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Antwerp is an amazingly beautiful city. Due to its cultural and historical places of interest, Antwerp has always occupied a special place among cities and towns of Benelux. The centre of Antwerp is home to numerous great museums and architectural sights. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts is known as the most famous museum of Antwerp. The Antwerp Cathedral is often called the most magnificent and...
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Bruges is located in the Belgium province of West-Flanders that is approximately 2 hours away from Utrecht (Holland). In the 9th century this town was conquered by the Vikings, that's why the name of the city is likely to come from the Scandinavian word 'bryggia' that means 'port'. Bruges is situated not far from the North Sea, so it has become quite an important international...
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If you come to Brussels, it may simply turn out that you will physically have not enough time for visiting all the sights, monuments and historical buildings of this city. Atomium is known as the symbol of modern Brussels. The sight was projected by A. Waterkeyn for the 1958World's Fair in Brussels. The spheres of Atomium symbolize atoms in a model of an iron crystal, which is enlarged in 165...
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The city of Ghent is located in Belgium, and it is the capital of the East Flounder province. The population of the city is approximately 235,000 residents. Ghent is surrounded by flower fields, thanks to which the city has received the epithet "the city of flowers". This city is distinguished by rich cultural past. This can by clearly seen in the central part of Ghent, where tourists will find a...
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Kortrijk town is located on the bank of the Lys River. This is just 7 kilometers away from France. This town has been founded by the Romans. At that time Kortrijk was known as Cortoriacum. Later this ancient town was destroyed by the Vikings, but it was rebuilt and in the 12th century this place was a well-protected complex. Kortrijk became prosperous due to the fabrics trading. The quality of...
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Leuven is a city in Belgium located in the province Brabant. Leuven is a port town that stands on the Dyle River and on a channel that connects Leuven with Scheldt. The population of the city estimated 32.2 thousands of people in 1971. The city features well developed sawing, textile, metal processing and chemical industries. The oldest catholic university of Belgium is also located in Leuven....
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Liege is an amazing Belgian city, which is known as the largest city in the Walloon Region. Liege is also the third largest municipality of Belgium, with only Brussels and Antwerp ahead. This city is situated in the area of merging of two rivers - Orth and Maas, but, of course, not this fact attracts tourists, but an unusually long history comparing to other cities of Belgium. Here you will see...
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This Belgian town has recently become very popular among Russian tourists. Since ancient times Mechelen has been famous for bell art. Many bells manufactured by local artists are installed in largest churches of Moscow and St. Petersburg. There is also an old school of bell ringers named Het Shipka in Mechelen. When it comes to historical and architectural monuments of the town, we can...
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