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Carrick-a-Rede Bridge

From the series “The Most Dangerous Bridges in the World”
Located in the British county of Antrim, Carrick-a-Rede Bridge has long been one of the most popular attractions of the region. It connects the main part of Ireland with the small island of Carrick, whose name literally translates as ‘stone.’ The name of the bridge, in turn, can be translated as ‘the road to the stone.’ Since old times, this small island has attracted local fishermen. They had built the first bridge to get to the island easily during salmon migration and to go fishing. The very first Carrick-a-Rede Bridge was made of ropes and every year fishermen have to rebuild it.
The wobbly rope bridge was visited by the most courageous people only; one awkward movement could lead to loss of balance and cost them their lives. Over time, fishing places were gone and the bridge appeared unnecessary. A few years ago, it has become a winner among the most extreme attractions in Northern Ireland. A large sum was credited for the reconstruction of the bridge. Thus, today it is a popular tourist attraction. Despite the fact that the bridge was greatly strengthened and complemented with wooden beams, it is still incredibly shaky and moving. The bridge is annually visited by more than 250,000 tourists; all those interested have to pay 5 pounds to pass. ... Complete sights collection

Mumbo Jumbo

From the series “The Most Thrilling Roller Coasters in the World”
The British town of Malton has the popular theme park. Flamingo Land Park features one of the most difficult and scary rollercoasters of the world, Mumbo Jumbo. This ride is literally considered the coolest in the world because of a huge amount of sharp and abrupt turns. Numerous steep turns attract thousands of tourists wishing to experience adrenaline rush due to high speed and rapid change of position with respect to the earth's surface; thrill seekers come there again and again.
Mumbo Jumbo looks like a huge maze with complex interweaving of its parts. In some areas carts rotate 180 degrees and passengers go upside down; there are also twisted drops, vertical ascents and descents on the ride. Every day, the sophisticated metal construction of saturated orange color provides adrenaline rush to thousands of visitors of the park. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “The Most Thrilling Roller Coasters in the World”
Not far from London, in Chertsey, there is the popular amusement park, Thorpe. Rollercoaster fans from around the world come here in search of new sensations. Colossus ride is among the most twisted in the world. The length of the track is 850 meters; it has 10 turns. One of the most dangerous sections of the track is a double helix and an area of free fall.
There are more than enough options to experience adrenaline rush, as, during their trip, visitors are able to ride upside down and feel the charm of free fall more than 10 times. Thus, it's not surprising that after so many dangerous bends many passengers lose their spatial orientation. The height of Colossus is 30 meters; it is made entirely of steel. Visitors are able to experience all of its features, as the trolley is moving along the track at a relatively low speed of about 65 km/h. Maximum speed developed at some sections of the road is 78 km/h. Colossus has remained among the leaders in terms of complexity of the track for many years. ... Complete sights collection

View from the Shard

From the series “The World's Highest Observation Decks”
Guests of London traditionally visit The Shard skyscraper. It is home to one of the highest viewing platforms in Europe. View from the Shard was opened to the public Feb. 1, 2013. The viewing platform occupies last three floors of the skyscraper, from 70th to 72th. The observation deck is 243 meters above the earth; it is equipped with 12 high-tech telescopes that can be used to see all the details of the most popular attractions of the British capital.
The last floor of the observation deck is open and the other two have panoramic windows. A few months after the opening, View from the Shard was the highest in Europe, but, recently, it has yield precedency to the viewpoint located in Mercury City Tower in Moscow. However, the platform on top of The Shard continues to be the highest in the EU.
Thrifty travelers are advised to reserve tickets to the observation deck in advance, as in this case they can save considerably. The ticket for adults costs about 25 pounds, children’s one costs up to 20 pounds. The visitors of View from the Shard can order a very symbolic souvenir. Before visiting, the website will offer them to be photographed on a white background, which then will be substituted with one of the most spectacular panoramic views. The observation deck will be especially interesting to those, who are already familiar with main London landmarks, as it will be incredibly amazing to overlook them at a height. ... Complete sights collection

Giants Causeway

From the series “The Most Mysterious Geological Formations on the Planet”
An amazing natural attraction can be found in Northern Ireland. We are talking about Giant's Causeway - that's how locals call 40,000 basalt columns formed millions of years ago after a volcanic eruption. The structure looks very impressive. Columns located close to each other originate at the foot of the cliff and go into the sea forming some sort of springboard. The springboard is quite impressive; it’s 300 meters long and 150 meters wide.
The theory of emergence of pillars is quite logical and justified. Giant's Causeway is nothing, but a huge cracked basalt plateau. Orderliness of cracks and correct hexagonal pillars are also quite simple to explain. The reason for that was too rapid cooling of the plateau and the usual horizontal compression. The locals associate many beautiful legends with that causeway. According to the most common one, that was built by giant called Fionn MacCool specifically to challenge the one-eyed sea monster, Gaulle. The giant has managed to wangle an opponent; while running, he broke the trail, so its appearance today is far from ideal. Despite the fact that scientists have been able to suggest a logical theory of the origin, the path never ceases to attract thousands of travelers. ... Complete sights collection

Baldoon Castle

From the series “The Most Mysterious Buildings (Houses, Palaces, Castles) in the World”
A true world leader in terms of mystical castles and palaces is the United Kingdom, as beautiful and mysterious legends are associated with literally every historic site of the country. Some legends don’t have confirmation, but the history of Baldoon Castle clearly isn’t one of them. There are many locals who have seen the ghost of a young girl living there. According to one legend, that’s a ghost of Janet, the successor of the famous nobleman, James Dalrymple.
By some quirk of fate she had to agree to marry David Dunbar, the son of Baldoon Castle owner, while the heart of the young maiden belonged to another boy. However, the planned wedding didn’t happen. On the appointed day the young bride was found stabbed in one of the rooms of the castle; girl's death remained a mystery. According to one version, she committed suicide, but many believe that the girl was rescued from suffering by her lover. The tragedy that occurred in the castle hundreds of years ago continues to remind of itself. Among the ruins of the castle tourists regularly see a ghost girl in a bloody wedding dress; the hateful castle became home to the soul of young Janet. ... Complete sights collection

Woodchester Mansion

From the series “The Most Mysterious Buildings (Houses, Palaces, Castles) in the World”
Woodchester Mansion located in the eponymous park, in Gloucestershire, is also enveloped in mystical stories. Features of this attraction can be estimated even before acquaintance, as the mansion is situated in one of the most secret areas of the park, at the bottom of a deep valley. Construction of the mansion was begun by one wealthy gentleman in the second half of the 19th century; in 1873 construction was halted due to sudden death of the owner.
Despite the fact that the external side of mansion looks very impressive and finished, inside it has absolutely no finish and is uninhabitable. From the very first moment, William Lee, who was an owner of the mansion, was warned that he has chosen a very unfavorable place to build. Locals avoided this site by party, believing that it’s cursed; a series of sudden deaths of workers, who built the estate, as well as the master himself, confirms these fears.
From 1873 to the beginning of the Second World War, the mansion resided in ruins, and then was used by U.S. troops, mainly as a morgue. The mysterious mansion surrounded by fabulously beautiful scenery never ceases to attract tourists and researchers of paranormal phenomena. Latter have managed to collect lots of incredible facts. For example, at nightfall, visitors can often hear the music of 40s of the last century in the building. There are ghosts of militaries here, among which a pilot killed in these places during the war was identified. Researchers found the ghost monk at the chapel on the territory of the mansion. Those are just a few of Woodchester Mansion surprising mysteries. ... Complete sights collection

St. John's Hospital

From the series “The Most Mysterious Buildings (Houses, Palaces, Castles) in the World”
Back o topic of abandoned hospitals, it’s certainly worth to mention St. John’s Hospital situated in Lincolnshire. It was opened in 1852. The hospital was initially focused on the mentally ill from the local poor. Obviously, local doctors didn’t even try to help people, dozens of years incredibly cruel medical experiments were hold there. The hospital has been working more than a hundred years, and in 1989, the local authorities decided to close it.
The workers who were hired for the removal of equipment from the hospital had to pass through some of the most horrific days in their lives. According to workers, eerie cries heard in the walls of the hospital couldn’t be compared with any other; the most frightening fact is their inexplicable origin. After the hospital was closed, firefighters repeatedly came there, as there were many reports about fire in the abandoned building. Fireguards didn’t find traces of fire, but they were able to see a few obscure lights that quickly disappeared.
It’s noteworthy that many patients witnessed paranormal phenomena and told doctors about suddenly erupts into flames and chilling screams, but nobody listened the words of mentally ill patients. Tourists visiting the hospital today often complain of sudden panic attacks and headaches. The St. John’s Hospital is reasonably considered one of the darkest and most mysterious buildings in the world. ... Complete sights collection

Castle Tower

From the series “The Most Mysterious Buildings (Houses, Palaces, Castles) in the World”
Exciting Castle Tower of London also has its mystical guardians; many tourists consider meeting these spirits to be a great success. Locals believe that the ghost of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, who was killed on the order of King Henry II, can be seen in the walls of the castle. The headless ghost of Anne Boleyn can also be found in the corridors of the Tower, as well as the ghost of the Countess Margaret Pole, which is considered the most terrible. Her execution took place in the castle in 1541; Henry VIII put Countess to death just to liquidate the hated Plantagenet dynasty. There are also ghosts of children, which are often called ‘the little princes.’ The young King Edward V, who was only 12 years old and his 9-year-old brother Richard succumbed there.
First ghosts in the walls of the Castle Tower have being observed in the 13th century. The have been treated as restless souls of royal family representatives. There have been many incredible stories associated with the castle. Burials were repeatedly found all around; sometimes they shown to people by ghosts. Many were executed within the walls of the Tower and numerous prisoners haven’t been buried. The remains of more than 200 people were found during the study of the Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula in the 19th century. Taking into account the dark and intriguing history of the castle, that’s not surprising that the paranormal phenomena still continues to amaze its visitors. ... Complete sights collection

Kilt Falls

From the series “Greatest Waterfalls on Earth”
There are some magnificent waterfalls in Scotland. Kilt Falls remains one of the most famous and visited among them. In comparison with the world waterfall leaders its height is very small and is about 90 meters. It is precisely the location that makes this natural landmark unique. Kilt Falls is located on the shore of the Isle of Skye and falls directly into the Atlantic Ocean from a high cliff.
The waterfall looks incredibly harmonious and soothing. Many travellers tend to visit it especially in morning hours to watch a rainbow near the waterfall. It is significant that the amazing waterfall attracts not only curious tourists but also artists from around the world. Currently beautiful waterfall pieces can be seen in a variety of museums and galleries all over the world.
Tourists who wish to take a trip to the Kilt Falls should definitely clarify the forecast previously. The coast of the Isle of Skye is actually characterized by the presence of constant gales which may prevent to appreciate the harmonious beauty of these places in full. Picturesque sceneries are the remarkable feature of this area. Those who love walking will appreciate these surroundings. ... Complete sights collection
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