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Dubrovnik is a pearl of the Adriatic Sea. The city is famous for its amazingly beautiful nature and the Mediterranean atmosphere. Dubrovnik Riviera is located in the south of the Dalmatia region. Tempting sea, small picturesque places with beautiful houses with terracotta roofs, green islands located along the coast – you will see all these and more, if you arrive in Dubrovnik....
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  Velika Gorica

Velika Gorica was founded in 1278. This is a small cozy town with interesting history. It is rich in sights and cultural values. During the times of Independence war the city has been severely damaged and many buildings and monuments have been destroyed. Today several monuments remind of those tough times and the city tries to remember any evidence of its rich history. Large number of various...
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Zagreb is a capital of Croatia and an important economic and scientific center. Travellers call Zagreb “the city of museums”. Indeed, the number of cultural sights and exhibitions centers is really stunning. Moreover, the majority of them are unique on the country scale. For convenience the city is divided into three regions. Gornji grad is considered the historical center of the city....
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Zadar is a legendary impregnable fortress that was made by the Venetians over three hundred years ago to resist the invasion of the Turkish troops. Today well preserved fort walls, giant doors and protective towers remind of those events. The biggest part of Zadar is occupied by old streets and a historical district. Modern hotel complexes are located in the district named Borik. Here you will...
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An unusual town named Makarska is located in the vicinity of Oseyava and St. Peter peninsulas in Dalmatia also known as a cultural, economic and sport center of Croatia. The location of the town is truly picturesque as east to the Cape of St. Peter you will find numerous marinas and a port, while the western part of town is notable for ribbons of emerald beaches that steadily turn into a...
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This city is one of the most popular resorts in Croatia. Already in the beginning of the last century this place attracted tourists from Europe. Mild climate, picturesque nature and large choice of entertainments are available here 12 months a year. The city’s name can be literally translated from Latin as "monastery". The reason for that is in the fact first settlements were founded around the...
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This town is located near Zagreb; it is a major economic center, which, besides all other attractions, is famous for its beauty and iconic places. Osijek is conditionally divided into three parts: Upper and Lower town, and the fortress Tvrda. The Upper City will be the most interesting for tourists because all main attractions, popular shopping centers and restaurants are located there. The best...
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This is one of the most popular and noisy resorts of Croatia. On the streets of Porec you can always see many people; cafes and restaurants here are always full of visitors, and you will hear merry children's laughter and splashing water from the beaches of this place. Porec is ideal for outdoor activities. Here there are many places perfect for walks and conditions and equipment for exercising. ...
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