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The desire for original and unique forms, attempts to imitate outstanding historical monuments, and the simplification of classical forms – these are the main postulates on which the Postmodern architectural style is based. You can see monuments built in this style in different countries of the world today. Museums and theaters are located in some chic buildings. Others have become the location of well-known hotels and office centers. The construction history of each of these buildings is unique, as well as their appearance. Many modern architects continue to give preference exclusively to this architectural style even today. They present to the world new spectacular monuments.

Holloway Circus Tower, England

The spectacular Holloway Circus skyscraper is located in the central district of Birmingham. Its height is 130 meters. Specialists of the Beetham Organization Company were engaged in the development of the project of this high-rise building. The skyscraper is the tallest building in the city since its completion. The building has 39 floors. The unusual facade is considered its main architectural feature. It is fully glazed and decorated with decorative vertical stripes. They allow increasing the height of the building visually. Artistic lighting decorates the facade of the building in the evening.

The Radisson Blu Hotel occupies the first 19 floors of the high-rise building today. It was opened in January 2006. Private apartments occupy the last 20 floors of the skyscraper. A total of 158 apartments were equipped here. The idea to build a beautiful skyscraper in the center of Birmingham appeared in 1998. The competition for the design of the tower was announced. According to the original design, the skyscraper was supposed to have 44 floors.

Specialists were forced to reduce the planned height for anti-terrorist security purposes. Much attention was paid to the issues of reliability and safety during the construction of the skyscraper. A system of reliable concrete fortifications is at the heart of the structure. The building can successfully withstand bad weather thanks to this. The specialists managed to build a beautiful building in three years. The construction work was fully completed in May 2006.

Visitors to Birmingham have the opportunity to spend a few days in a beautiful skyscraper today. It is enough to book a room at the Radisson Blu Hotel for this. The most luxurious and expensive rooms are located on the upper floors. Their panoramic windows offer a gorgeous view of the central district. There is a restaurant on the top floor. Panoramic windows are also installed in its hall. According to rough estimates, the investment in the construction of a luxury skyscraper amounted to just under 36 million pounds. The architectural project has become one of the most expensive in the history of Birmingham. Next - 100 East Wisconsin

100 East Wisconsin, USA

100 East Wisconsin, USA The skyscraper of 100 East Wisconsin is located in downtown Milwaukee. It is the third tallest building in the state of Wisconsin. It is second only to the US Central Bank building and the Northwestern Mutual Tower. The tower was completed in 1989. It was built on the site of the destroyed old Pabst Building. The high-rise building has 37 floors. Its height is 167 meters. The site where the skyscraper is located today is considered the oldest construction site in the state. Complete article

Abteiberg Museum, Germany

Abteiberg Museum, Germany It will be interesting to visit the Museum Abteiberg for all fans of modern art, as well as those who are not indifferent to the original modern architecture. The museum was opened in the first half of the 20th century. Its exposition was quite small at that time. It occupied only a few rooms. Nevertheless, the cultural center has won the attention of thousands of people since its first years of operation. Its collection expanded rapidly. Visitors can see collections of art Nouveau, Expressionism, Constructivism, Pop Art, and many others today. Complete article

Bonnefanten Museum, Netherlands

Bonnefanten Museum, Netherlands The unique Bonnefanten Museum is the largest museum of classical and modern art in the province of Limburg. It is notable not only for its rich collection but also for the special architecture of the building today. The museum has a long history. It is full of events. Its collection began to form in 1884. The museum was originally dedicated to the history and archaeology of the province of Limburg. The museum's collection was constantly expanding. Therefore, it was forced to repeatedly change the location. Complete article

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, USA

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, USA The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is an example of the postmodern style. It is located in Los Angeles. It was built in 2002. It has been the main Catholic cathedral in the city since its opening. The St. Vibiana's Cathedral was located on its site earlier. Its building was destroyed in the 1994 earthquake. Spanish architect Rafael Moneo was the author of the project of the new cathedral. The architecture of the building is remarkable in that it has no sharp corners. The cathedral is distinguished by its impressive size. Its height is about 30 meters. The length of the building is 101 meters. Complete article

Centre Pompidou-Metz, France

Centre Pompidou-Metz, France The opening of a branch of one of the most famous museums in the world took place in Metz in 2010. This is the Centre Pompidou. A unique building was built for the cultural center. About 69 million euros were invested in its construction. The unusual floating roof became the main feature of the building. Some compare it to a Chinese hat. It resembles an alien ship to others. The competition was announced before the construction of the museum. Architect Shigeru Ban from Japan was the winner. Complete article

Centro Colombo, Portugal

Centro Colombo, Portugal Centro Colombo (shopping center) building is located in Lisbon. It is also a striking example of the postmodern style. This shopping complex is the largest in the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. 440 stores are available to shoppers here. The shopping center attracts not only those who like to go shopping but also ordinary tourists. Travelers come here to take photos against the backdrop of a spectacular building. They also admire the landscape decorations presented on the territory of the shopping center. Complete article

Contemporary Jewish Museum, USA

Contemporary Jewish Museum, USA Contemporary Jewish Museum is located in San Francisco. It also has an unofficial name – "L'Chaim“(“to life!”). A large Jewish diaspora has lived in the city for many years. Outstanding writers, artists, and other artists are its representatives. The popular museum is dedicated to their talents and achievements. It has a rich exposition. Its architecture is unique. The fully restored power plant building became the location of the museum. It was built in the early 20th century. Complete article

David H. Koch Theater, USA

David H. Koch Theater, USA David H. Koch Theater is one of the most famous and popular cultural centers in New York. Enchanting dance performances are held in it. The theater was opened in 1964. Exclusively ballet performances were arranged in it initially. Dance performances of various styles are held in the cultural center today. The new theater was built for the opening of the World's Fair. It was held in New York in 1964. Renowned architect Philip Johnson designed the luxury building. The beautiful building remained under the jurisdiction of the city authorities after the World's Fair. Complete article

Dubai Opera House, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Opera House, United Arab Emirates Dubai Opera House is not just a cultural center. It is an outstanding architectural landmark of world significance. World-renowned symphony orchestras, theaters, and ballet companies have performed at the theater since its opening. The theater is designed for 2,000 seats. The famous Dutch architect Janus Rostock designed it. The theater is located in the heart of Downtown. It has become the main cultural center for the city since its opening. Complete article

Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, USA

Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, USA Gold Coast Hotel & Casino is located in Las Vegas. It is also a world-famous landmark, largely due to its unique architecture. It resembles a luxurious historical palace. The hotel was opened relatively recently, in 1986. The casino is located in the hotel. It was one of the first in the region. The Gold Coast also became the first hotel with its movie theater in Las Vegas. The famous businessman Michael Gaughan was the founder of the hotel. He invested heavily in the hotel's facilities. Complete article

Haas House, Austria

Haas House, Austria The building of the Haas House shopping center is a real decoration of one of the central streets of Vienna. The project of the building in the postmodern style was designed by the Austrian architect Hans Hollein. The construction of the shopping center was completed in 1990. In addition to dozens of shops and boutiques, the prestigious restaurant is located in the building today. The construction of the spectacular building caused a lot of controversy in professional circles and residents. Many believe that its original appearance is completely out of harmony with the historical and religious buildings located nearby. Complete article

Harold Washington Library, USA

Harold Washington Library, USA The library, named after Harold Washington, is the largest not only in Chicago but also in the world. This fact allowed the library to get into the Guinness Book of Records. Its area is 70,200 square meters. The library building is an outstanding architectural monument. It may seem at first glance that it is historical. It was built in 1991. The current library collection began to form at the end of the 19th century. Complete article

Lippo Centre, China

Lippo Centre, China Lippo Office Center is located in Hong Kong. It is also a striking example of the postmodern style. It is a complex of two towers. One of them has 48 floors, the other – 44. The highest of the two towers of the complex has a height of 186 meters. The author of the project of the office center is an American architect Paul Rudolph. Investments in the implementation of the project amounted to about 58 million US dollars. The construction of the complex was fully completed in 1988. Complete article

National Gallery of Canada, Canada

National Gallery of Canada, Canada The building of the National Gallery of Canada is also sure to appeal to those who are not indifferent to the postmodern style. This museum is considered the leading one in the country today. A huge collection of graphics, sculptures, paintings, and photographs is stored in it. The museum's collection began to form in 1880. It has been located in the current building since 1988. The museum's modest display occupied several rooms in the Supreme Court building at the end of the 19th century. Complete article
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