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Gent by night You will find many interesting places in Belgium. Nearly every town of the country is home to beautiful castles, churches and cathedrals, medieval buildings and museums. The best way to start your acquaintance with Belgium is to visit Brussels.
Monuments and architectural objects, notable for the history and culture of the country. …
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The old part of the city is the most interesting place for tourists. Locals call old town in a very unusual way – Pentagon. The district was called this way because of numerous circle shaped boulevards that were built instead of former protective facilities. Grand Place Square is a must visit place for all tourists. The building of City Hall is also located on the square. The Museum of Brussels is located on the opposite side, and the historic district of the city starts right after the square. That place is a must visit one for tourists, as the majority of centuries old buildings, churches and squares are located there. The Royal Galleries of Saint-Hubert are one of the most famous landmarks of Brussels. This is an architectural complex that combines theatres, art galleries and museums. There are several dozen of public places there.
Continue your travel in Belgium by visiting the city of Anderlecht. The most important sights of the city include the Museum of Erasmus of Rotterdam, Astrid Park, Gaasbeek Castle and Constant Vanden Stock Stadium. The city of Antwerpen is famous for its numerous museums. There are more than 30 museums in total in the city. The most famous ones are the Royal Museum of Art, Plantin Moretus Museum, Mayer Van Den Bergh Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of National Art and Ethnography, the Museum of Sculptures and Folklore Museum. There are also architectural places of interest in Belgium, the most famous ones being Bodenbond Tower and Royal Palace built back the 18th century. Copyright
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The town of Lier is also worth closest attention. The most famous sights of the town are Zimmer Tower and old astronomy clock. Continue your travel, and you will reach Kalmthout Nature Reserve that is located nearby. The reserve features simply unforgettable combination of sand dunes and dense forests. Tourists, who wish to see more historic places, are welcome to visit Gent, the central part of which is a true open-air museum. Such magnificent sights as St. Bavo’s Cathedral, St. Peter’s Abbey, Van Der Meer Palace, St. Jacob Church and Royal Palace on Breydelstraat Street are definitely worth closest attention. Travellers, who enjoy going to museums, will be pleased as well as there are more than ten large museums in Gent.
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Michelin-starred restaurants in Belgium
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♥   Restaurant '’t Notenhof' Londerzeel. Type - Traditional cuisine. On the map   Photos
♥   Restaurant '’t Oud Gemeentehuis' Hansbeke. Type - Grills. On the map   Photos
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Castles of Belgium
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Famous and uniques places in Belgium from our review series

Chateau Miranda

From the series “Deserted places causing the feeling of chill”
One of the most frightening abandoned buildings in the world is found in the Belgian city of Celle. It is the beautiful Miranda Castle, which was built by the French aristocracy in the post-revolutionary period. During the Second World War, the castle was converted into an orphanage. It came to desolation in 1980. Today the castle attracts paranormal researchers from around the world. A lot of scary legends are telling about it. Many witnesses claimed that they have met ghosts while walking through the dark corridors of the castle, as well as have heard unexplained creepy noises.

The castle stays in complete desolation since 1991. Now it’s life-threatening to stay inside. Over the years, the castle became dilapidated and destroyed. Its ceilings and stairs can collapse at any time, and … Read all

Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald

From the series “Elegant architectural structures for fans of skywalks”
Travelers who want to have a look at the amazing natural attractions from a height have to go to Germany, to the Bavarian National Park. This nature reserve is the biggest in Europe. A significant part of its area is covered by forests. Here an unusual wooden tower with a complicated name Baumwipfelpfad was built among impenetrable thickets of trees. That's a complex of wooden bridges and tracks, which ends with a dome with a spiral staircase. At the top of the dome, which is directed upwards by 25 meters, there is an observation deck.

The author of the unusual tower of the project is the architect Josef Shteger. Only environmentally friendly materials, i.e. wood and steel, were used in construction. The tower is designed in such a way that even people with physical disabilities are free … Read all

Сhateau Miranda

From the series “Abandoned places of the Earth with distinct marks of civilization”
In Belgium, travelers will have an opportunity to see one of the most beautiful empty castles in the world, Chateau Miranda. The last owners of this luxury castle were members of the Liedekerke Beaufort family. They were forced to leave their home in the Great French Revolution and moved to a neighboring farm. After the Second World War, the castle became the property of the national railway company, which has converted it into a camp for orphans.

Over the years, the cost of maintenance of the castle has been growing. In 1991, it has been finally abandoned due to lack of funding. Four years later, the historic building was seriously damaged by fire. At present, the Chateau Miranda officially belongs to the descendants of Liedekerke Beaufort family. They have long been taken out all … Read all
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Sightseeing in popular cities of Belgium

Grote Market. The central square of the city is located in the very heart of Bruges. At the square you'll find a lot of marvellous historical buildings. The Belfort built in the 12th century is one of them. The tower of this building is 83 meter high and it deflects to the left for a meter. Grote Market is also home to various cafes and restaurants. By the way, carriage excursions also start there. This is a very popular kind of entertainment in Bruges. Halve Maan. Halve Maan is a brewery, … Read more
The Guilds houses. Don’t forget to visit the Guilds houses that are located in the northern side of the square. Unfortunately, these houses are not the original buildings. Most of the houses were burnt down in 1576, and later they were reconstructed. The biggest house is called the Spanish House (Pand van Spanje). You will find it at St. Joris Street 7. The façade of the building depicts a dragon and St. Joris, who manages to escape nearly inevitable death and kill the dangerous creature. The … Read more
During the warm season the resort attracts visitors by its spacious beaches; the swimming season is open from June until the end of September. For the rest of the year excursions to remarkable places remain main attractions for tourists. The Spanish House built in 1741 is one of the oldest buildings of Oostende. Once the house was used as a laundry; later the building was converted into a toy store. In the middle of the 20th century all old buildings were demolished, but the Spanish House … Read more
Church of St. Nicholas was built in the XIII century in the early Gothic style. The Lantern tower of the building is a place of a particular interest. Thanks to it, the church is lit by a special, absolutely unique light. The church is in the process of restoration since 1960, but, despite this fact, solemn messes and other prayers take place inside its walls. The church is also open for visitors. The Cathedral of Saint Bavo, Belford Bell Tower, and the church of St. Nicholas form the famous … Read more
The greatest religious symbol of the city is Saint Paul's Cathedral. The very first Romanesque church in its place was built in the 10th century. It lasted until the 13th century, after which the miniature church was rebuilt into a beautiful Gothic cathedral. Its last major reconstruction took place in the 19th century. It retains an ancient central nave, made in the early Gothic style, as well as old frescoes and stained glass windows. Within the walls of this cathedral, are many important … Read more

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