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Bali is an island in the Indonesian archipelago. This place is widely known as a favorite place of rest of tourists from all over the world. Bali is full of either huge modern hotels or small cozy villages of locals. This town-resort can be relatively divided into 3 parts. The southern part of Bali is called Nusa Dua and is considered the most luxurious part resort. This is home for spacious...
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Bandung is one of the largest economic and cultural centers of Indonesia. The city attracts thousands of tourists by its unforgettable mix of western and European traditions. The city was founded in 1810; however, it looks more like a huge garden than like an architectural center. Many ancient buildings in Bandung are in good condition even these days, so they have been turned into museums. The...
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Denpasar is a city located in the center of the southern island Bali. This is also its capital starting from 1958. The number of people living here including suburbs reaches 700 thousand. Staring from the time when this place has been ruled by the Denpasar kings, the city carefully keeps its heritage that is represented by numerous ancient houses and architectural buildings, cultural centers –...
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Jakarta is famous for large choice of wonderful places, entertaining and cultural facilities. Many travellers visit Jakarta only when transferring from one destination to another, but this wonderful city deserves much more attention. From historical point of view tourists are advised to visit Batavia district that was founded by the Dutch people in the 19th century. Many interesting houses have...
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Semarang is a city situated on the northern coast of Indonesia, in the heart of Central Java Province. This city harmoniously combines old colonial buildings built during the medieval and the modern part, which is full of luxury hotels and high-class places of rest. Currently Semarang is quite an important trading center of the country. Closer to the west of its territory are located several...
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The second largest city of the country and a famous trading port, this place is a recreational area of the world level. Surabaya became a part of Indonesia in 1950; prior to this fact it was occupied by the Japanese and suffered greatly during the Second World War. Literally the name of the city can be translated as "brave in front of the face of danger". Indeed, Surabaya has played a huge role...
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The island of Java is more than a thousand kilometers long; it is the most populous island in the Indonesian archipelago and a famous tourist destination. Almost a third of its territory is occupied by virgin tropical forests; there are 120 volcanoes on the island, 30 of which are active. Those wishing to explore the history and culture of Indonesia won’t find a more suitable and colorful place...
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Sumatra is the fifth largest island in the world, famous for its unique mountain landscapes, beautiful lakes, endless beaches, rich history and unique original culture. By its popularity Sumatra can only be compared with two Indonesian islands, Java and Bali. The capital - the city of Medan - is the historical and cultural center of the island. The city was founded in the early 19th century....
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