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Without a doubt, Old Krakow belongs to the most beautiful cities of not only Poland, but also the whole Europe. The beautiful metropolis, situated on the banks of the Vistula River, is known worldwide for its cultural and historical monuments. In this city one will find approximately 5,000 medieval buildings and more than two million works of art. Furthermore, throughout the year Krakow hosts...
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The population of this town mainly consists from Polish and Belorussian people. Bialystok is known by the large number of educational institutions as on its territory you will find 15 colleges and universities. One of the main sights of the town is the Church of the Dormition of Mother of God. This religious sight traditionally attracts many visitors. Other places of interest that may be...
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Warsaw is a city with long history and difficult destiny. After World War I around 85% of the city’s buildings were destroyed and all power was thrown into the development of the old city and its historical sites. The majority of sculptures, monuments and buildings were restored almost from nothing, making Warsaw even more miraculous and unique. The city is known as a cultural center of the...
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Wroclaw is a capital of Lower Silesia province located on the south-west of Poland. The city is located on the Oder River and is 310 kilometers away from Warsaw and 200 kilometers away from the German’s Dresden. Wroclaw is a unique city, a town of twelve islands that are connected through a system of bridges. There are 112 bridges in total here. Wroclaw has managed to keep the beauty of...
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Gdansk is a city on the north of Poland. Its population estimates approximately 500 thousand of people. Gdansk is a large port on Baltic Sea. This is also an industrial center with well-developed machinery building and petrochemistry. Moreover, ships building and food industries are other specialties of this city. Such spheres as electronics, telecommunications, pharmaceutics and cosmetics are...
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Katowice is the largest historical region of Poland that is also known as a center of heavy engineering. Mountain region Katowice is rich in coal, so mining has made this place famous and has helped to reach international economic level. Besides industrial factories and plants a large number of historical and cultural sights are found on the territory of the city. They are traditionally very...
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Lodz is a famous city and one of the most important industrial centers of the central Poland. If we take a look at ancient documents, we will already see the mentioning of the old “Lodzia” village. In 1423 Lodz got the official status of a town. The name of the city also means “a boat”. This city is known as a fast developing industrial region with many working-class districts, factories,...
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Lublin is one of the biggest cities in the east-central part of Poland. The city was founded by settlers on the Czwartek hill in the VI century. Already in the X century Lublin was a fort-town. Multiple protective facilities have been made to save this place from dangers from the east. Only during World War I Lublin becomes the part of Germany and Austria-Hungary. The so called Old Town of...
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