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Panorama looking out over the Tyne First settlers appeared on the territory of the modern Great Britain yet during prehistoric times, so there are more than many old buildings, interesting museums and historic landmarks in the country. Stonehenge remains one of most famous and mystic symbols of the country. There are many theories about the purpose of the monument. Some scientists believe that this is an ancient religious monument, and others assume it is an old observatory.
In the UK, everything features the British pedantry. Locals plunge into details and pay a special attention to them. That's no wonder that there is a …
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London is the oldest city in the country. It was founded yet during the times of the Roman Empire, and at that time London was known as Londinium. There are several buildings that remind of first settlers and that period in the history of the city. The border with Scotland is the location of a very interesting landmark – Hadrian’s Wall. The wall was built in the 2nd century by order of Emperor Hadrian and was named after him. The purpose of the wall was to protect the city from barbarian attacks. City gates in Colchester and Lincoln have survived till our days. These ancient cities also feature ruins of historic buildings, old temples and protective facilities.
Despite the fact that the exploration of the country started yet during the prehistoric era, there are many wonderful pieces of nature in the country. Kent Country is considered the most picturesque and beautiful part of the UK. Sometimes it is even called “the garden of the United Kingdom”. Another unique nature reserve has appeared near Lake Loch Ness, which is famous because of numerous legends. The largest national park in the country is located in the so called Lakeland. Here travellers will be offered to participate in excursions to the Hebrides and the Orkney Islands, as well as in rides to the “Bird Island” officially known as Bass Rock. Copyright
Comfort is highly valued in the UK. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are a large number of first-class luxury hotels in this country, which …
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When it comes to architecture landmarks, Westminster Abbey has the honourable right to be mentioned first. The building of the abbey started yet in the 11th century. There are graves of kings and noble people in territory of the sanctuary. The history of Westminster Abbey is tightly connected to the history of British royal families and aristocracy. Buckingham Palace and the park in front of it are very famous landmarks of the medieval period. Luxurious halls and rooms of the palace keep priceless relics, jewellery of the royal family and a big collection of art. While talking about famous buildings, it’s simply impossible to fail to mention London Tower. During its 9 centuries long history, Tower changed its status many times; it was a fortress, a king’s residence, a treasury, an observatory, but it was always an important building.

History and Entertainment

In the prehistoric period, the territory of modern Great Britain was occupied by Celtic tribes. In the 43rd century AD, some small separated countries were conquered by the Roman Empire. The country had been under Rome for over 400 years. Such governance was shattered after the invasion of Anglo-Saxon tribes. The 10th century was characterized by the establishment of the Kingdom of England that was formed when Celtic and Anglo-Saxon settlements had been unified. Then, it was followed by a series of destructive wars with Normans who conquered a significant part of the territory of present Ireland and Wales. Great Britain as a single kingdom was formed only in 1707. Today, it is one of the largest European countries.
Great Britain managed to preserve the unique architectural appearance of its cities. In many ancient buildings, modern comfortable hotels operate …
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Over the past hundred years, Great Britain has become one of the most popular countries for tourists in the world. Its main value is historical attractions. The country is also notable for its eventful cultural life. It is very interesting to visit one of the British cities on Christmas Eve when noisy festive markets are open. At restaurants, visitors can taste popular Christmas dishes. The official public holiday – Birthday of Elizabeth II – is celebrated in June. Despite the fact that the Queen was born in April, the luxurious holiday in her honor is celebrated in summer. Such postponement is connected with the fact that the spring weather is more suitable for magnificent street festivities. On the summer day, lush parades, concerts and other entertainments are held.
Great Britain has a lot of interesting kind traditions. The most famous one is a traditional tea party called Five O’Clock. Over hundreds of years, local residents like ending their workday with having a cup of fragrant tea. So, it is not surprising that you won’t find free seats in the cafe at 5 pm.
Great Britain is home to many legendary music bands. So, a huge number of special guests stayed in local hotels. Thanks to coming celebrities, Savoy …
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Besides tea, the country is also notable for its historical brewery traditions. You can taste the best local beers in pubs. They are also the best place for tasting popular national dishes. For local residents, pubs are the favorite place where they can relax. Here, you can not only enjoy your favorite dishes and drinks, but also sink into an atmosphere of incredible national hospitality. The most popular British dish among gourmets is traditional eel pie that is served at almost all national restaurants.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Great Britain

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Map of all parks
National and city parks of Great Britain
♥   National Park 'Norman Island' . On the map   Photos
♥   Park 'Prickly Pear' . On the map   Photos
♥   Park 'Queen Elizabeth II' . On the map   Photos
Map of all Michelin restaurants
Michelin-starred restaurants in Great Britain
♥   Restaurant '99 Station Street' Burton-on-trent. Type - Traditional British. On the map   Photos
♥   Restaurant 'A Cena' Twickenham. Type - Italian. On the map   Photos
♥   Restaurant 'A. Wong' Victoria. Type - Chinese. On the map   Photos
♥   Restaurant 'AG’s' Turners Hill. Type - Modern cuisine. On the map   Photos
♥   Restaurant 'Abbey' Ballasalla. Type - Modern British. On the map   Photos
Map of all castles
Castles of Great Britain
♥   Castle 'Abergavenny Castle' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Abergeldie Castle' Grampian. On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Aberllynfi Castle' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Aberystwyth' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Ackergill Tower' . On the map   Photos
Map of all palaces
Palaces in Great Britain
♥   Palace 'Blenheim Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Bridewell Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Castle Howard' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Chatsworth House' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Falkland Palace' . On the map   Photos

Famous and uniques places in Great Britain from our review series

Watergate Bay

From the series “Top Beaches for Surfing on Huge Waves”
Watergate Bay beach remains the most visited and favorite among surf fans in the UK. It is located in the bay of the same name. The length of the beach is more than 3,000 meters. Soft light sand covers the beach. This stretch of coast is popular with fans of a wide variety of sports. It is worth noting that the UK is one of the world leaders in the number of surfing fans. This sport began to be practiced in this country after the end of the First World War.

About 500,000 Britons express a caring attitude to surfing today. They train, attend competitions, or engage in this sport professionally. The wind blows on the coast almost every day. Fans of kite flying visit a spacious seaside, along with surfers. People who love to create an interesting sculpture out of the sand also often spend … Read all

Holloway Circus Tower

From the series “Famous buildings of Postmodern architecture”
The spectacular Holloway Circus skyscraper is located in the central district of Birmingham. Its height is 130 meters. Specialists of the Beetham Organization Company were engaged in the development of the project of this high-rise building. The skyscraper is the tallest building in the city since its completion. The building has 39 floors. The unusual facade is considered its main architectural feature. It is fully glazed and decorated with decorative vertical stripes. They allow increasing the height of the building visually. Artistic lighting decorates the facade of the building in the evening.

The Radisson Blu Hotel occupies the first 19 floors of the high-rise building today. It was opened in January 2006. Private apartments occupy the last 20 floors of the skyscraper. A total of … Read all

Tower of London

From the series “Famous prisons of the world”
The famous Tower of London is one of the most popular and recognizable landmarks in the UK. This beautiful fortress was built in the 11th century. It has changed many statuses over the years. It was the royal residence and then used for the defense of the city. Subsequently, the fortress was converted into an arsenal. The prison was opened in it then. The very first prisoners were imprisoned in it at the end of the 12th century. Representatives of the royal families, as well as many other notable persons, were imprisoned in the Tower of London.

The old castle was used as a prison until the mid-20th century. Many famous gangsters, as well as the Kray twins, served their sentences here. Initially, the prison was used to hold only high-ranking officials. The kings of France and Scotland … Read all
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In September 2022, the Sommerro hotel in Oslo will start operating in a carefully restored 1930s Art Deco building. This building is a true landmark of Frogner, a historic neighborhood of the Norwegian capital. A multi-million-dollar renovation carefully turned the largest preservation project in Norway into a modern hotel with 231 rooms, including 56 residences. Preferred will open five more hotels in 2022, namely, The Wall Street Hotel in New York, Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences on Singer Island (Florida, the US), TOA Hotel & Spa in Zanzibar, Pendry hotel in Washington, and Pendry Park City hotel in Utah. Read this


Sightseeing in popular cities of Great Britain

British Museum. The British Museum, which exhibits more than 6 million items, is one of the largest museums in the cultural history of the mankind. This is the place where you will be able to see exhibits from around the world that throw light upon history and culture from ancient times to the present. Every day, the British Museum attracts a lot of visitors, and the reason for this is not only its rich collection. The large building made in the neoclassical style is also the location of … Read more
The history of the city started in the middle of the 18th century when Richard Russell, a British physician, published his work, in which he described the healing effect of seawater and its positive impact on health. He recommended patients to take sea baths in Brighton. This gave a boost to a small town that slowly started evolving into a popular resort. Prince and then King of the United Kingdom George IV liked this settlement, and so Brighton started developing even faster. The king visited … Read more
The National Museum of Scotland. The National Museum of Scotland is the place where one can learn about the formation of the Scottish landscape, first citizens, the creation of the nation and about the changes, which have happened not only in Scotland, but in the whole country due to various inventions and discoveries. Marvellous art objects and simple everyday life items tell visitors about the Scottish history and the efforts that locals applied to develop their culture and self-consciousness. … Read more
For fans of theatre art this will be a good opportunity to visit the Grand Theatre, it is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in the city. The opening of the theatre took place in 1894, the project of the building worked by a known architect Frank Matcham. The first performance, which was set within the walls of the theatre was "Hamlet"; today, its repertoire includes popular musicals and classical performances. One of the most surprising facts is that the royal theatre building … Read more
Artists will love the Art Gallery Whitworth. It bears the name of its founder, the wealthy engineer D. Whitworth, who is known throughout the world as the creator of a sniper rifle. It was on his donations that the fine art museum was opened. Paintings by famous artists of the turn of the 19th - 20th centuries are presented here. This museum will be interesting for fans of the works of Picasso, Van Gogh and Gauguin to visit. In 2003, the museum lost part of its collection as a result of … Read more
The Trade Guild Halls is an equally attractive site. It is also one of the oldest buildings in York. The building was built in 1357. The initiators of its construction were the wealthiest inhabitants of the city. They decided to create their own religious brotherhood, whose meetings were held in this house. The brotherhood existed until the 16th century. Afterwards, the beautiful building with solemn decoration changed its status many times. Now it has been converted into a museum. Historical … Read more
A great place for a family excursion will be the Glasgow Science Center. It is a large interactive museum where visitors can learn about the most interesting scientific achievements of our time. In fact, the scientific center is a large cultural complex, in which there are several exhibition halls, the largest planetarium in Britain, as well as a state-of-the-art movie theater featuring interesting popular science films. The most beautiful monument of architecture of the 19th century is … Read more
In ancient times, a fortification was raised on the site of the modern city. That fortification belonged to the 9th Roman Legion. The first colony outside the fortification was established in 71 AD and named Lindum. This was a popular place to settle for veteran soldiers. During the archaeological excavations, scientists discovered many proofs of the ancient city that was here. They found a cemetery, several baths, a beautiful fountain, and other ruins of the former Lindum colonia. During the … Read more

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