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Many years Ecuador has been a popular destination with tourists from different countries. Colourful cities and relaxing atmosphere make this country truly appealing and unique. The capital of Ecuador, Quito, is the most popular tourist destination in the country. Quito was formed under influence of several cultures, and this fact couldn’t have failed to reflect in local architecture and art.
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Among multiple landmarks of the city, it’s important to mention the President Palace, the Independence Square, San Diego Monastery, San Francisco and La Compania Churches. The Museum of Colonial Art exhibits large collections of works of famous Latin American artists. Many interesting artefacts can be found in the Museum of Natural History and Archaeological Museum. They throw light upon the history of Ecuador and let visitors know more about culture of ancient tribes. This is a true journey to the past. The best way to get acquainted with traditions of local people and try national dishes is to visit the newer part of the city. There are many small restaurants that serve local food there, and squares often become the scene for numerous theatre and music performances.
It is also important to mention the city of Cuenca, which is well-known because of the Tomebamba River. There are many historic buildings and squares located on the banks of the river. Travellers often visit El Cajas National Park. The territory of the park includes several hundred lakes and lagoons, as well as the internationally famous Ingapirka religious centre. Copyright
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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The villages of Horteleg and Gualaseo can be your next step in exploration of Ecuador. These villages have many awesome souvenir shops and art galleries. Textiles and ceramics are traditionally the most popular crafts that tourists prefer to take back home.
Chimborazo Volcano remains one of the most famous nature landmarks of the country. There is a railroad on one of slopes of the volcano, but it takes almost 8 hours for a train to reach the top, so it’s faster to make a car ride. Finally, the Galapagos Islands are the last but not the least important tourist destination in Ecuador. The islands have quite different nature. Some islands are covered with mango groves, while others look like a desert with cacti being the only plant. However, every island has beautiful beaches with crystal clean water.

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Famous and uniques places in Ecuador from our review series

Galapagos Islands

From the series “Famous UNESCO Sites in South America”
The Galapagos Islands are real storehouses of amazing natural attractions. The archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean has 19 islands, some of which are inhabited by people. Currently, about 25 000 people permanently reside on the islands, while the number of tourists who visit this ocean area is much more than aforesaid figures. Charles Darwin conducted his study on these islands. Today the local flora and fauna are of great interest to researchers.

The main representative of the local fauna is a huge sea turtle or Galapagos turtle. Islands are also inhabited by rare species of iguanas and birds. Each of these pieces of land is unique and has its own attractive features. Many people come to Bartolome Island to watch sea turtles and Galapagos penguins. Near Wenman Island you can watch … Read all

Statue of Virgin Mary Quito

From the series “The most grandiose statues and monuments”
The highest statue of Ecuador is the Virgin of Quito, which can be seen in the city of Quito. The monument was open to public in 1976. The height of the statue is 41 meters, including the pedestal. The author of the sculpture is the well-known architect from Spain, Agustin de la Erran Matorra. It is believed that the model for his wonderful creations was the sculpture of the Virgin Mary. Since 1734, the later has being adorning the altar of the main cathedral of Quito, in the Basilica of Saint Francis.

The graceful sculpture depicts the Virgin Mary staying on the Earth. You can notice the snake under her feet. In such a way, the author wanted to express the power of the patron saint of the city, which is able to protect the citizens of Quito from any adversity. This amazing monument is … Read all

Stairs Pailon del Diablo

From the series “Furious footways around the world that make you dizzy”
An amazing natural landmark, known far beyond Ecuador, is a waterfall with the frightening name the Devil's Cauldron (Pailon del Diablo Waterfall). To make looking at its beauty more convenient, a spiral staircase has been cut down on a rock for numerous tourists. It literally covers the streams of the waterfall and allows you to view it from all sides. The staircase alternates with small observation platforms and against the background of the fantastic mountain landscapes surrounding it looks simply inimitable.

Some sections of the staircase are constantly hidden in a thick fog of spray, tourists are usually recommended to put on raincoats. Despite the fact that the stone staircase may at first glance seem completely safe and even beautiful, it is rather insidious. Stone steps are uneven … Read all
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Today, the most picturesque historical region of Las Peñas is located at the top of the hill of Saint Anne. Once in these parts, the wealthiest residents built mansions. In these magnificent houses lived many famous people including Simon Bolivar. Like many years ago, today at top of the hill is located the beacon. To rise to it, it is necessary to overcome a steep staircase which contains 444 steps. From the platform surrounding the beacon, a smart panoramic view of the city opens. Also It … Read more

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