorts were open in Norway in the end of the 19th century. The most famous resort is Lillehammer. In 1994, the Olympic Games were held at the resort, so now there is the first-class sports infrastructure preserved.
The laconic northern architecture and the world-famous “Scandinavian style” buildings draw in an impressive stream of tourists to the country. In …
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Not so many people known that there are excellent beach resorts in Norway. The warm Gulf Stream makes the coast comfortable for swimming already in late May. The beach season here ends in the middle of August. Some of the most popular beaches are located in the surroundings of Stavanger and are distinguished by the wonderful infrastructure. Those tourists who prefer relaxing recreation should pay their attention to the resort of Selja that is notable for a desert atmosphere and magnificent landscapes.
During the warm season, one of the main entertainments in Norway is hiking. During such tours, you can see symbolic nature attractions. For instance, the Trolls' Path is famous all over the world. This is a steep mountain spiral consisting of 11 curves. The road looks very spectacular against mountain landscapes. It is one of the most photographed sites in the country. The road is closed for winter already in the middle of September, so it is better to visit it in the warm season.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Norway

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Map of all parks
National and city parks of Norway
♥   National Park 'Breheimen' . On the map   Photos
♥   National Park 'Dovre' . On the map   Photos
♥   National Park 'Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella' . On the map   Photos
♥   National Park 'Femundsmarka' . On the map   Photos
♥   National Park 'Folgefonna' . On the map   Photos
Map of all Michelin restaurants
Michelin-starred restaurants in Norway
♥   Restaurant 'Fjord' Oslo. Type - Seafood. On the map   Photos
♥   Restaurant 'Fru K' Oslo. Type - Modern cuisine. On the map   Photos
♥   Restaurant 'Gamle Raadhus' Oslo. Type - Traditional cuisine. On the map   Photos
♥   Restaurant 'Grefsenkollen' Oslo. Type - Norwegian|modern. On the map   Photos
♥   Restaurant 'Happolati' Oslo. Type - Asian. On the map   Photos
Map of all castles
Castles of Norway
♥   Castle 'Båhus Fortress' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Christiansholm Fortress' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Damsgård Manor' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Erkebispegården' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Fritzøehus Castle' . On the map   Photos

Famous and uniques places in Norway from our review series

Reine Village

From the series “The most cozy towns full of Zen”
Norway is famous for its fabulously picturesque and peaceful scenery. Many fans of walking along the nice quiet places go to the village of Reine. This small fishing settlement is situated on the peninsula of Moskenes. The population is about 330 people. The countryside of Reine is considered the most beautiful in the country. Its landscapes seem fantastic.

The village is characterized by the remote location. It’s far from major populated centers. However, in the middle of the 18th century, it was an important center of trade. Today, it’s an important settlement on the route of commercial vessels. Besides trade, the main mean of livelihood for local people is sea fishing, but it is seasonal. In recent years, the village of the Reine attracts tourists who want to admire the marvelous … Read all

Lier Psykiatriske Sykehus

From the series “Deserted places causing the feeling of chill”
The mere mention of the mental hospitals can cause uncomfortable feelings. Abandoned mental hospitals feature very special sinister atmosphere. The Norwegian city of Lier has the old psychiatric hospital Lier Sykehus. The latter is known to the whole world, because terrible experiments on patients have being conducted there for many years. This hospital is a historic place. It was opened in 1926 and occupied a complex of more than a dozen huge buildings.

In 1985, the hospital management decided to close four buildings. The reason for this decision is unknown. Today, local youth and curious tourists come to walk along old abandoned hulls. At the first glance it's clearly seen that all buildings were left in hurry. Furniture, medical equipment, and even personal belongings of patients can … Read all

Ladder Florli

From the series “Furious footways around the world that make you dizzy”
The longest wooden stairs in the world can be found in Norway. It is located on the territory of a small town of Florli. The length of the stairway is 1600 meters, it consists of 4444 steps. This amazing staircase is one of the main attractions of the city and leads to the important historical object - the power station, which was built here in the early 20th century. The staircase has no fences and creaks noticeably during the walk. The height difference between the first and the last steps is 740 meters.

Travellers who are not afraid to go a long way along the old wooden staircase will have an opportunity to admire the incredibly beautiful historic Art Nouveau building. During the ascent, it will be possible to notice huge pipes laid along it. It was through them that water was once fed … Read all
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Sightseeing in popular cities of Norway

Vigeland Park. This park is one of the most popular attractions in Oslo. Vigeland Park attracts more than a million visitors a year. The unique garden exhibits more than 200 sculptures of a human height and higher made of bronze, granite and wrought iron. All the sculptures were made by sculptor Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943), who spent a large part of his life in Oslo. The figures represent the entire world of human feelings: sadness, joy, love... The 17-meter tall stone Monolith composed of … Read more
Nidaros Cathedral is one of the major historical and religious buildings in the city. This is the oldest shrine in Scandinavia. The cathedral is made in the excellent gothic style more than ten centuries ago. The facade of the church is decorated with figures of kings and saints. Step inside and you will be amazed by massive columns. You will also see a niche filled with coins in the distant room of the cathedral. According to a tradition each visitor must put a coin in the niche and a wish, … Read more
One of the historical symbols of Bergen is Fløibanen funicular, it opened in 1918. A trip there will a memorable event; during the ascent you can admire the panorama of the city and famous tourist attractions. At the top station of the cable car is a beautiful park equipped with viewing platforms, special areas for barbecues, as well as playgrounds for children.  Gamlehaugen Palace is considered to be an outstanding architectural monument, not so far ago, at the end of the 19th century in … Read more
Returning to the theme of attractions and sightseeing, it is surely worth mentioning Arctic Cathedral, which has become the undisputed symbol of Tromso. The cathedral is like a majestic iceberg. This is a true work of architectural art. This church is decorated with huge mosaic windows, so it looks like a palace of the Snow Queen from the fairy tale. Learn about the history of the city and look at collections of historical finds in Museum of Tromso, which was organized in the 19th century. … Read more
In a miniature building with a tiled roof, whose facade is painted in bright red color, there is a very interesting Postal Museum. At its entrance, you can see several miniature red cars. It was on such cars that the city delivered mail several decades ago. The opening of this original museum took place in 1947. Its collection is very diverse and includes a variety of subjects, related to the development of postal business one way or another. The pride of the museum is a rich collection of … Read more
In the immediate vicinity of the city, there is an interesting natural attraction - a marble cave, which is often called the Troll Church. This cave, thanks to properly equipped illumination, looks like an illustration of a fairy tale. For the convenience of visitors, special pedestrian bridges and observation platforms were built in it. Not far from the cave is the beautiful Mardalsfossen Waterfall. The height of the cascade is 297 meters. The path to the waterfall lies in very beautiful … Read more

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