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Great Britain

National traditions of Great Britain. Habits, mentality and the way of living

Middlesbrough The United Kingdom embraces several historical provinces under its flag. The mentality of the inhabitants isn’t similar. Irish, Scots, Welsh, and English differ with traditions, temperament and even languages. The stereotype of stiffness and indifference of the British has a reason. They really know how to hide emotions and demonstrate an equal attitude to everything that is happening. Locals are incredibly punctual and polite; they try to avoid contentious issues and conflicts. The English have an incredible self-control. It is almost impossible to get them out of their minds. They are taught from their childhood how to manage all possible difficulties. Nevertheless, these people are characterized by the snobbery and vanity.
Despite the fact that the UK is not a beach resort, you can find cozy places for relaxing on the shore and active sports. Windsurfing and diving are …
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Englishmen rarely use denial or assertion. Most often they answer 'I think' or 'maybe'. They listen attentively without interrupting, but even a smile can hardly mean that an interlocutor agrees. The concept of English humor is widely known in the world. Despite their emotional stinginess, the British like to joke. They make fun of themselves, the royal family, and the church. Their humor is quite specific and is not understood by everyone. The British seek to preserve their identity. They are separated from the rest of Europe not only territorially, but also culturally. This country is the only one in Europe where cars are still moving along the left side of the road. The UK managed to keep its currency and a measure of distance.
Northern Ireland should not be confused with the Republic of Ireland, which is not part of the UK. The population of Northern Ireland is 2/3 of Scots and English. The capital of the country is Belfast. The national self-awareness of the Northern Irish is not as pronounced as in Ireland. The locals of the former region adhere to British norms of behavior. Their mentality is also closer to the British. Nevertheless, they are characterized by such national Irish features as an excellent sense of humor. They often use sarcasm and aren’t offended by jokes. The Northern Irish like to spend their free time in pubs. Both men and women go there. Copyright
1. Great Britain gives an opportunity to all tourists visiting the country during transit travel, to stay for 24 hours without a visa. The decision on …
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The Scots have, perhaps, the most colorful culture in the whole United Kingdom. Their culture became famous thanks to the legendary checkered kilt, which historically was worn by Scottish warriors. Of course, you no longer meet a man in a kilt on the streets of Edinburgh today. However, the Scots are pleased to dress up in the national clothes on all significant holidays. Locals are prudent and cautious. They are famous for their thrift in everything. Like the English, they do not express their emotions openly and prefer to keep feelings hidden. The sounds of Scottish bagpipes became a basic element of the culture.
Wales is the birthplace of music. A lot of time is devoted to creative development here. Local people have a calm and measured lifestyle. Tourists in Wales are taken with a slight cautiousness. Welshmen have always remained in the shadow of more powerful England, Ireland, and Scotland. Therefore, locals can zealously perceive visitors from these historical regions. They are quite controversial people. Despite their external emotional stinginess and even rudeness, they are, actually, very sympathetic and hospitable. Locals care about their families and maintain close relations with numerous relatives. The culture of Wales is invariably connected with a huge number of legends that were born there; for example, the one about King Arthur.
The UK is ideal for families with children. There is no exhausting heat even in summer months. The average air temperature in July is about 17C. There …
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UK, with all its cultural versatility, has a lot of authentic traditions. The most striking of these is the traditional tea party. A table for tea has to stand near the fireplace, which is the coziest place of the house. It is covered with a snow-white or blue tablecloth. Utensils from one set are used; different cups and saucers are considered bad form. There must be a tea set on the table. It includes a teapot, a jug of boiling water, a milkman, dessert plates, forks and knives, a strainer stand, a sugar bowl with tongs and a wool cover that is put on a jug with boiling water. Toast, butter, eggs, sweet and unsweetened pastries, jams, and cookies are served too.
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Map of all churches
Cathedrals and basilicas in Great Britain
♥   Cathedral Church of St. Mary and St. Boniface, Plymouth. On the map   Photos
♥   Former Cathedral of St. Peter, Exeter. On the map   Photos
♥   Cathedral Church of St. John the Evangelist, Portsmouth. On the map   Photos
♥   Former Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Chichester. On the map   Photos
♥   Cathedral Church of Our Lady and St. Philip Howard, Arundel. On the map   Photos
♥   Church of St. Joseph, Southampton. On the map   Photos
♥   Former Cathedral of St. Andrew, Wells. On the map   Photos
Map of all castles
Castles of Great Britain
♥   Castle 'Aberedw Castle' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Abergavenny Castle' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Abergeldie Castle' Grampian. On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Aberllynfi Castle' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Aberystwyth' . On the map   Photos
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Citizens are very reluctant to drinking alcoholic beverages. Local stores start selling alcoholic drinks on weekends only after 19.00. Tourists are very surprised that in local entertainment facilities and clubs men and women can have rest in separate rooms. In this city also live many Irish and Scots, who do not like being called the British. Themes concerning the national identity and culture are not the best ones during communication with native people. Besides unique sights, London … Read more
Edinburgh natives have much respect towards the privacy of other people, so you should not ask them about their work or family relationships. Such themes as sports and weather are much more suitable subjects for communication. You can also discuss contemporary literature. Some of local customs may seem strange to visitors. For example, if you visit someone’s house, its host can give presents to its guests. If you are offered a gift, you absolutely shouldn’t reject it or you will offend the … Read more
The total length of streets, which are used in this large-scale celebration, is approximately ten kilometers. In order to see all exhibits, guests of the festival will need more than one day. Besides the standard exposition different districts of the city also attract visitors by a huge selection of various interesting objects. For example, tourists traditionally enjoy riding around the city in trams and buses decorated with garlands. For the first time Blackpool Illuminations festival was held … Read more
On those rare days when the sun appears in the sky, they rush to the nearest parks and squares to spend a few hours breathing the fresh air. It is noteworthy that rainy weather does not affect the active lifestyle of citizens. Despite the heavy rain, they still hurry about their business, many locals even do not leave their favourite two-wheeled transport at home in rainy weather. After a few days of heavy rain, you can always see broken umbrellas scattered everywhere in the city streets. for … Read more
During the days of the festival all sights of the city are miraculously transformed. They are equipped with a sophisticated lighting system, so numerous people come to enjoy the view of the beautiful landmarks not only during the daytime but also at night. York Minster is certainly the main object of the holiday. The height of this majestic building is 40 meters. It order to create spectacular lighting of the building hundreds of colored lights and spotlights are used. In addition to visiting … Read more
Solitaire flag is a no less known symbol of the city. As a rule, travelers enjoy buying it as a commemorative gift. The flag look like a white cross on a sky-blue canvas. For many centuries flag has remained the official symbol of the country. Not many people know that there’s also an unofficial flag, which is sometimes called Ferocious Lion. Yellow canvas is decorated with the image of a red lion - the symbol was used by the monarchs as yet in the early medieval period, but it didn’t … Read more
The national traditions have touched virtually all areas of life in the city. Motorists should be aware that there is left-hand dining in this city. This is absolutely not typical of European countries. The local residents consider tea with milk their national drink. A traditional afternoon tea has already become one of most important national peculiarities. Every day at five o'clock in the evening residents of Birmingham try to return back home or have a seat in a cozy café in order to see … Read more
The local people are officially called the "Liverpudlians", but their most common nickname is the "Scousers". This nickname, the Liverpudlians received thanks to the lobscouse soup, the invention of Norwegian sailors and the main food of the poor port folk. Local residents speak a special English dialect - the scouse; they add the letter "L" to the end of the words. This vibrant city is worth visiting for several reasons: extraordinary sights, amazing opportunities for shopping, numerous sports … Read more

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