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Agadir is a famous beach resort located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Its name can be translated as “The city of white color”. This name was given to the city because of numerous huge beaches with white sand. Agadir is a perfect place for tourists who seek active rest. Here you will find golf fields, tennis courts, and the beaches have wonderful conditions for surfing. Most probably,...
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Today this city is a modern business center the streets of which are decorated with skyscrapers. Even though it’s hard not to notice the influence of modern technologies, the city carefully preserves its historical heritage. The old part of the city is called Medina and here you can walk on typical eastern streets and watch all most important sights of this place. The most unusual building of...
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Marrakech is a city located in the heart of Morocco. This is one of its most important cultural centers. It was founded in 1062 by Yusuf ibn Tashfin, who was the representative of the Almoravids dynasty. Pretty soon Marrakech became an important religious, commercial and cultural center of Andalusia, Maghreb and even a part of sub-Saharan Africa. All four of the dynasties that have been ruling...
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The capital of Morocco, in the past Rabat has been an important strategic point, and today it’s a popular beach resort. Visitors are traditionally amazed by rich greenery and numerous flower beds in the streets of Rabat. There are so many parks and gardens here that Rabat looks more like a huge nature reserve than a town. One can walk all day long on shady avenues and spacious parks, and look...
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It’s an ancient Moroccan city that attracts travelers with numerous historical monuments, picturesque beaches and unique natural landscapes. High level of service allows resting here with full comfort; you will also find here well-equipped sports centers, conference rooms for negotiations and meetings, and even beauty salons and spas. One could also endlessly talk about sports and beach rest...
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First mentions of Fez belong to the 8th century. This is one of the oldest and largest imperial cities. Nowadays a high circular wall, which has survived miraculously till our days, reminds of the old town. Bou Inania Madrasa built in 1350 is the main symbol of the old part of Fez. At some time of its history it was turned into a theological college. Nowadays the building is under the protection...
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